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Intuit's Patzer hints Apple might license Rosetta

06/16, 11:15pm

Could bring new life to older versions of Quicken

Though Apple has made no formal announcement, Lion as it stands will ship without Rosetta, the transitional libraries that allowed Carbon-based PowerPC apps to continue to work with Intel Macs running Snow Leopard. Older apps that have never updated to the Cocoa frameworks, such as AppleWorks, will finally cease to function in the new operating system. Intuit's Aaron Patzer has hinted that Rosetta might possibly live on, The Mac Observer reports.

Facebook finally preps iPad app with Zuckerberg's close eye

06/16, 10:25pm

Facebook iPad app enroute

Facebook is finally in development of a native iPad app, insiders divulged Thursday night. The free app would be specially optimized and has been given enough close interest that founder Mark Zuckerberg is personally involved in the design. The app seen by an NYT source wouldn't just include staple features like Chat but allow direct photo and video uploading with an "amazing" media browser.

Sonicfire debuts plug-ins for Adobe Premiere, After Effects

06/16, 10:05pm

Royalty-free music editors work with video

SmartSound's Sonicfire, a program that draws from an all-digital royalty-free music library and allows users to re-arrange, re-time and otherwise customize the music to fit their exact needs, has unveiled two plug-in versions of the program for (respectively) Adobe's Premiere and After Effects video-editing programs. To celebrate the release, the company is also offering both plug-ins in a combo sale at significant savings.

Study: 24.5% of online video is Netflix, iTunes 9.8 percent

06/16, 9:50pm

Citigroup study shows Netflix triple iTunes share

A new study by Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney reinforced Netflix's dominance of online video. The online check had Netflix representing 24.5 percent of online video, ahead of Hulu (22.5 percent) and just short of Facebook (27.1 percent). iTunes was the top pay-per-show provider but was well short in use at just 9.8 percent of those asked online.

SaskTel first North American carrier to confirm Galaxy S II

06/16, 9:30pm

Handset to be available "in the next month"

Saskatchewan-based cellular carrier SaskTel is the first North American carrier to confirm plans to launch Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone. The timing of the announcement, which promises a ship within the next month, suggests the device may be on track for a wider launch through several North American carriers sometime in July.

LG ships Optimus 3D, hints AT&T model due in weeks

06/16, 9:25pm

LG Optimus 3D arrives

LG late Thursday said it had started shipping the Optimus 3D. Its range-topping Android phone should be ready to go in Europe first and is already up for pre-order at Amazon UK with a tentative July 13 ship date and a steep contract-free price equivalent to $969. Over 60 regions would get the new Optimus in the "next several weeks," hinting that the AT&T Thrill 4G is due before the end of summer.

Samsung intros USB adapter for Galaxy Tab 10.1

06/16, 9:00pm

Dongle enables USB accessories, extra storage

Samsung has introduced a USB adapter that attaches to the company's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The dongle provides a single USB port, enabling users to expand the tablet's functionality with USB-attached mice, keyboards, memory sticks and other accessories. Users can attach the removable adapter to the tablet's 30-pin dock connector.

Acclivity AccountEdge Basic launches, replaces FirstEdge

06/16, 8:45pm

Accounting app tracks sales, banking, customers

Acclivity has released AccountEdge Basic for Mac, a slimmed-down offering of its professional software, now simply called AccountEdge. The AccountEdge Basic app, geared towards small businesses, tracks sales with customizable quotes, orders, and invoices, providing an accounts receivable tracking system while managing both banking and customer contacts. It uses command centers to organize sales, banking and accounts, with a card-file system to track customers, employees and vendors. The command centers and card file form the primary menu bar for the app.

Guardian News to adopt "digital first" philosophy

06/16, 8:15pm

Print to take second priority

Publisher Guardian News and Media has announced that it is adopting a "digital first" philosophy that will no longer place its print business as a higher priority than Internet-based media. The strategy shift is said to be a result of lackluster print circulation and advertising revenues. Although the company's newspapers, such as the Guardian, will remain in print for some time, the publisher is planning to increase investment in digital endeavors.

DeepShot app passes tasks from computer to mobile and back

06/16, 7:15pm

Makes mobile transfers of data easier

A grad student at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab along with a Google employee have developed a system called DeepShot, CNet reports, that makes transferring tasks from desktop or laptop computers to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets easier, using both transmitted URI information along with the mobile device's camera to take a picture of the task state, enabling a task begun on a computer to be transferred to a phone, and vice versa.

