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Wolfenstein 3D celebrates 20 years with browser version

05/10, 11:33pm

Now free for iOS, web for a limited time

One of the classic computer games, the first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D, is celebrating its 20th anniversary year with a new browser-based version of the game as well as a promotional giveaway of the iOS version of the original game for a limited time. While the original Castle Wolfenstein first appeared on an Apple II computer in 1981, Wolfenstein 3D (the more familiar version of the game) debuted on DOS in 1992.

Yahoo CEO Thompson: I didn't provide inaccurate resume

05/10, 11:25pm

Thompson accused of falsehoods in resume by Daniel Loeb

Embattled Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has provided another explanation for the inaccuracies on his resume. Thompson reportedly told other top Yahoo executives that he never personally provided Yahoo with a resume prior to taking the CEO job. Yahoo representatives have declined to comment on this matter.

Google vs. Oracle judge limits damage to $150k

05/10, 10:10pm

If needed, Oracle wants retrial limited to 'fair use'

Multiple decisions have been made by Judge William Alsup today in the ongoing Oracle versus Google copyright infringement case. To start the day, the judge told Oracle that by statute, the most it could expect is $150,000 for the nine duplicated lines of rangeCheck. More recently, Oracle filed a brief with the court requesting that any retrial be limited to the one issue the jury couldn't agree on -- "fair use."

RadioShack knocks $50 off iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

05/10, 9:28pm

RadioShack follows Targets lead, discounts iPhones

Yesterday, RadioShack's Twitter feed carried word of a new discount on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. The retailer will, for a limited time, let customers save $50 instantly on the two most recent models of iPhone. The discount follows a similar move by Target. Earlier this week, Target announced it would discount the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S by $50 with a two-year contract.

Another 1984-era Apple sales video spoof emerges

05/10, 9:16pm

Parody of 'Ghostbusters' shows fight against IBM

Less than a week after a previously-unreleased Apple sales force parody video surfaced on various sites (and finally on YouTube), a similar sales video from the era has also appeared on the video site. The previous film, "1944," based its satire on the company's "1984" commercial and portrayed Apple as engaged in a war with its main competitor at the time, IBM. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs appeared as President Roosevelt.

Rumor: Google creating Game Center clone for Android?

05/10, 8:50pm

Google working on native Game Center app

Google may be planning to roll out an app similar to Apple's Game Center app, a source has told Business Insider. The source contends that Google views such an app as essential to increasing Google's importance in the mobile gaming sphere. Apple's Game Center allows iPhone gamers to maintain a constant username applicable across all Game Center-connected games. The app also includes leaderboards and automatic matching for competitive games.

Rumor: Facebook to mimic Dropbox with file sharing feature

05/10, 8:45pm

Social network to let users share multiple file types

Facebook may be moving into the file sharing sector, crowding a space already occupied by Dropbox, Box, and, newly, Google. Sources have told Mashable that the social networking giant is preparing to allow users to share a number of file types some time very soon. The feature will be integrated into Facebook's Group pages.

Apple updates Apple TV firmware to 5.0.1

05/10, 7:32pm

Roughly corresponds to iOS 5.1.1

Following the release of iOS 5.1.1 for most iOS devices, Apple has updated its custom firmware for the second- and third-generation Apple TV to v5.0.1 (build 9B206F). Because the version of iOS running on Apple TV is customized and offers a different UI, the company numbers it slightly differently, but the new release roughly corresponds to firmware on other devices.

N.O.V.A. 3 now available for iPad, iPhone on App Store

05/10, 6:35pm

First-person shooter sequel now on iOS

Gameloft today released the third installment of the N.O.V.A. series of first-person shooters. Previous installations of the sci-fi shooter series have earned acclaim for the detailed graphics Gameloft manages to coax out of mobile hardware. N.O.V.A. 3 [$7 in the App Store] follows a band of space marines from the Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance in their quest to save their planet from aliens.

e-Onkyo to offer digital tracks in 5.1-channel TrueHD format

05/10, 6:30pm

Dolby TrueHD added to 100 e-onkyo albums

Dolby has declared that e-Onkyo music will be the first online music distribution service to use Dolby TrueHD 5.1-channel surround sound. The music service, a subsidiary of Japanese electronics maker Onkyo, will be letting users download 1000 tracks from 100 albums in the audio standard later this year, with two Onkyo receivers supporting the service.

Leica compact camera line expands with V-Lux 40, X2

05/10, 6:18pm

Cameras available now, accessories to follow

Boutique German camera manufacturer Leica boosted their product line with the addition of two cameras to the venerable line today. The newly released V-Lux 40 replaces the V-Lux 30, while the X2 is the newest in the X-line of compact cameras. Both cameras are available immediately at all Leica dealers, including the Washington DC Leica store.

