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Adobe Photoshop CS6 may sport new look, expanded 3D options

updated 10:15 am EDT, Fri October 28, 2011

Software in early beta stages

The next version of Adobe Photoshop, CS6, should have a new look and a significant array of new tools, early betas are said to show. Builds compiled earlier this month are described by AppleInsider as having a darker-toned, more Aperture-like aesthetic, although Adobe is at least temporarily providing users with the option of reverting back to the style of Photoshop CS5. The CS6 software is also said to include new palette icons, although these should be still recognizable enough to avoid confusion.

The focus of new tool additions is believed to be on 3D. "3D Material Drop" and "3D Material Eyedropper" options have been added, along with a new "3D Text" command. Similarly, the Preferences pane now has "Allow Direct to Screen" and "Auto-Hide Layers" options for "Interactive Rendering."

Also added are new "Rich Cursor" toggles, "Show on Hover" and "Show on Interaction." Some other potential adjustments include "Invert Camera Axis" and "Separate Axis Controls" under "Axis Control," plus an "Interactive Shadows Quality" drop-down that determines shadow rendering. The Healing Brush palette has been given a "Remix Tool," while the Crop Tool palette has been given a "Perspective Crop" variant.

General Preferences options let users snap vector tools and transforms to the pixel grid, or vary round brush hardness with vertical HUD movement. Under the Interface tab, people can opt to enable drop shadows for text, or show transformation values. Under File Handling, "Save in Background" and "Automatically Save Recovery Information Every..." options have been added. For File Compatibility, people can choose to ignore rotation metadata, or disable compression of PSD and PSB files. The Type tab, oddly, has had two options removed, those being "Show Asian Text Options" and "Font Preview Size."

Sources claim that Creative Suite 6 could ship sometime around May of next year.

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  1. philomath777

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Adobe gougers

    Several hundred dollar upgrades every 6 months are nothing but gouging. Esp. when bugs from the previous versions aren't fixed. It's good to see apps like Pixelmator starting to break Adobe's stranglehold.

  1. pairof9s

    Joined: Dec 1969



    What Photoshop CS6 needs to sport is a new price point. The alternatives are increasing in numbers at tenths the price. (Oh, and notice it doesn't provide any of Lion's service features such as Auto Save)


  1. Infinitewill

    Joined: Dec 1969


    CS = Cash Siphon......

    Adobe is not in the software business, they are in the annuity business. Every 18 month they suck the money out of your bank account. They make a great product but are these new 'tools" really worth an upgrade price? If it saves time or money, yes. If it is purely marzipan, no. Photoshop is cheap compared to what it cost when it hit the market 21 years ago. (Sugg. retail was about $3500). Others have blatantly stolen ideas from Tom Knoll and made cheaper products but that doesn't mean better. It is still a professional tool not an amateur one. Photoshop Elements is a great alternative.

  1. rvhernandez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Tired, just tired.

    I'm tired of hoping that Adobe will adapt some of the newer built-in API's that Apple offers their developers. Instead they venture to do neither for Windows or Mac that those customers deserve – apps built on the strength of their respective platforms. They achieve middle ground complacency through the shoddy use of AIR components within their apps. It's just a sad state that Adobe is in now. Even Microsoft's Mac team is allowed to differentiate from the Windows version where it make sense. I give MS props for that.

  1. dsheetz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Quality Control

    Maybe if they skipped an entire development cycle and just worked on quality control, they might save this aging, bloated software suite. I doesn't appear they will do that, though. There are so many horrendous, glaring bugs with the existing version that I will not be paying them another thin dime for upgrades.

    Pixelmator, here I come... maybe?

  1. Inkling

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Quote: "(Oh, and notice it doesn't provide any of Lion's service features such as Auto Save)"

    That's clearly a marvelous, sensible feature and not a bug. If you're not a clueless twit who forgets to save when he exits, Autosave is a nuisance and a major security hole even with apps that have small files. It'd be an utter disaster with files the size of those in Photoshop. There'd be lots of spinning wheels as one of those autosaves kicks in an inconvenient times and hard disks would soon fill up with covertly stored versions no one wants around. Bravo Adobe!

    Some of the features Apple has added to OS X over the years have just been silly. Autosave isn't just silly. It's a poorly implemented nuisance. Every app I had that needed autosave had a version that was carefully thought out for that apps purpose. Apple's one-shoe-for-all-feet scheme seems useful only for code developers who write linearly (i.e. point A on). The rest of use need a versioning scheme that puts us in control, one like that in Scrivener.

    An illustration: Preview used to be a great app for taking a quick look at documents. It's that no more. Now when I tried to close out a document I read, my iMac hangs for several seconds. Why? As best I can tell, Preview is saving a copy to that huge and hidden autosave file, just in case I'm so stupid I close out something that I actually want. That sort of unnecessary delay is frustrating and time-wasting.

    At the head of the list for features in 10.7.3 should be an easy way to turn off Autosave, either completely or on a per app basis. Every user should be able to do for themselves what Adobe is wisely doing for them.

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