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Intuit releases Lion-compatible Quicken 2007 for Mac

updated 06:00 pm EST, Thu March 8, 2012

Software re-engineered for current OS

Following up on a promise from December, Intuit has now released a new version of Quicken 2007 (the last full version of Quicken for Mac) that has been re-engineered to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.7. The product is now called Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible and sells for $15. The full version of Quicken has a number of features not found in the stripped-down Quicken Essentials for Mac, which the company began offering two years ago.

The company says that older Quicken Mac files (from the 2005 through 2007 editions) will automatically convert to the Lion-compatible new version. Customers who have converted from any of those Quicken editions to Quicken Essentials can migrate their data to the new version following a set procedure outlined on the product's FAQ page.

Despite its age, Quicken 2007 offers features that weren't available in Quicken Essentials, including direct bill payment, exporting to TurboTax and tracking investments. The program is still compatible with most financial institutions for downloading statements and reconciling accounts, and offers Mobile Me members the ability to backup an encrypted version of their data. Apple will be shutting down Mobile Me in June, but Intuit hasn't yet said if it will offer similar iCloud backup or support alternatives such as Dropbox automatically; users are free to manually backup encrypted data to cloud services if they wish.

Users can purchase Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion Compatible either by direct download or mailed CD-ROM for $15 directly from the company's website. By virtue of being able to run Windows on Macs, users who need later editions can also opt to buy and run the Windows versions of Quicken.

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  1. tliszt

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Stupid Quicken product name

    Quicken 2007 for Mac hardly sounds like the 'current release' given that it is now 2012. Dumb marketing and confusing for the consumer.

  1. blshaw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Too little, too late

    Intuit has a history of treating Mac users as second-class citizens. They introduced this new version only because some brilliant mind (one of the two or three in existence there) realized that hey! we may be losing money here. Duh!

    Even though Quicken can now run on Lion, it's feature complement still lags way behind the Windoze version. I made the move to SEE Finance and will never go back.

  1. Makosuke

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No, it's 2007

    It's not dumb marketing, it's honest labeling; Quicken 2007 is called that because it was released in 2007. Phrased differently, Intuit hasn't done any significant updates to the product in five years--tweaking it to be compatible with the latest OS doesn't count.

    There have been five versions for Windows released since then--2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Maybe they don't actually NEED to update it every year--a few adjustments to handle current bank imports would probably do it--but the fact is they've largely abandoned the "full" version on the Mac in favor of the anemic Essentials.

    And you don't really need any more evidence of the market for a full version--or that Essentials isn't meeting a lot of folks' needs--than that they had to update 2007 for Lion compatibility.

    Not that I use Quicken, but it's really kind of insulting.

  1. facebook_Allen

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Mar 2012


    comment title

    Wow, they release a version compatible with OSX 10.7 just in time for the release of 10.8

  1. mtkoren

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's a little too late I think

    I would have been interested in getting the download of this. Even though I used Quicken Mac for as long as it has been around, I abandoned it when i exported all my stuff to iBank.

    Now iBank in many ways is superior, but I miss some of Quicken's features and most of all its easy reporting! Especially its easier searches.

    HOWEVER - I spoke with Quicken customer support and there is absolutely NO importing of any data other than Quicken - NOT EVEN QIF files!!!

    So after many months of iBank, I guess I will NOT be going back to Quicken as they made the return too difficult. now is this just dumb decision making on their part?????

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Quicken irritated me back in the late 00's when I HAD to update my version of quicken because, due to 'security concerns', they were disabling all bank downloads for my version of quicken. Apparently they were concerned that the security they used in the earlier versions would no longer be safe and, for privacy protection and the like, they were being proactive. Or something like that. I'm sure it wasn't just a money grab because, if they wanted me to buy a newer version, all they would have to do is come out with one with more features, say, that the Windows version had.

    Seriously, I seem to recall a new version of Quicken being announced, and looking at the web site, there was this big long list of additions and changes. Oh, but that was the Windows version. On the mac version, the "big" addition was "mobile me backup!". And after that, it was some minor stuff (probably something like "Now you can use periods instead of slashes to define a date!" or "You can change the color of the register rows from the standard 2 colors to any of a combination of 4 colors!").

    It was iBank for me (and they have an iOS app which makes life so much nicer - rather than Intuit's idea that we should upload all our data to their web servers).

  1. myramoki

    Joined: Dec 1969


    A little break?

    Lets give Intuit a little break guys. This is a company that has managed to produce a product that is fundamentally different on two different platforms, for no apparent reason. A product which cannot use a common file format. Something which they have two different API's to communicate with banks depending on what platform you are on. Something for which even their 'supported' OS platform even barely receives significant updates yearly, for which we have to pay a substantial sum.

    Obviously, that whole software team really really sucks. I know I'd put any resume from that group in the shredder.

    Did anyone have an old version of Quicken on Windows? It used the multiple document interface and you could actually have multiple register windows open at once (kinda like on Mac), but now you just have one. But when you close Quicken, you can often see this multiple document windows briefly getting closed and going away. I think Microsoft would be impressed at how much crufty code is behind both the Mac and Windows versions of Quicken.

    That Intuit could get out anything I think is impressive. I know many would just say "Use something else" but many of us have years, if not decades of financial information in Quicken. And I doubt there is any product out there that can make a claim of a perfect import capability from Quicken data. Nor do they have the full automatic communication with financial institutions like Quicken. And so I know that for some of us, switching to something else is just not a good solution.

    So Intuit finally has a Lion compatible Quicken. Good. Its an important step. It'll be interesting to see what they do next. Although that they are pretty incompetent is a fairly established fact.

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