Untethered jailbreak for all iOS 5.1 devices now testing [U]

05/10, 6:00pm

Tool could be available within weeks

[Updated: video added] Chronic Dev Team hacker Pod2G, who reported last week of being able to get an untethered jailbreak running on an iPhone 4, has updated his progress with further news. He has gotten the jailbreak exploit to work on most other iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1, regardless of processor type. The breakthrough, which may not apply to the latest iOS 5.1.1 update, could mean a public tool for untethered jailbreaks will arrive soon.

iPhone grabs top spot amongst Japanese smartphones in 2011

05/10, 5:20pm

Android takes largest percentage of OS share

The iPhone was the bestselling smartphone in Japan during 2011, according to data from MM Research. Apple sold 7.25 million units, giving it 30 percent of smartphone sales, and 17 percent of all cellphone sales. Android, though, was the most popular smartphone platform, beating out iOS with a 69 percent share. Together the two operating systems accounted for 99 percent of Japanese smartphone sales.

Nokia PureView 808 coming to US, unlocked

05/10, 4:44pm

41-megapixel cameraphone now coming to North America

Nokia has for some time now been showing off the capabilities of its PureView 808, a 41-megapixel smartphone with considerable photo and video capturing prowess. The phone has been available for pre-order in a number of countries, and Nokia has talked up the phone's impending launch worldwide, with the exception of the United States and Canada. Now, in an interview with PC Magazine, Nokia's US president Chris Weber has revealed that the PureView 808 will indeed be coming to American shores, but details on its arrival remain sketchy.

FTC launches probe into Facebook's Instagram buyout

05/10, 4:29pm

Investigation is described as 'routine' for value

The US Federal Trade Commission is launching a competition investigation regarding Facebook's recent $1 billion buyout of Instagram, say two sources for the Financial Times. The effort has allegedly already begun, with the FTC starting to collect information from "at least two" of Facebook's biggest competitors. The probe is described as routine for deals worth more than $68.2 million, but could delay the Instagram acquisition well past when Facebook told investors things would be completed.

Bang and Olufsen reveal new BeoPlay V1 TV, A8 Airplay dock

05/10, 4:10pm

BeoPlay V1 has self-contained speakers and can hold Apple TV

Bang and Olufsen has unveiled the BeoPlay V1, the first television from the high-end audio manufacturer's brand B&O Play. The television uses self-contained speakers set in a Scandinavian-industrial style powder-coated steel cabinet, contrasting with the previous TV releases. The manufacturer also noted an iOS docking station, called the BeoPlay A8, which adds Apple AirPlay support as an update to the original BeoSound 8.

Nintendo to drop price of DSi XL, DSI on May 20

05/10, 3:35pm

DSi XL to cost $130, DSi just $100 as of May 20

Nintendo on Thursday revealed that it will lower the purchase prices of its DSi XL and DSi handheld consoles on May 20. The price of the DSi XL will drop by $40 to $130, while the DSi will see a bigger, $50 reduction to just $100. Between the two systems, Nintendo offers over 2,000 downloadable or retail games.

New Spanish Apple Store to open Sat.; four more rumored

05/10, 3:25pm

Spain site of rapid Apple expansion

Apple is opening a seventh store in Spain this Saturday at 10AM, the company has announced. The shop will be located in the Nuva Condomina mall, in the southern city of Murcia near Cartagena and the Mediterranean coastline. Although it's scheduled to be closed on Sundays, the outlet will otherwise be open from 10AM to 10PM every day.

Bing adds Facebook, Twitter sidebar to battle Google

05/10, 3:15pm

By Justin King

Microsoft on Thursday announced significant changes to its Bing search engine, expanding integration with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The primary Bing site will list search results and related content in three panes, including a 'sidebar' that presents recommendations based on a user's Facebook network. Users can see which friends have been to particular restaurants, for example, and post questions to a friend's page without leaving the Bing portal.

NEC intros 13.3-inch, 2.2lb LaVie Z ultrabook

05/10, 2:54pm

NEC promises ultra-light magnesium-alloy bodied ultrbook this summer

NEC has introduced a new ultrabook PC, the LaVie Z. It gets a lithium-magnesium body that helps the 13.3-inch notebooks tip the scales at just 2.2lbs. Otherwise, specs aren't made available, but NEC is likely to infuse Intel's Ivy Bridge processors for ultrabooks once they become available.

Briefly: NetShade 5, Evernote 4.2 released

05/10, 2:52pm

Evernote gains enhanced text editing

Rayner Software has launched NetShade 5 for Mac, the latest version of its web anonymizer software. The app works by routing the Internet connection through an intermediary proxy server, which prevents the user's IP address from being sent to visited sites. Version 5 is built on a new server architecture and no longer requires logins or passwords to access the NetShade proxy. Additionally, the proxy manager and user interface have been re-designed. Windows are now collapsable, multiple proxies can be tested in a batch, and proxies can be automatically cycled on a timer. A one-year NetShade subscription is set at $29 for new customers, while existing users can renew their one-year subscription for $19.

