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Near-ready Final Cut Pro 8 killed in favor of FCP X?

updated 01:50 pm EST, Wed November 30, 2011

Apple allegedly wanted 'revolutionary' software

Apple produced a Final Cut Pro 8, but decided to kill it in favor of the controversial Final Cut Pro X, suggests RHED Pixel CEO Richard Harrington. The executive made the claim during a recently videotaped presentation. "There was a Final Cut 8 and it was 64-bit and it was done and they looked at it and said 'This is not what we want to do, this is evolutionary, this is not revolutionary' and they killed it," he is quoted as saying.

The video -- which belongs to the Television, Internet & Video Association of Washington DC -- is no longer available for public viewing through YouTube or Vimeo. In website comments, though, Harrington elaborates on what he said. "Wasn't saying [FCP 8 was] ready for public. Just that it had significant development and that from what I've been told, that it was planned. Phillip I respect your knowledge of core tech more than mine. The statement was a throwaway comment taken out of context. FCPX is where Apple and many are focussing their attention. FCP 8 will never be. Just echoing what I've heard said many times," he states.

FCP X has come under heavy fire from professional video editors, who have accused the software of actually being a step back from FCP 7 in some regards. Apple has promised to restore many features, and to that end some improvements have already been made through updates. Not all promised fixes have been made, however.

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  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969



    As if the iMovie 8 fiasco wasn't enough.

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    the problem

    with FCPX was that Apple did not clearly communicate to its end users - who are PROFESSIONALS trying to MAKE MONEY with it, not consumers trying to make home videos or share pictures - what the game plan was. They just threw it over the wall.

    Apple should have followed the game plan for OS X - clearly and abundantly communicate with end users what's going on, why they are doing it, and where it's all heading. I use FCP 7 a LOT and I love it, but I can see how there's a need to re-think how to edit videos in a professional environment.

    The anger and outrage is understandable. Lots of video professionals got over their mistrust of Apple with regards to its commitment to the professional market and adopted FCP. Just when people were comfortable with them, Apple basically threw that trust out the window. I know someone who in 2012 has to turn in a budget to his superiors about purchases for an in-house video production department for 2013. This FCPX fiasco turned a no-brainer purchase of several Apple Mac Pros and associated hardware/software into a huge question mark. The IT people where he works HATE Macs for the classic reasons which we all know - they are lazy fckers who don't want to be bothered with supporting non-Windows platforms, as well as fears about job security since Macs really don't require all that much support from them. Apple handed these jerks a huge victory and they are circling like vultures. My friend doesn't want to go Avid or Adobe Premiere but Apple may have given him little to no choice since he cannot tell his superiors what's going to happen with FCPX.

    FCPX may eventually become viewed as truly revolutionary and worth it, in the end. But in the meantime, they've got a lot of hard work to do to recover lost trust that was very hard to win in the first place. This was a total unforced error on the part of Apple.

  1. aussiearn

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    It is amazing how many people who haven't even used FCPX are so adamant it is a failure. As an editor who has used Final Cut from version 3 I haver moved my production over to FCP X. I am cutting faster and with better results than ever before. I of course took the time to watch as many training videos as I could find. I took the time to learn about the new interface and FCPX's interaction with Motion. I have come to truly love FCPX and I HAVE NO TIME FOR WHINERS WHO HAVE NOT TAKEN THE TIME TO LEARN and just b**** about change.

  1. Jeronimo2000

    Joined: Dec 1969



    This confirms what I've heard from other video professionals who've used FCP X. Sure, you'll need to take the plunge and rewire a few brain cells, but once you've done that, you're flying. Couldn't agree more about the whiners.

    climacs is absolutely right that Apple didn't communicate well here. It has become a weird trend, 'cause the same can be said about Lion and the iPhone 4S. Awesome features, terribly communicated.

  1. tightzeit

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    So people are whining because their legacy equipment became instantly useless, there's no way - and never will be a way - to open legacy projects?

    That's not whining. You've instantly lopped off the largest part of the argument for any organization to take on FCPX by ignoring the massive gaps in it's usefulness in a pro environment.

    Yes it's faster and has other positives, but it's not a seamless or even simple transition for most.

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