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Woz reflects on his experiences with Steve Jobs

updated 06:40 am EDT, Thu October 6, 2011

Apple co-founder Woz reflects on Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak has reflected on his experiences with Steve Jobs in an interview conducted by CNET. Looking back on his relationship with Jobs, Woz recalled the early days when the they founded Apple and the type of entrepreneurial thinking that the two were engaged in at the time. He said, that if they were to see where that would have ultimately taken Apple, Jobs and he would have been gob smacked.

"I am going to remember him as always being a very quick mind. Almost all the time that we had discussions about how something should be done in a company, he was almost always right. And he had thought it out, and he had thought out why a product should go to the left instead of the right," said Woz.

When asked what he thought Jobs legacy will be Woz said that it would be the great products that Apple developed under his leadership. He added that as a person, Jobs was always very respectful to Woz and never once did anything impolite to him. Woz never saw Jobs behave as he had heard described by some.

He said that the differences between them arose as Apple became bigger. Jobs was always focused on running the company as well as he could and in making Apple's products the absolute best that they could be - and wherever possible, ahead of the competition in the implementation of new technology. Woz was tucked away engineering hardware and software behind the scenes, which is where he was comfortable.

When asked who would be an influential figure from the past that Jobs would be most like, Woz said that Jobs would be more like a Walt Disney than a Thomas Edison. Jobs never did the "guts of the technology, the actual design - hardware [or] software," as an Edison would have, although there were some similarities in the way Edison managed his business.

"But managing [the products], understanding [the technology]...about what is possible, and which technologies...could be applied to a new product," were the strengths that Jobs brought to Apple.

"Psychology wise, he related so well to the users, the buyers of products. Marketing, I would say, was his greatest strength."

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  1. global.philosopher

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Can't see the good/bad in people

    "Woz never saw Jobs behave as he had heard described by some." - This may be more a reflection of the type of person Woz is than what Jibs was. Woz can't see the flaws in people which is why he is as good an Engineer as Jobs was salesman/businessman/visionary.

  1. facebook_Robert

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Oct 2011


    Woz is well spoken

    If you watch some of the Woz interviews today, he's a well spoken person, who is doing a good job of remembering Steve Jobs - something we all want to do today, to remember and celebrate this man's life.

    You know i've been fortunate enough to witness the birth of some successful companies, and one thing you notice is when a startup begins, one thing it needs to be a success is these driven founders of the company. In the very earliest days what you need is a couple people, maybe 3 that just dedicate unreal amounts of energy to the success of the company, and you have to play all these roles, you have to be CEO and salesperson, engineer and warehouse manager - sometimes it just one person playing multiple roles.

    You need, what Apple had - some money, a great salesperson, and a great engineer.

    As the company continued on - it got big enough it could afford other engineers, and wasn't dependent so much on Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs continued on, more important than ever, and Wozniak's wasn't so important - that's how it played out, and that also, isn't unusual as companies grow. Oh he could have grown with the company, to an extent - maybe been a VP of engineering.

    But you know what, time marches on, and Steve Wozniak may have always been this really talented engineer - this kind of everyday guy that just likes to tinker, but he has become a very well spoken person - he's branched out.

    Apple could use a spokesperson like Steve Wozniak. If you make Steve Wozniak believe in a product, his love for technology will show through, and other people will love it too.

    Jobs was always the great marketer - and nobody can ever replace Jobs. But Apple is still going to need to do marketing - we can't ignore that need, it still exists. and Wozniak is much better at that role than he believes. Tim Cook may be great at running the day to day at Apple, but Apple needs, very much so, to improve in the area of taking their products and introducing them to the tech journalists - it's a task that Tim Cook didn't do so well at the other day, that Wozniak is surprisingly good at.

  1. goldensunflakes

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Giving Tim a break

    I appreciate your comments re Steve Wozniak, not sure if I altogether agree with that he would make a great spokesman, but he is a good guy in my opinion.
    Like everyone, I knew Steve Jobs was ill, but I didn't expect to hear of him passing so soon after he stepped down. Tim Cook, on the other hand, was likely intimately aware of how close Jobs was to passing on. To know the whole world is scruitinizing your every move, that no matter what you do you will be compared to Steve Jobs, and to know while you are presenting a public face that this same person, your friend and mentor, are at death's door, would be a hard thing to do. For the record, I didn't see Tim's performance on Tuesday, but I've read plenty of panning of it. Under the circumstances, he ought to be cut some slack and given due credit for what would be no one's first choice of circumstances for their first solo product debut.

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