Nokia E6 up for pre-order in US

06/16, 7:10pm

Nokia E6 now up for pre-order in US at Amazon

Amazon is now listing the Nokia E6 handset. The unlocked handset is listed at $446 and sports goodies such as a QWERTY hardware keyboard, 8-megapixel camera with 720p video recording and GPS navigation. There is also a 2.46-inch touchscreen.

New Android malware aims at custom ROM users

06/16, 6:50pm

Android trojan jMSMHider attacks non-stock ROMs

A new instance of Android malware was found late Wednesday that attacked those running custom firmware on their phones. The jSMSHider takes advantage of most unofficial ROMs using a publicly listed key from the Android Open Source Project to trick them into loading apps without permission, according to Lookout Internet Security. Infected code carries a hidden arsenal that talks to an outside server and can send or receive SMS messages without permission, install other apps, or load web links in the web browser without informing the user.

Samsung intros four lines of business-oriented displays

06/16, 6:40pm

Samsung shows off four new business display lines

Samsung on Thursday introduced four new lines of LED displays meant for business use. They include the 200-, 450-, 650- and 850-series, with the 850 getting Plane Line Switching panel technology for what Samsung says is the most accurate color reproduction. These monitors are meant for graphic or video editing applications.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 coming to Mac July 21st

06/16, 6:30pm

Superb graphics add realism to off-road racing

Feral Interactive has ported over Codemasters' well-regarded off-road racing game, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 to the Mac and is accepting pre-orders for the game's release, which comes on Thursday, July 21st. Utilizing nine locations around the world and a bevy of officially-licensed rally cars and other off-road vehicles, the game puts players behind the wheel with exceptional graphics and dynamic handling.

Google Videos now works with Xoom Wi-Fi

06/16, 6:15pm

Google Videos updated to work with Wi-Fi Xooms

Google quietly updated its Videos app (formerly Movies, Android Market; link possibly broken) on Thursday to support the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom. Following a weeks-long delay, the cheaper and carrier-free tablet can now rent movies that have been available to the 3G Xoom and to devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The app doesn't appear to work flawlessly and has created some problems for early users.

US' first CIO Vivek Kundra leaving for Harvard

06/16, 5:45pm

Leaves post after 2 and one-half years

Vivek Kundra, the nation's first federal CIO, is resigning. Kundra will be leaving public service to join Harvard University's Kennedy School and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society as a fellow. He will depart his government post in August.

RIM co-CEOs insist on staying, explain BlackBerry delays

06/16, 5:40pm

RIM CEOs insist on staying in place.

RIM's co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis in the wake of a damaging spring quarter refused to bow to pressure to reduce their control. Balsillie contended that the company was just coming through a massive transition to BlackBerry 7 and the PlayBook and that surviving it was an achievement in itself. Neither of the individual CEOs could have done it alone, he argued.

Microsoft refuses to use WebGL, claims it's 'harmful'

06/16, 5:00pm

Rebuffs API used in Chrome, FireFox and Safari

Microsoft, through its TechNet Security Research & Defense blog claims that WebGL, the open 3D graphics API, is flawed. Microsoft believes that these flaws present significant security vulnerabilities. Consequently, Microsoft could not incorporate WebGL into any of its products.

RIM ships 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks, crashes in phones

06/16, 4:40pm

RIM spring 2011 results show 500K PlayBooks

RIM on Thursday reported a "challenging" quarter that saw a relatively optimistic start for the BlackBerry PlayBook but a crash in its phones and threatened job cuts. The company shipped 500,000 PlayBooks in its spring quarter, or twice as many tablets as Motorola did with the Xoom in its own most recent period. However, BlackBerry phone sales collapsed dramatically in the same period, falling from 14.9 million in winter to just 13.2 million in the spring.

Sterne Agee maintains Buy rating after Johnson departure

06/16, 4:30pm

'Deep bench' of talent should overcome retail loss

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu is offering a positive opinion of Apple's prospects after its loss of retail head Ron Johnson to JC Penney. While the departure is considered a definite loss for Apple, Wu sees a "deep bench" of talent in the retail division, and believes the company's culture and way of thinking is ingrained to the point where it can manage even talented departures well.

Senate moves to make illegal streaming a felony

06/16, 4:30pm

Legislation aims to close loophole

The US Senate Judiciary Committee has moved to classify illegal video streaming as a felony. The proposed legislation, labeled the Commercial Felony Streaming Act, aims to increase penalties for anyone caught streaming copyrighted content without permission. Current laws are said to be lenient on streaming violations, while peer-to-peer downloads carry a higher level of punishment.

