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HP may rebrand to avoid stiff image

updated 10:40 am EST, Wed December 14, 2011

HP considers fresh device logos in new strategy

HP contractor Moving Brands has proposed a remake of the company's signature logo that would be as much a change of philosophy as image. Its remake would go to four angled lines that imply the logo and would be more modern than the current design, which is still closer to the icon from the company's early days. The angle would not only dictate the theme of promo material but even integrate into products, such as the capacity on inkjet printers.

Whether or not the company goes ahead isn't clear. The pitch to HP was produced roughly two months ago and still makes references to webOS hardware along with recently exited webOS lead Phil McKinney involved. It remains on the table but is solely under HP's discretion as to how or if it arrives.

A logo change would come just as HP is gradually taking design more seriously. While the company's new Envy design is clearly derived from Apple's MacBook Pro, it shows the company focusing more on recognizable, clear design traits. Much of its aesthetic in the past decade has been decried for being too generic and often focused on cost.

The swap could also help overcome memories of its PC division uncertainty from between August and November. [via Brand New]

by MacNN Staff



  1. prl99

    Joined: Dec 1969



    The bottom photo tells it all, HP has no idea what they're doing. I majored in Graphic Design and the four lines tell me nothing. Adidas' three stripes and Nike's swoosh are recognizable because they gained customer acceptance over the long term. When I see the four lines from HP, I see gaps in their printer output not ink levels. I also see a lack of cohesion (nothing connected, no symmetry). If I was shown this logo without knowing it was from HP, I would never have figured that out. The bottom photo appears to show slightly rounded edges, which would help complete the logo but the displayed logo does not give any help in identifying what it represents. I'm all for simplicity but there still needs to be structure and four angled lines just don't do it for me.

  1. verso2

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It's a 1970s Fiat castoff

    It looks very much as if HP is trying to pick up a version of a (now-discarded) Fiat logo from the 1970s (Fiat having reverted to a new version of its traditional logo). Perhaps it comes cheap...

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Fix it again, HP


    Feee AAAP

    New name.

  1. Bobfozz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    too harsh

    Having worked with designers for years it is rare for one "professional" designer to ever compliment another thinking theirs could have, would have, been better--though they didn't get the gig. It's natural to have a little envy.

    Yes, maybe it IS true that if you didn't know it was HP that it would be hard to get the connection, but IF successful these things have a way of becoming etched in the minds of the public.

    Some designers over think and seldom get the job. It is ALWAYS about, unfortunately, what the client wants. Designers who are still struggling often take years to figure that out. It's not about you.

  1. appleuzr

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I'm with prl99

    This has only little to do with my opinion, but I majored in Graphic design as well. For me HP is doing itself a disservice with this rebranding fiasco. Less is more, simple is better, but in this case the logo is over simplified. Their current logo is timeless, simple and elegant. This overly simplified futuristic c*** with cold industrial textures just doesn't do the brand justice. Rebranding the company isn't going to help, especially if this is the direction they're going. The brand equity attached to their current design will all go down the drain and this look will go with it.

  1. qazwart

    Joined: Dec 1969



    They've made a mess, sold cheap garbage, produced indistinguishable boxes, and their cure is to "rebrand".

    I guess that's a lot easier than to stop building garbage and making public fools of yourself. Truthfully, the HP, that geeky company with those RPN calculators and all that neat hardware we knew and loved is now called "Agilent Technologies". What's HP now is just some corporate shell that buys cheap Chinese hardware and rebrands it. That, and also make stupid money losing decisions.

  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Has everybody forgotten about the stupid b*tch that is now running HP? For people of her ilk, it's all about appearance and branding and kicking the can down the road a few years. They still haven't figured out that Apple's success is not just about brand, it's about quality, usability and so many other things that the modern HP management are simply incapable of delivering.

  1. aristotles

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Too late.

    They fired Mark Hurd for a relatively minor indiscretion and he was doing a h*** of a lot better job as CEO than the guy they hired to replace him. The HP board should be investigated.

    Those uptight hypocrites screwed up their company.

  1. chippie

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Big Fat Fail-All They Need To Do

    is upgrade the quality and styling of their products and the public will get it. The four slanted lines is rubbish!
    The hp could use a color change from blue to silver/grey or a shade of black. And all advertising would have to lose the blue background that bores this computer users to no end.

  1. facebook_Aryu

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Dec 2011


    Ummm... whatever.

    First, yes, I am jealous of every person in the overpaid committee and staff that designed this. I have done much better for local dog clubs' websites for free. I love graphics (and damn good if the club sites' feedback can be trusted), but being older than dirt, I missed the boat on getting the fancy letters after my name, making getting a serious job over $20/hr impossible. (My BS is in electronics, not a serious interest of mine). The new HP design is too 90's. Think "IBM" and just about every other tech company that drew parallel lines through their logo. They really got paid tons o' cash for this? Really?

    Just as every straight man should have a g** friend that checks his clothes before leaving the house, so he can say, "Ummm, no, you're not going out in public like that!", every company should have a g** man with final approval that can point to the design and say, "Ummm, no, you're not going out in public with that!" [g** man here, lighten up!]

    Second, why in the he11 do the lamest companies feel compelled to preview everything? Microsoft is the worst, only to eventually have a watered-down product with endless delays. HP should have said nothing, and just started using it on the products. Then it would have created "buzz", rather than ridicule. It completely baffles me why companies make this incredibly stupid move of introducing the most stupid or nonexistent products. When you learn to ski, you should follow the people just a bit better than yourself. The fact that none of these major companies have learned a single thing from Apple's marketing astounds me.

    A patterned shirt with a differently patterned tie - NO! I don't give a damn where you saw it. No. Stop it!

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