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Apple hits 1 million iPhone 4S preorders in just one day

updated 08:40 am EDT, Mon October 10, 2011

Apple ends doubt on iPhone 4S demand

Apple quickly put an end to doubt as to iPhone 4S demand with word that it had taken over one million pre-orders in just one day. The rush was two thirds higher than the 600,000 iPhone 4 preorders. The company claimed it as an all-time record for any Apple product, not just the iPhone.

"We are blown away with the incredible customer response to iPhone 4S," Senior Worldwide Product Marketing VP Phil Schiller said. "The first day pre-orders for iPhone 4S have been the most for any new product that Apple has ever launched and we are thrilled that customers love iPhone 4S as much as we do."

The company may have been helped by an unusually long update cycle. The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to miss the summer and has about three months of possibly pent-up demand to stoke interest. It's also taking advantage of a considerably larger ownership base, where many are trading up from an iPhone 3G or 3GS, and has access to both Sprint and Verizon customers where it was AT&T-only in the US last year.

The results could still be promising for Apple, which faced mixed analyst reactions on launch. Some had been concerned that the upgrade, by using the familiar design, wouldn't be enough to entice users. A concern still survives that Apple may have missed out on some sales from those who upgraded every year.

Rapid sales could be vital for Apple, which is in a race with Samsung to claim the title of the top smartphone maker in the world. Samsung will be depending mostly on the expansion of of the Galaxy S II into the US where Apple may have the advantage of a worldwide launch.

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  1. facebook_John

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    2/3rds more

    Comes across awkward.. I would be much clearer to say 40% more, etc.. But still a great opening day. I was going to hold off, but I had to get it as my camera stopped working(first iPhone failure.)

  1. Bobfozz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    market analysts...

    Once again, don't know anything. The bloggers who hate Apple ahve been wrong too. Headline in USA Today (Friday) by Jon Swartz, Matt Krantz, and Scott Martin show once again the pundits WANT to control Apple, tell Apple what is best for them, how to get market share and the usual nauseating stuff that Steve Jobs was so good at ignoring. This really bites their butt. And once again, they are nuts, THEY predicted an iPhone5... Apple never said a thing! A pox on them. I wish there was some accountability for writers like these who have one foot on one story and another foot on a counter story, playing both sides. These "people" are NOT visionaries. What happens IF Tim Cook does such a masterful job that Apple really kicks it into high gear? Then we will hear or read all these stories about "I knew Tim Cook when..." Personally, from a businessman's viewpoint, I wouldn't believe anything these dolts wrote.

  1. facebook_Jason

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    Joined: Oct 2011


    2/3rds more...

    is 66% more, not 40% more. It wouldn't seem so awkward if you understood what 2/3rds means, as well as more. 2/3rds of 600,000 is 400,000. More means that the 400,000 is in addition to 600,000 - equaling 1,000,000. 40% more would be 240,000 in addition to the original 600,000 - or only 840,000.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    record, so?

    Oh, it's more than the iPhone 4. Then again, the market of iPhone users this month is far greater than the market was last year, which is greater than the year before. The real question is, how does the ratio of the number of pre-orders against the number of current users compare.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: market analysts

    And your point is what? Oh, analysts don't consider it a big upgrade, or they weren't thrilled with it? Big deal, a LOT of people aren't. A million pre-orders does not make their analysis wrong. Only if they said "Bah, crappy update, it won't sell". But did they? Um, nope. In fact, most of the analysis I've read basically has called for an increase in sales on the iPhone, despite the lack of a major update to the iPhone. But why let all the facts bother you. Just go off in your little Apple-is-being-crucified-unfairly world, where you've apparently been for 15 years, and just assume everyone just hates apple.

  1. facebook_Robert

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    simple thinkers

    Simple thinkers think if you wanted a 4" iPhone, that means you hate Apple and predicted Zero sales of a smaller screen product.

    Or if you think that Apple would sell more iPhones if they had one additional choice - that means you think Apple is about to go bankrupt.

    Guys, it isn't all or nothing. It isn't black or white. I know for a fact that people who want an LTE phone or a larger screen phone - are holding back.

    But that doesn't mean the iPhone 4S has somehow morphed into being WORSE than the iPhone 4 - of course it is still an upgrade to the iPhone 4 - it looks the same on the surface, plays music the same, most of your apps will run the same, has the same amount of memory - but it does have a faster processor - it's dual core, not single core, and for some of you that's important.

    But there is another factor too, just the people waiting to buy an iPhone but wanted to time their buy-in with the release of the next phone. I understand that, I do the same with my iMac.

    Last thing I want to do is buy an iMac and the next model beats it 30 days later- so I time my purchase. I buy on the release of a new model, and then I can have 6 months - 12 months of peace - eh, call it illogical, people aren't entirely logical.

  1. facebook_Robert

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    Joined: Oct 2011


    iPhone 4S won't last a year, however

    The wait between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was long - but I seriously doubt there will be a similar long wait between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

    Android phones have super AMOLED screens, larger screens (and smaller ones), and will be going quad-core.

    Don't think for a moment that it helps Apple to be behind Android - I'm not saying - for the simple thinkers, let me be clear - I'm not saying Apple is going to be derailed by falling one step behind. I'm saying, in the world of what builds momentum, and what isn't a help to building momentum - being behind is not a feature.

    Apple will want to be on the LTE train, on the quad-core boat - and have a larger screen phone as an option - eventually - and probably as soon as its 'ready' which I'm guessing is early next year.

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