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Accessories: new styluses for iPad, tablets, smartphones

updated 07:10 pm EDT, Wed August 24, 2011

Bracketon, GreenBulb, Primary Case, Ten One Design

Though Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said, "if you see a stylus, they blew it" referring to tablets, there are occasions and certain types of software that benefit from stylus use, particularly handwriting, photo-editing and drawing apps. As users continue to find specific uses for styluses on iOS products (and particularly competitor touchscreen devices), a small but significant market has sprung up to meet demand. Four of the latest styluses to hit the market are highlighted below.

Bracketon has announced the Style-iT ($25), a combination stylus and ballpoint pen, and uses a pen-style clip to keep the stylus handy in one's shirt pocket, briefcase or folio case. It features an omni-directional soft tip that adapts to right-handed or left-handed writing, and comes in colors designed to match the line of Apple's Smart Covers for the iPad (though it will of course work with non-Apple touchscreen mobile devices).

An independent maker called GreenBulb is hoping to bring its own innovative design to market using "crowdsourcing" funding through IndieGoGo. The product, called the XStylus Touch, is a wide-grip, heavyweight moulded metal iPad stylus similar to the popular XStylus Crayon for the Nintendo 3DS. The company is seeking funding on their project page, and hope to begin production next month.

The XStylus Touch features a discreet magnetic holder to keep the stylus with the iPad, and uses a polished iron core with a plastic housing to give it the proper weight in the hand. The final product, if produced, should retail for around $25, and is said by the company to be the heaviest stylus on the market at 32 grams (1.125 ounces). The developers have offered to fully refund any pledges if the project does not achieve its ambitious $50,000 funding goal.

U.S. accessory maker Primary Case are offering the self-named Primary Case Stylus ($10) for capacitive touchscreens of all sorts. The stylus uses the clever idea of a attachement to the headphone jack to keep the stylus attached when not in use, and the company says the combination of a very sensitive tip along with a carefully-considered ration of weight and grip make it a great choice for writing, drawing and normal functions like clicking and page-turning. It is currently available directly from the company's website.

Ten One Design, known for their elegant and Apple-complimentary style, have updated their existing line of styluses specifically for iOS devices with the Pogo Sketch Pro ($25), a "paintbrush-like" stylus with an ergonomic grip, a patent-pending tip technology and balanced aluminum body aimed at digital sketchers and painters. The tip is easily replaceable and consists of patterned structures within the tip to enhance sensitivity with a smaller tip diameter.

The body features a rubber grip to keep the pen temperate and comfortable at all angles and for both left-handers and right-handers. It is available now from Ten One Design's website.

Bracketon Style-iT

GreenBulb XStylus Pro

Primary Case Stylus

Ten One Design's Pogo Sketch Pro

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  1. facebook_Aman

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    Best precise accurate stylus

    Hey check out Estylo from Plai. My vote definately is for Estylo 1.1 from Plai for sketching.I think , E.stylo  is indeed with no doubt the most accurate capacitive stylus available in global market,which works without any direct electronic support or radio frequency support.But u need to get use to the holding angles and once u get use to it, its very easy.It also works with gloves on so that u can finally rest your hand comfortably on screen without unnecesary irritating inputs on the screen and it’s ideal for sketching,but may not be good for writing.Its better than Dagi, Adonit Jot-Pro, OStylus, etc because the discs of those styluses while touching the screen gives unnecesary lines or points on the screen near the aim or centre point, most of the time.Also while drawing vertical or horizontal lines u get the buttery smoothness of the capacitive screens with best accuracy possible on a screen.Also till now, By-Zero’s aPen and other styluses for which By-Zero licenses technology or sells aPen with different brand names is also not so good option and not so fast and comfortable. The problem with APen stylus and styluses for which Apen licensed technology is that they only work with Few note taking apps and only with Studio Basic sketch software which lacks important features like copying many photos, Zooming for making fine lines, eye dropper tool, smudge tool, colour blur tool, Dodge tool, lighten or brighten tool, etc.And it does no support other sketch Application.Otherwise if u want an electronic stylus for very light sketching without zooming or other features or if u have no problem using a very limited compatable note taking apps , aPen will work out for u. Also your screen will not accept any other input other than the By-Zero’s aPen once aPen is being switched to on mode until it is switched off.
    Please see


    Please check out this video i posted regarding Accuracy of Estylo.

