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Microsoft may give out quad-core Windows 8 tablet at Build

updated 04:00 pm EDT, Thu August 25, 2011

Microsoft gives clue to Windows 8 tablet design

Microsoft continued its surprises at its Tech Ed New Zealand conference with a demonstration of an unnamed tablet. The relatively slim design, according to Alan Burchill, was billed only as a "quad-core Windows slate" and would be given out at an "upcoming Microsoft event." It's presumed this is an allusion to the Build conference in September, where developers will get more information about writing Windows 8 apps.

The processor, while unnamed, is very likely to be the NVIDIA Kal-El, also known as the Tegra 3. It should be the first quad-core ARM processor and would be the only chip of its kind ready for around Build that could fit into a slim tablet. Most other processors from Qualcomm, TI, and others aren't due to ship until 2012.

Microsoft has shown Windows 8 example hardware before, at Computex, but all of it was rough and either a test mule or an existing PC adapted for the new OS. The new tablet could be a clue as to how real, production Windows 8 tablets will look. They should finally get much closer to tablets like the iPad in dimensions and could last more than just the few hours of an Intel-based Windows 7 slate.

The new OS is expected to be the ultimate test of Microsoft's view that tablets should be PCs rather than "post-PC" devices, carrying a simple, touch-native UI but support for full desktop apps underneath. A completion expected in April 2012 or later, however, could leave a crucial window open for Apple, Samsung, and other major non-Windows tablet makers to capture more of the market. [via ZDNet]

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  1. BlueGonzo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Perhaps Windows 8 needs this power to feel responsive enough.

  1. BigMac2

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What about apps?

    Microsoft announced their plan to port Windows 8 on ARM plateform about 6 month ago and they still haven't give a clue on which softwares will be able to run on it. Since Microsoft never had cross-platform development, it's pretty sure Windows 8 on ARM will not be able to run already existing apps like Microsoft own Office, if so what is the point of having Windows on ARM?

  1. azrich

    Joined: Dec 1969


    1 question...

    Will the battery last long enough for it to complete booting up?

  1. DiabloConQueso

    Joined: Dec 1969



    From the first picture, I was all, "What is WRONG with this man's fingers? Do I need to wear black latex finger-gloves to use this thing?"

    And then I was all like, "Oh, it's a Photoshop. I can tell by the pixels and because I've seen a lot of 'shops in my time."

  1. slapppy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Quad Core!

    It probably or has to be thinner that the iPad 2 to trump it. It can be done. MS should remove the battery al together and have it power by two little thin wires attached to a car battery or 110/220V plug. Better yet, have the wires run to a human powered generator powered by super efficient bicycle gear system. Thats should do it.

  1. Decodering

    Joined: Dec 1969


    At least it doesn't look like the iPad

    I'm not saying it looks attractive, but it shows that a form factor other than the iPad's is conceivable and executable. Not that I'm thinking of a particular company that decided to replicate the iPad and slap a competing OS on it...

  1. facebook_Robert

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Aug 2011


    oh c'mon you could get $99

    C'mon MS, if HP could get $99 maybe you should shoot for that too.....hahahaha, yes I'm teasing.

  1. albertoaguilar

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just in time...

    By the time this c***-pad (or crapslate?) hits the market, Apple would be delivering the iPad 3. Keep trying!

  1. spidouz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Why not a 12 core then?

    LOL, Microsoft still don't get it and don't understand what a "Post-PC" devices really is... why should they not use a 12 core cpu with a dual GFX, a parallel and serial ports... just in case we would plug our printer?

    The more I see where you're going, the more I'm an Apple happy user that switched right after Win XP and wouldn't switch back for nothing in the world... I even regret I haven't switched earlier ;)

    So yeah MS guys... keep trying... at least it's funny and you make me laugh every time :D

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