Source claims $200-250 7-inch iPad in October

05/10, 2:40pm

Low cost would be matched with low storage

Apple is aiming for an October release date for its frequently-rumored 7-inch iPad, an iMore source says. More specifically, though, the person says that the tablet will be virtually identical to the current 9.7-inch iPad, including even a 2048x1536 display. That would give it the same 326ppi pixel density as the iPhone 4S, and more than the current iPad's 264ppi. Pricing is expected to be just $200-250, despite regular iPads starting at $499.

UK gets streaming music charts next week

05/10, 2:35pm

UK Official Charts Company measuring Spotify usage

The Official Charts Company of the UK from Monday onwards will start releasing a chart based solely on streamed music tracks. The Official Streaming Chart will be the first chart ranking audio streams from both ad-funded and subscription streaming services in the UK, instead of product sales or radio airplay figures.

EU caps mobile data prices, brings cheaper calls abroad

05/10, 2:28pm

New regulations limit how much EU providers can charge

The European Parliament has introduced regulations to cap the amount mobile service providers can charge for calls and data when users are operating their devices outside of their home country. According to the BBC, the caps were passed by a sizable majority and are intended to prevent "bill shock" at the charges incurred by users making calls and using data applications abroad.

Verizon gets blue version of Motorola Droid Razr

05/10, 2:12pm

Verizon to roll out blue Droid Razr online, in stores on May 17

Verizon will soon begin offering the Droid Razr in a new color: blue. While some stores are already selling the handset in this hue, the handset will arrive online and in all stores on May 17. Verizon already offers the device in white, black, and purple.

Miami Zoo orangutans get iPads

05/10, 2:08pm

Younger orangutans take quickly to tablets

The orangutan handlers at the Miami Zoo are testing out a new method of communicating with the captive orange apes. Trainers at Jungle Island are getting the apes to interact with simplistic apps on Apple iPads, opening new possibilities for human-orangutan interaction. So far, as the Sun Sentinel reports, the younger apes are taking to the technology quickly, while the older orangutans appear less interested.

Amazon Kindle Lending Library to offer Harry Potter June 19

05/10, 1:48pm

Harry Potter ebook lending possible step for Amazon sales

Amazon will be providing the Harry Potter series of books to users of the Kindle Owners' Lending Library in the near future. The all-time bestselling book series has been licensed from JK Rowling's Pottermore, and joins the existing 145,000 titles already available for reading.

T-Mobile not interested in buying Verizon spectrum: CEO

05/10, 1:44pm

T-Mobile still opposed to Verizon spectrum buy, says Philipp Humm

T-Mobile CEO Philipp Humm went on record on Thursday to say the carrier isn't interested in acquiring Verizon's 700MHz spectrum if it can buy its own. During a conference call, SlashGear reported, Humm told investors and reporters that the 700MHz block C spectrum isn't enough for T-Mobile to expand its offerings. He added that incorporating it into its business and hardware would take between three to six years.

Latest Lion update shows more preparation for Retina Macs

05/10, 12:48pm

New icons grow up to double in size

Yesterday's OS X 10.7.4 update also brought with it more preparation for Macs equipped with Retina displays, observes AppleInsider. One example is the icon for TextEdit, which was previously a 209KB image measuring 512x512, but now takes up 1.7MB, and has doubled in resolution to 1024x1024. Other icons have grown in size without doubling in resolution; these include ones for Address Book (from 279KB to 484KB) and Dashboard (from 130KB to 226KB).

Dish lets users skip commercials with Auto Hop feature

05/10, 12:39pm

Auto Hop will skip commercials but only on recorded programs

Dish's Hopper and Joey DVR hubs have just been upgraded with a new feature called Auto Hop. It lets users automatically skip commercials on recorded shows with the press of a single button, though there are some restrictions. For example, only primetime HD programs on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are supported, and they need to start at 1:00AM.

ATK promises Liberty flights into space by 2016

05/10, 11:59am

ATK to offer seats on Liberty system space flights in 2016

Aerospace, defense, and sporting gear and systems giant Alliant Techsystem (ATK) this week announced that it will begin testing flights of its Liberty crew transportation system in 2014, with commercial flights starting as soon as 2016. Manned missions are scheduled to take place in 2015, with low-orbit flights to destinations like the International Space Station.

