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Apple Q2 breakdown shows jump in Asia, MacBook revenue drop

updated 05:40 pm EDT, Tue April 24, 2012

iPhone alone makes up $22.69B in revenue

To go along with its core press announcement, Apple has posted a more detailed breakdown of its Q2 financial results. Regionally, revenue was up 41 percent year-over-year in the Americas to $13.182 billion, while Europe rose 46 percent to $8.807 billion, and Japan was up 91 percent to $2.645 billion. The Asia Pacific region -- including China -- grew the fastest, leaping ahead 114 percent to $10.153 billion. Worldwide, retail was up 38 percent to $4.399 billion.

Mac sales may be of special interest. Whereas Asia Pacific numbers grew 29 percent, they were up by little elsewhere, and totally flat in the Americas. Although desktop Map sales rose 19 percent globally, MacBooks were up just 2 percent, in fact resulting in a 1 percent drop in revenue for that product segment. Overall Mac revenue increased 2 percent to $5.073 billion.

The greatest driver of Apple revenue was the iPhone, which pulled in $22.69 billion, up 85 percent. The iPad, by contrast, took in only $6.59 billion, despite growing 132 percent. Music-related products and services -- including the iTunes Store -- advanced 32 percent to hit $2.151 billion, while the software segment rose 12 percent to $832 million, and peripherals were up 11 percent to $643 million.

The iPod's decline was marked, with a 15 percent fall in units producing a 25 percent drop in revenue to $1.207 billion. Many of these sales likely flowed into iPhones and iPads, though, rather than into competing MP3 players. As a rule, dedicated MP3 players have fallen by the wayside as people opt for multifunction devices.

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  1. DavidO

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    Good News

    Go Apple, you deserve it. Keep building quality products that provide long term value. And ignore those idiot analysts and doomsday predictors that have been consistently wrong. Bubble my a**!

  1. Geoduck

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    MacBooks Not a Surprise

    Lots of people (including myself) are holding off for the new Ivy Bridge models.

  1. Flying Meat

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    the stock is down. O_o

  1. footie07

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    I think Apple is at a price-point where both desktop and macbook prices need to move down a couple of hundred $$ to continue to grow share in the pc market. Paying $1000 for a book and $1200+ for a desktop is not only uncompetitive, it's just too much gross margin as evidenced by their results.
    Apple should reduce product pricing and raise compensation in the retail stores, which is where this is success is being driven.

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