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IDC: Kindle Fire may cut iPad to 59% of tablet share

updated 10:30 pm EST, Thu December 15, 2011

IDC sees Amazon denting iPad in fall

Amazon's Kindle Fire could cut Apple's share of the tablet market to under 60 percent for the first time, IDC estimated Thursday. Android would climb from 32.4 percent to get a collective 40.3 percent through the Fire which, along with some help from the Nook Tablet, would push the iPad down from 61.5 percent this summer to 59 percent of tablets. The BlackBerry PlayBook would lose some ground as well, down from 1.1 percent to 0.7 percent, while the HP TouchPad's final exit would give up five percent.

In spite of the shift, researchers Tom Mainelli and Jennifer song didn't see Apple having problems staying in front for at least the foreseeable future. Apple was still poised to have its "best-ever" iPad sales, Mainelli said, and could branch out in 2012 to further delve into corporate and school markets. Song reiterated that the iPad still had a larger app collection and a burgeoning retail footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

The study also gave rare hard estimates for non-iPad shipments during the summer and believed that HP had shipped 903,354 of its defunct TouchPad, or close enough to Samsung's 5.6 percent that it showed a clearance-sale device nearly as popular. Barnes & Noble's Nook Color came close at 805,458 devices, or 4.5 percent.

Among e-readers, IDC wasn't willing to make hard predictions but saw the total market grow from 5.1 million devices to 6.5 million between spring and summer, even after moving tablet readers like the Nook Color to the tablet category. Fall would likely see a "very strong" performance as the $79 Kindle not only surged itself but triggered a price war that would spur sales.

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  1. facebook_Alexander

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Dec 2011


    comment title

    of course this is shipments, but sales to end users is what counts. Besides, more number pulling out of one's *ss. Of course, if Amazon and Samsung actually released numbers it would be something to talk about.

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  1. Pixelsmack

    Joined: Dec 1969


    using one now for this entry...

    Neat seeing Macnn in its full glory instead of ipad/iphone cripple-web. This 7" form factor is way more handy for sofa webbing too. Apple needs a 7" asap. I love my Apples but I can also admit when something is better. Fire is a little laggy but i'll forgive that for form factor and full real web.

  1. charlituna

    Joined: Dec 1969


    how very true

    after all they don't generally adjust for returns from dissatisfied customers.

    then again, this is only true until the iPad 3 comes out.

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Dianetics's Kindle Fire and other wannabees may have ripped a page from L Ron Hubbard's Dianetics.

    Long time ago, a Crown Books clerk was commenting on the boxes of Dianetics that had Crown Books price tag on them already. The manager said to him: 'you dummy, these price tags are not just ours, but B Dalton Bookseller's also'.

    The rest is history. They may have just 1M in circulation, but they have been buying their own books.

    This time, the tablet makers may do it a little differently. They buyers may return 20-50% of the tablets and they are resold to another group of users.

    Environmenta, huh.

  1. slapppy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Funny how the press is still pumping this non Tablet up.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The media seems to be so

    happy to see Apple lose tablet market share no matter what. It's as though they actually prefer consumers to get some substandard tablet for $199 rather than a high-quality tablet for $499. The iPad is the highest rated tablet in the industry and it honestly doesn't bode well for consumers to settle for less than the best.
    As far as the Kindle Fire cutting into the iPad's market share, then so be it. If Amazon is happy with its razor-thin margins then that's up to Jeff Bezos. We'll see how happy investors are if Amazon is unable to meet its revenue goals next year. One thing for certain, the Kindle Fire will not be used in business since the apps are pretty much locked down. 59% of tablet market share isn't all that bad but I guess they figured Apple would be able to keep market share at around 70% which seems a bit unrealistic.

  1. TomMcIn

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Apples to Apples

    This is like saying more grapes are sold than apples. A grape is a fruit, but does not offer the content of an Apple. Similarly, the Kindle Fire is called a tablet....

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  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just keep sticking your head in the sand iBoys

    Keep convincing yourselves that it's units shipped, not sold.
    Keep convincing yourselves that "they have been buying their own books".
    Keep convincing yourselves that Apple will hold it's lead in the tablet space.

    Just keep telling yourselves that.

    ..... In the mean time... Om nom nom nom nom nom. The Little Green Guy will be eating your iLunch.


  1. TomMcIn

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The Lead

    Keep convincing yourself that the numbers shipped are the most important attribute. I only need Apple to ship enough that they can continue building quality products. They can leave it up to the Kindle types to supply those that need less.

  1. Greengo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Here in Canada

    Rogers is giving away the Galaxy Tab...that's right FREE!! I guess if they could have sold them, they would have...since they can'!! Yes you have to sign up/renew a contract...but once you do..hey here...FREE no charge.

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