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Motorola Droid RAZR official: 7.1mm, Super AMOLED

updated 12:55 pm EDT, Tue October 18, 2011

Droid RAZR is first thin, long-lasting 4G phone

Motorola ended rumors and unveiled the Droid RAZR. The device aims to leap over the typically bulky limits of 4G phones: its use of a Kevlar back and a stainless steel frame help it measure 7.1mm thick at most points, thinner than even a Galaxy S II, while still being strong enough to survive common abuse, including splashes. Battery life also doesn't take the typical hit: Motorola expects 12.5 hours of calling and 8.9 hours of video.

Part of this comes through an update to the Android 2.3 version of Blur known as Smart Actions. It can tell when the user is home, for example, and switch off Bluetooth and GPS knowing that it can get its position from Wi-Fi.

Although it has a 4.3-inch, 540x960 display like the Droid Bionic, it now uses a more vivid Super AMOLED screen that helps get to the new size. It's also faster in clocking the dual-core TI chip to 1.2GHz. Motorola claims that the phone is more than twice as fast on the web as even the iPhone 4S: it can pull up ESPN's page in three seconds versus the iPhone's eight. The hardware is also purportedly the first to stream Netflix in HD.

The Droid RAZR has a large 1,780mAh battery in spite of its size and is one of the first Android phones to support Bluetooth 4.0. An eight-emgapixel back camera with 1080p recording and a front facing camera are similar to the Bionic, Motorola said. It carries 16GB of built-in memory and a 16GB microSDHC card already installed.

Motorola's takeover of ZumoCast also now gives it a pseudo-cloud service in MotoCast. Similar to the earlier iOS app, users can stream music, presentations, or other bandwidth-light content directly from the computer as long as it's on. Motorola sees it as avoiding the need for servers and remote storage.

Corporate support is toughened up through government-approved encryption, remote wipes, and other features that don't always come to Android. Citrix Receiver, GoToMeeting, and HD video conferencing are available from the start.

In the US, the Droid RAZR will be on Verizon's network in early November for $300 on contract, with pre-orders starting October 27. Other countries such as Canada are also getting the phone just as the RAZR, although their release dates aren't known. Many countries will have access to the Lapdock 500, a new 14-inch notebook converter that gives users an extra-large version of the Webtop experience when the phone is cradled inside.

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  1. facebook_Robert

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    spurious claims

    They may be correct that for certain types of web browsing a 4g phone is going to beat a 3g phone on download speeds - no doubt.

    However, if you are talking about webapps, building an app in javascript and html5 - and how fast will that run compared to a native app - well, of course the interpreted app is slower than a native - but its still impressively fast on an iPhone. That's in part because of its CPU, and in part because of apple's javascript engine.

    This new phone almost certainly is not faster on webapp performance, and that's a shame.

    I'm very seriously leaning towards getting an iPhone 5 when that comes out next year....we'll see if Android can close the gap, but this phone - not really. They didn't. They have 4g, and that's a feature, but its not enough.

    Anyway not enough to make me upgrade from an htc sensation.

  1. mkral

    Joined: Dec 1969


    some nice features

    Smart Actions is a pretty genius idea. I'm surprised no one thought of it faster. It would be great to tweak my iphone for work/ home, etc settings, then forget it. I like the laptdock thing too, though I can't see apple ever releasing anything like it. All in all a pretty good phone. Not nice enough to make me give up the iPhone, but if I were an Android guy, this would be my phone.

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  1. slapppy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iPhone 4S owners

    Just got owned, S is for Sorry? lol

  1. Jeronimo2000

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iPhone 5?

    @Robert: I don't get how people can still talk about an "iPhone 5". What would that be, the 5th iPhone released by Apple? That's already out there, it's called the "iPhone 4S" and it's awesome. The successor to this won't be called the "iPhone 5", as it would be the sixth iPhone release, not the fifth. So, if anything, the next iPhone might be called "iPhone 6".

    And if you're waiting for that, you could just as well wait for the iPhone 7. Cause, THAT thing will blow your mind (right until the iPhone 8 comes around, of course). :)

  1. mkral

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Slappy, I completely disagree with you, but I do have to admit, that was a funny post. I gave you a thumbs up for making me laugh.

  1. dpicardi

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Nice specs

    I'll believe them when I see them. I already know one of them is a lie as my iP4s loads ESPNs site in less than 6 seconds. I'll be interested in seeing if in real world use the phone makes it a full day on charge. My guess is it will not - especially using 4g. Lastly, that phone is so damn is not pocket friendly...but whatever floats your boat. Choice is great.

  1. ASIMO

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Sounds like a pretty cool phone.

    I especially like the Smart Actions and the lapdock integration. While the phone looks good, it also looks a bit too big for my taste, though. My hands aren't the problem; I just like as much pocket-ability as possible. I think a 4" display with minimal excess real estate that isn't part of the touchscreen would keep a phone reasonably close to the current iphone size and volume.

    In a couple of months, I'm going to move on from my iphone 3g, and while the iphone still is huge on my radar, it will now have company. Both Android and windows phone look to be more than viable alternatives.

  1. Mixotic

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not to mention...

    Loading the "full version" of ESPN isn't really a great real world test. When you visit most modern sites, they detect your browser and serve you a version optimized for the device.

  1. facebook_Justin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    comment title

    I like how they mention "full ESPN website". Maybe this will be enough to FIANLLY convince Apple to add a damn user agent changer to the iPhone. It's needed this from day one, I DONT WANT c*** MOBILE SITES COMING UP. IF I WANTED MOBILE SITES I'D USE A DAMN APP. WHEN I GO INTO SAFARI I WANT FULL f****** WEBSITES.

  1. facebook_Sam

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    Woo hoo!

    This things streams Netflix in HD guys! I can't wait to watch 1/5th of a movie before hitting my data cap!

    What a pointless feature. Sure, I can stream over Wifi, but the only time I can count on having Wifi is at home, and when I'm at home, why would I want to watch a movie on a tiny-a** screen like this when I've got an HDTV and an iPad 2?

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