Apple Korea changes rules for free iPad, iPod replacements

05/10, 11:37am

Will offer new units instead of refurbs

Apple Korea has agreed to change the way it handles replacing defective iPads and iPods in the country, reports say. Until recently, people bringing in faulty hardware would typically get a refurbished device if a replacement was needed. Apple has been persuaded by South Korea's Fair Trade Commission, however, to follow local laws, and will now replace defective iPads and iPods with entirely new units for a period of up to one month after purchase.

Hands on: Plum's Wicked 3G Android phone

05/10, 11:23am

Another budget handset from newcomer

Plum Mobile, a newcomer to the smartphone market, was one of the only companies to introduce a slew of new devices this week at CTIA. Although the company's large Might handset clearly takes a bit too much inspiration from Samsung's Galaxy Note, the Wicked 3G appears to be a unique design. We stopped by Plum's booth to take a closer look at the compact entry-level Android handset.

Photo of Sprint-bound Samsung SPH-L300 leaked

05/10, 11:01am

Samsung SPH-L300 coming to Sprint with 1.5GHz dual-core chip?

Sprint may soon be adding another Android-powered phone to its lineup with the SPH-L300, a photo of which was shared by BriefMobile. The phone should share the same 1.5GHz, dual-core MSM8960 processor as the Evo 4G LTE. The battery also has mention of Near Field Communications, so the phone should ship with it included.

Samsung 55-inch OLED due in second half for about $9,000

05/10, 10:28am

Samsung shows production-ready 55-inch ES9500 OLED

Samsung is showing off production-ready models of its 55-inch OLED HDTV flagship introduced at CES. The ES9500 set is on display at the 2012 World's Fair in Korea and it will retail for more than 10 million won in its home market (over $9,000), according to the Associated Press. For that kind of money, buyers will get OLED technology and an upgradable dual-core CPU.

HP T410 thin-client uses Ethernet for data and power

05/10, 10:25am

HP uses 3M technology to combine network and power into one cable

HP has teamed up with 3M to release the T410 One Wire PC. Aimed at enterprise and education, the all-in one thin client computer uses an Ethernet cable for both networking and drawing power, removing the dedicated power cable from the system.

Fujifilm makes a splash with waterproof FinePix XP170

05/10, 8:14am

Fujifilm XP170 is waterproof, dust, drop and temperature proof

Fuji has taken the wraps off its new waterproof FinePix XP170 with wireless image transfer capabilities. The new point and shoot camera is waterproof to 10 meters, is built to support drops of up to 2 meters and can also operate in temperatures down to -10 degrees Celcius. It can also share photos wirelessly to iOS and Android devices using the free Fujifilm Photo Receiver companion app.

Apple, Foxconn to share costs on working conditions

05/10, 7:00am

Apple, Foxconn to improve factory working conditions

Apple and controversial Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn are said to be sharing the costs on improving work conditions at its Chinese factories. According to Reuters, Foxconn boss Terry Gou has spoken out on the matter, although he did not place a dollar figure on the investment or exactly where the money will be spent. The company has already raised worker wages by between 16 and 25 percent and has also added thousands more workers to its million-employee workforce to reduce the amount of overtime.

Samsung Galaxy Note gets Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich update

05/10, 6:10am

Samsung Galaxy Note gets ICS, Premium Suite, multi-core support

The Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) has received its long promised update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The revised firmware (XXLPY 4.0.3, build date May 4) is rolling out to users over-the-air in Germany and the Netherlands at the time of writing. It brings with it Samsung's revamped TouchWiz UI and its new Premium Suite of S-pen based apps including S Note, Shape Match and My Story.

Deal app Pirq to hit Silicon Valley with Apple exclusives

05/10, 3:39am

Apple employees get deals not see by others

In an unusual move, Apple has partnered with regional "daily dining deals" app Pirq (free) on its first appearance in the Silicon Valley area to offer exclusive restaurant deals to Apple employees, AppleInsider reports. The site coordinated with Passport Unlimited, a long-time partner that has offered exclusive discounts to Apple employees in the past, to target the Cupertino-based workers. Discounts can range between 20 and 50 percent.

Apple US government lobbying efforts far behind Google, MS

05/10, 2:34am

Apple 11th place among tech firms

Politico reports that Apple has spent only $500,000 on federal lobbying and associated governmental programs thus far in 2012. By contrast, political action committees (PAC) formed by Google have dropped $5 million, and a separate Microsoft PAC has doled out $1.8 million in the same time period. Sources within Washington suggest that Apple will have a rocky road with DC lawmakers unless they start building a "Washington brand."

Adobe makes Lightroom 4 available on Mac App Store

05/10, 2:00am

Price is identical to boxed version

Two months after its official debut, Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom 4 pro-level photo managing and editing software has come to the Mac App Store. The program is priced identically to the boxed version, but is aimed at new users (since owners of previous versions of Lightroom can upgrade to 4.0 for $79 through Adobe). The program competes with Apple's own Aperture, which costs $80.


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