    This video illustrates the accuracy of Estylo when drawing thin lines at the end of video.If possible, just zoom to see the thin lines being drawn accurately.
    Estylo is compatible with all capacitive screen devices including iPad.
    Well,This is the way to use Estylo

    I came to know and analysed some important following points on e.stylo.
    Important instructions for highest accuracy of e.stylo in sketching:

    Use atleast 38 degrees slanted screen surface for more tilting comfort.Locate point with preferably back tip because in case of e.stylo 1.0,the corners of the back tip are less curved than that of front,giving more pin point control.Slightly offset back tip,maximum be around 40 degrees from the screen surface.
    Line thickness will start before the little(very small) back tip curve.
    It’s made out of wood, the front tip of the newer 1.1 version of Estylo stylus,works between 0 to 75 degree (Approximately) angle, the back tip works from 0 to 40 degree angle (Approximately), it has all most no self caused drag, the tips are thin and team figured out a cool way for it to work with gloves on.The small tip end which is  nearest to the exposed wood part is front tip end and the other end is back tip end.See one of the large side view of e.stylo for better understanding.

    My advice:
    Use back tip for both new 1.1 version and older version for fine sketching.
    For starting a line from an intersection of 2 lines,u can use e.stylo tip in flat position without need for any offset.

    The front and back tips can be operated at various angles from various corner points.One of the corner point is for precision sketching,as shown in this video.

    Well Estylo is ideal for sketching on ipad but not for writing.For writing u need a stylus tip which can move really very fast while moving along short curves or short distances,compared to that in the case of sketching.Acually, till now no capacitive stylus without battery powered network interface is good for writing.For writing battery powered styluses like By-zero is good only if u really don’t need sketching app features like copying many photo layers and images/photos from iPad photo library,zooming for making fine lines, eye dropper tool, smudge tool, colour blur tool, Dodge tool, lighten or brighten tool, etc. And if u have no problem using a limited number of 2 or 3 Handwriting apps compatible.Also while using By-Zero u cannot charge your iPad.Similar electronic styluses compatible with android devices are available online now.By-Zero is made only for iPad till now.A stylus similar to aPen called iPen is now launched on kickstarter which is more productive since it works with few other Sketch apps available on itunes other than Studio basic,but still has similar problems in sketching productivity as that of aPen or By-Zero.If its about precision,By-zero or aPen has more precise tip than iPen.However iPen 's tip also is not bad for precision.All in all, for sketching purpose,Estylo is the best,it's more precise than aPen,works with all softwares and program's on virtually all Capacitive devices like iPad,and it's cheaper than iPen or aPen.

    The problem with styluses like OStylus,Dagi,Jot-Pro,etc with discs or disc like structures,presently in the market is that the discs of those styluses while touching the screen gives unnecesary lines or points on the screen near the aim or centre point,most of the time.

    I have posted a set on

    Regarding accuracy of Estylo.
     See all my 4 image photos and video on Estylo's accuracy feature and my comments on my posts on the above stated flickr website.There,See the 2nd image (Ostylus tip touching the screen is shown).You will find unnecessary point or line mark on the screen.However,Estylo does not have this problem,it's very accurate and simple in design. Capacitive styluses works on Electric charge density on screens and resistive ounces work with Pressure sensitivity(pressure=force per unit area in newtons per metres square).Moreover the sensitivity size of capacitive screens is very slightly larger than that of resistive screens so we cannot use those very accurate resistive styluses with very precise small tip end .Let me tell you that the guys at Plai are creative genius. They have successfully invented a capacitive stylus with best possible accuracy till now at least which can be much improved in future through heavy research and development.Plai successfully have replaced those traditional punchy,rubbery stylus design *which have no accuracy with a highly sophisticated precision lightweight triangular design.More importantly,not only Estylo works with glove but also it does not require any additional direct radio frequency system support and external power.

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    comment title

    There is some problem in your blog software.Why the letters in my comment r changed when I post it?

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    Write your subject line here...

    I have recently reviewed Estylo stylus on!

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