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Acer MacBook Air rival now due September, redesigned twice

updated 01:20 pm EDT, Fri August 19, 2011

Acer Aspire 3951 schedule moved up

Acer's answer to the current MacBook Air, the Aspire 3951, has had its release moved up to September, a story in Taiwan's Commercial Times [reg. required]. Once thought due in December, the 'ultrabook' would move up to September. The ostensible goal was to compete with the ASUS UX21 and not necessarily Apple.

An unnamed executive added that the company had been frantically reworking the design. Its internals had supposedly been reworked twice. Only a 13-inch version would be available at first, eliminating the prospects of a system that would go head-to-head with the 11-inch UX21 and similarly sized MacBook Air.

The PC designer could be one of the first Windows manufacturers with a notebook in the category and is under some of the greatest pressure to leap in. Acer market share is continuing to drop rapidly as its over-reliance on netbooks and low-end netbooks has hurt its shipments, even with a range of new tablets intended to fend off the effect of the iPad on sales. Intel created the ultrabook concept as a way of getting Windows PC makers to follow Apple's lead into premium notebooks and get some of the traits of a tablet in a PC, such as instant-on response and a lightweight profile.

HP, Lenovo, and other major firms have been rumored getting into ultrabooks as well. A number of unnamed companies have complained that they aren't being allowed to use cheap parts to run below Apple on price.

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    Time to Quit?

    May be Acer should learn from HP and quit while it is ahead?

  1. SockRolid

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Who is Acer trying to fool?

    Acer won't fool anybody. Microsoft and its hardware partners have trained generations of Windows users to seek out the cheapest box they can find. Quality be damned.

    "The ostensible goal was to compete with the ASUS UX21 and not necessarily Apple."

    Good. Best to set your sights a little lower. No way Acer or anybody can beat MacBook Air for quality at that price.

  1. dijonaise

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    Yeah, you go HP!

    Funny how HP was getting into this yesterday, but today their PC biz is on the block.

  1. facebook_Collin

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    Redmond, we have a problem...

    When your competitor has the ability to undercut your OS product on price and still maintain a high margin, your licensees will suffer unless they drive their costs and margins to compensate. The cost cutting usually means hardware quality suffers. The dropping margins mean you have to sell at volume. Selling at volume won't happen if your quality is so poor than no one wants your product.

    The solution is easy, but the hardware companies are not going to like it.

  1. flippyzip

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    not just buy the original and be done?

  1. climacs

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    you can even

    run Windows on the Air, right? So what's to stop someone from buying the real thing, other than sheer pigheaded Apple hatred?

  1. icewing

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    It's a whole new product category

    Hurriedly-redesigned, rushed-out-the-door cr@p. Oh, wait, that category has been around for awhile now...

  1. slapppy

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    As someone said

    Just get the real thing. You can still run your crappy Windows if you must.

  1. facebook_Jason

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    2 turkeys don't make an eagle!

    microsoft windows isn't an appealing platform anymore at any level, people just can't wait to ditch it, that's obvious. look at the sales and interest level. it's not s***, simple and reliable like apple. So if acer wants to spurn growth in their hardware it will need to hop on the chromebook bandwagon and hope it takes off. bottom line is nobody can match apple's ecosystem, OS & hardware manufacturing capabilities in the next 3-5 years. Hardware manufacturers that aren't tied to android or chrome are going to get buried alive for a while. HP tried with webOS and realized it's game over. Apple has tied up the supply chain to boot, so nobody can get the desirable components like touch screens and memory. There needs to be TRUE innovation beyond what Apple has done an is doing. All the big companies own the patents, so it's hard for the little guy to come out and innovate a truly leapfrog product without big big bucks. Plus Apple is not sitting around waiting for others to catch them either, they have products in R&D now that we won't see for 4-5 years. Most likely ground breaking ideas that will be gradually introduced to the consumer as component costs come down and as patents get awarded. i'd hate to be a PC hardware manufacturer right now!

  1. testudo

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    big deal

    How many times was the iPhone redesigned? Or the MacBook Air? Or any of Apple's products. They all go through re-design.

    But while Apple is praised for 'getting it right' or whatever it is, others are blasted for 'not coming up with something right the first time'.

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