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Apple updates European warranty pages to reflect local laws

updated 05:10 pm EDT, Fri March 30, 2012

Quiet change in response to legal problems

Apple has silently updated its European websites -- such as the one for the UK -- with a table on the differences between Apple's warranties and ones mandated by the European Union, reports observe. The document is divided into columns for EU law, the default warranties for Apple products, and extended AppleCare coverage. The most contentious point has been that EU law covers two years, whereas Apple only promises one without AppleCare.

The company is already facing a $1.2 million fine in Italy for not properly informing customers about their legal rights, which may have led some people to buy AppleCare unnecessarily. Although Apple has lost an appeal, another hearing on the matter is scheduled for early May.

Other points illustrated in the table are that while Apple warranties cover defects that arise at any time, EU law is limited to defects present on delivery. EU protections do, however, cover any goods offered by a seller, meaning that Apple is responsible even for the third-party products it carries in Europe.

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  1. Jeronimo2000

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "Other points illustrated in the table are that while Apple warranties cover defects that arise at any time, EU law is limited to defects present on delivery."

    And this is the main point that always gets overlooked: this EU joke of a "warranty" covers only defects predent WHEN the customer takes delievery, not AFTER. If your logic board dies 2 days after purchase, the EU law won't do squat for you.

  1. Theilgaard

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    Not exactly

    In the first 6 months, the law assumes any defect to be from before it was bought, and the seller has to repair it.

    After that 6 months there is a year and a half where seller and buyer shares the burden of proofing if it was a defect from the beginning or not.

    One of the problems is stuff with moving parts, such as a rotating hard drive. If that fails after the first year Apple says it's because of bad use, and the buyer has a hard time proving otherwise.

    The consumer organizations in Europe wants it to be converted to 2 years warranty, so in different countries they try to go after Apple as an example, but maybe Apple also is the most stubborn in keeping the US defined 1 year limited warranty, and then selling an APP to fill out the gap and extend it. Problem with that is that with an APP, Apple can exchange a defect hard drive with another used one, and then the consumer organizations think that Apple is doing a worse job, than a real warranty (which we don't really have).

    Please mind my English if I did not use the correct legal words.

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