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RIM pulls PlayBook app sideloads, says Android 25% pirated

updated 08:10 pm EDT, Sat April 7, 2012

BlackBerry PlayBook to drop sideloading in update

RIM is dropping app sideloading support from the BlackBerry PlayBook in a bid to prevent the problems that have plagued Android, the company's Developer Relations VP Alec Saunders stated earlier in the week. The company would have a "solution" for developers to do it in testing, but the end user would have to go through BlackBerry App World, much like Apple does with the App Store. He believed Android had a rampant problem with piracy, where about a quarter of material was pirated.

Saunders didn't clarify whether that meant the number of apps in the store or the volume of downloads. Regardless, he saw developers as being worried about losing too much revenue and preferring the lockdown to a possibly very troubled Google Play Store.

"Piracy is a huge problem for Android devs, and we don't want to duplicate the chaotic cesspool of Android Market [now Google Play]," he said.

The RIM executive wasn't worried about lost interest, as over 25,000 apps had been submitted in its last quarter, setting a record. He didn't say when the relevant update would arrive.

The piracy statistics weren't verifiable given a lack of cited sources, although a number of high-profile, cross-platform developers have mentioned it as a direct problem. id Software told Electronista last year that it was one reason the company wouldn't write Android games. Rovio has only ever offered the Angry Birds series on Android in a free, ad-sponsored form on the belief that Android users both had more ability and more inclination to bootleg paid versions.

The decision could still complicate development by making it harder to load apps than today. For the public, it prevents apps that might fall outside of RIM's approval conditions and gives Android a potential edge. RIM may be counting not just on developer trust but on the security advantages, as a closed infrastructure like Apple's prevents malware from easily getting in. [via CrackBerry]

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  1. Bobfozz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    RIM and Apple

    agree on this. Android doesn't care. Same mental (???) attitude that existed in the PC world--warmed over.

  1. chas_m



    got it

    p*** junkies, malware fans and pirates, Android's your platform!
    Normal people who pay for value, Apple's your platform!
    People who ... hmmm ... Fans of ... no, wait ... um, let's see ... oh! RIM employees, PLAYBOOK!

  1. SockRolid

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Very catchy

    Re: "... the chaotic cesspool of Android Market [now Google Play]..."

    Need to remember that phrase. Very catchy.
    Except for the 'Google Play' part. Very dumb.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Chaotic cesspool...

    I like the sound of that. I like it a lot. Droid Lovers sure a in love with that toilet-like ecosystem of Android OS. We'll see how long Android lasts when current users get fed up with it and move on to iOS or WP7 when their carrier contracts expire.

  1. UmarOMC

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Now RIM needs...


  1. HappySlug

    Joined: Dec 1969



    RIM should have gone for a closed ecosystem from the start. They just seem incapable of a reasoned, careful approach to the modern smartphone. Instead of building from their strength, business and security, and then branching out they dove into the consumer market with a half formed plan that they have to keep changing as they stumble into problems they should have anticipated. It's kinda sad to watch a company go from top dog to this frantic mess in only a few years.

  1. DaJoNel

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's only fair

    Why should Android apps not be pirated when Android itself is taken directly from numerous companies (Motorola, Oracle, Apple, etc.)?

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: RIM and Apple

    RIM and Apple agree on this. Android doesn't care. Same mental (???) attitude that existed in the PC world--warmed over.

    So, RIM is a completely mismanaged company that has no future (I've heard it time and again on these boards). But they do something that is the same as Apple, and now they're being praised as being smart and 'getting it'.

    Right.... It can't be that someone disagrees with Google, so you're all just ecstatic.

    In some people's view, having RIM agree with you is not a good sign!

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: RIM and Apple

    RIM and Apple agree on this. Android doesn't care. Same mental (???) attitude that existed in the PC world--warmed over.

    Oh, so does this mean you all also think that the best solution for our Macs would be for Apple to lock down the OS and only make apps available via the Mac AppStore? Because that's what it sounds like. Don't want any of that piracy that windows users have!

  1. facebook_Aniruddh

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Apr 2012


    What the h***?

    Where the bloody f*** did I just pop into? And RIM saying Google Play store is full of pirated apps? The devs themselves release them, unlike RIMs variant, where they take pirated converted apps from unauthorized third parties. RIM sucks, and will keep declining before they don't just leave the blood phone market. Who uses BBs anymore, RIM employees?

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