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Tip has new Mac minis, Mac Pros in late July or early August

updated 01:50 pm EDT, Sun June 19, 2011

Mac mini and Mac Pro may get Sandy Bridge in month

Sources told Brian Tong Sunday afternoon that new Mac minis and redesigned Mac Pros should arrive either in late July or early August. The historically accurate CNET staffer was given only a few details but was told they would use both Sandy Bridge-era Intel processors and Thunderbolt ports. August was more likely for the two, he heard, and both would appropriately come preloaded with Lion.

While unconfirmed, they come from the same contacts that accurately called a launch for the current-generation iMacs near late April or early May.

The Mac mini update is expected to be relatively conservative and use notebook-optimized Core i3 or i5 chips with more storage and possibly more RAM in tow. Mac Pros, however, would get the first substantial redesign of a pro desktop at Apple in eight years with a narrower enclosure better-suited to rackmounting as well as doubled-up drive bays. It may be waiting on Intel to deliver upcoming Xeon E5 chips to get a meaningful speed upgrade, although these have informally been slated for the fall.

Apple is widely believed to be holding new Macs until Lion to ease the release process and make sure that every new system is on the same page going into the holidays. New MacBook Airs may be the first to ship with a late June shipment start for a July release.

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  1. facebook_John

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jun 2011


    great info!

    except that my Boston Terrier could have written that. There is absolutely NO NEWS here; all relevant info has been widely available for some time! Come on!

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969



    No news. Why not? Thunderbolt rules, so...

    February: MacBook Pro updated. Gestation period: 10 months
    May: iMac updated. Gestation period: 10 months

    All products that do not currently have Thunderbolt are considered out of date.

    Mac Pro: Approaching the 12-month mark.
    MacBook Air: Approaching the 9-month mark.
    Mac mini: Approaching the 13-month mark.
    MacPro general case design from the PMG5 days through now: 8 years, so a change is inevitable.

    What could be surprising:
    New case for MacBook Pro (new case, old components/slightly-bumped internal components).

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  1. Inkling

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Dell. It just fixes.

    Oh great. Another refresh to Apple's too tiny or too big duo. I had a Mac mini once. I ended up hating it. It was too tiny, making it a pain to replace the slow and less than rugged laptop hard drive when it died. Waiting for the replacement drive to arrive, I was amazed at how snappy my full-sized external drive was. I never did get the cover to fit back on properly. I also once had a Mac Pro-sized Mac too. Far too big and noisy. I needed it like I need a turbo-diesel F-350 truck--Not. Like the story of the three bears, Apple needs a computer that is 'just right.'

    The non-proft where I work just replaced every computer in a very major upgrade. I didn't bother to suggest going with Macs instead of Dells because that would have been a stupid move. Dell knows business. Work desktops need to be versatile and easily fixed. They have computers that fit the bill. Nothing Apple has does.

    An iMac would be a disaster at a budget-stressed non-profit or a business that doesn't have Apple's fat profit margins. When a major component dies it needs to be replaced quickly and cheaply. Replacing the display on a Dell component system takes about five minutes if you are clumsy. Replacing the hard drive might take twenty. Replacing either on an iMac requires a lot of unnecessarily tedious work or dropping it off an Apple store and picking it up hours or days later, your wallet emptied.

    Apple execs seem to think that technology is changing because their desktops aren't selling. The truth is that their desktops aren't selling because they're making nothing a seasoned and sensible buyer would want to own. Their iMac is a pretty toy that affluent suburbanites play with on evenings and weekends. It's not a tool and you certainly don't want to have to fix one.

    If I were Dell, I'd be bold enough to create a stop-motion ad contrasting the ease and speed of fixing a Dell with the many and increasing hassles of fixing an iMac. An on-screen time would contrast the differences. There'd be a problem. The Dell owner would beam in minutes. The iMac owner would be pulling out his hair for hours. I'd even create a mocking slogan. "Dell. It just fixes."

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How about...

    A bigger mini that can use a couple of real hard drives, not just limited laptop drives?

    I'd like to replace my aging G5 tower, which I was forced to upgrade to Leopard because I wanted to sync it to my iPod touch which required a newer version of iTunes which wouldn't work on Tiger. OK, no problem (except now it's a pain when I want to use the one or two classic programs I still have, or play an old game, but, hey, who cares about silly stuff like that).

    However, I have a 1.5TB media drive and a 750GB system/app drive. The mini has no way of handling this without having to stick yet another craptastic external drive on my desk (already a mess with my backup drives and such, so what's one or two more, right?). And yet the only computer that would work is a Mac Pro. Except I have qualms about spending $3000 on a computer that does way more than I need, just because I'm looking for some actual disk capacity. The iMac is a non-starter, for I don't need yet another monitor, plus you can't even change the hard drive yourself (right, no one does that anymore, I keep forgetting).

    But I never understood apple, anyway. On one hand they tout the simplicity and cleanliness of their designs, but on the other hand their designs lead to more clutter. More and more you're left with externals and dongles and other 'solutions' like that.

    Oh, right, my media should all be in the cloud! Man, what was I thinking.

  1. facebook_Colin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jun 2011


    Yeah, it's not news.

    But for those of us who use MacNN (and a few other sources) to keep up on what's going on and what's ahead in the Apple community, thanks for the update.

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