HTC Sensation 4G official for Bell

06/16, 4:20pm

HTC dual-core Sensation 4G gets Bell release

Bell gained the distinction of being the first if not only Canadian carrier to get the HTC Sensation 4G. Its version will be much like the international version of the 1.2GHz, dual-core Android 2.3 phone but switch over to Bell's HSPA frequencies, also shared with most Canadian carriers and AT&T, and carry 14.4Mbps. The carrier is pushing its Mobile TV app for live streaming but also plans to carry HTC's Watch movie store.

RIM COO takes leave of absence

06/16, 4:15pm

Medical reasons given for departure

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, announced that its COO Don Morrison is taking a leave of absence. The company gave medical reasons for his leaving. It expects him to return to the position in the fall.

Motorola chief says wireless won't kill cable yet

06/16, 4:00pm

Motorola's Jha says cellphone won't end cable soon

Motorola Mobility chief Sanjay Jha during his time on stage at the Cable Show on Thursday downplayed the prospect that cellular data would kill cable Internet or TV anytime soon. In part referring to Comcast's gigabit cable demo at the same session, Jha didn't believe that every Internet need could be handled by cellular alone. Technologies like LTE-based 4G, which can hit 50Mbps peak in the real world, wouldn't have enough bandwidth to handle 1080p video or other very network-intense tasks.

Apple reviving expired MobileMe logins for iCloud transition

06/16, 3:55pm

Requires iOS 5, OS X Lion

Apple is resurrecting expired MobileMe accounts in the transition to iCloud, notes 9to5Mac. Under the current arrangement, old MobileMe username and password combinations can be used as iCloud Apple IDs. The option only works, though, if a person has iOS 5, OS X Lion and the iCloud beta client.

NXP leaks Sony Ericsson's NFC phone plans

06/16, 3:45pm

Sony Ericsson to use NXP chip for NFC in handsets

NXP Semiconductors issued a press release on Thursday that reveals Sony Ericsson plans to introduce an NFC-capable handset, as the phone maker will use the PN65 chip in future handsets. The chip consists of the NFC radio controller, embedded secure element and NFC software. Sony Ericsson, whose phones use the Android operating system, hasn't pushed for NFC support, despite Google's inclusion of the needed software hooks in the later versions of its OS.

Motorola Xoom hits Costco for lower $500 price

06/16, 3:25pm

Online price still unchanged

Costco appears to have dropped the price of the Motorola Xoom. Its Wholesale Club stores are now selling the Xoom Wi-Fi packaged with a gel case for $500. Its price online, however, continues to be just slightly below the official price at $590.

Apple holding off on new Macs until Lion launch?

06/16, 3:05pm

New Macs may wait until Lion ships

Apple may be eager enough to get Mac OS X Lion on new hardware that it's delaying new Macs until Lion's July release, tipsters maintained Thursday. The new MacBook Air is reportedly already set to go and is being held back only to flash them with Lion once the software is done. AppleInsider in getting the info also believed an upgraded Mac mini and a Thunderbolt-oriented LED Cinema Display were both waiting for the same treatment.

Wisconsin pulls AT&T-backed attempt to kill public Internet

06/16, 2:55pm

Wisconsin public Internet access WiscNet survives

Wisconsin's state educational Internet system dubbed WiscNet will live long and prosper thanks to newly passed legislation. The University of Wisconsin's Division of Information Technology will continue to fund it, and thus provide Internet access to most of the state's public schools and libraries. The system was facing an end as state finances would have forced it to separate itself from the UW-Madison Division starting on July 1, 2012 and thus give up $1.4 million in funds from the UW system in 2012 and 2013.

Chinese knock-off phone reportedly shocks Indian man dead

06/16, 2:30pm

Elecrocuted while making call on charging phone

A 25 year old man from Gujarat, India was reported to have been killed by his cell phone recently. The man evidently received an electrical shock when he tried to make a call from his phone which was plugged in for charging. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead from electrocution.

Panasonic hopes to curb iPad at work with Android tablet

06/16, 2:20pm

Panasonic ToughBook Android tablet unveiled

Panasonic officially launched itself into the mobile tablet arena on Thursday by unveiling a Toughbook tablet based on Android. The 10-inch, 1024x768 slate would try to cover a perceived gap by tackling both the durability and security that tablets like the iPad don't have. It would use a matte, outdoor-friendly display, a shock-resistant shell and a pen for shops and others that need handwritten input.

HTC Evo Shift 4G to get Android 2.3 on June 20

06/16, 1:55pm

Android 2.3 for Evo Shift 4G on Sprint now out

Sprint just announced that the HTC Evo Shift 4G will begin receiving an over-the-air update to Android 2.3 on Monday, June 20. The notification will be sent out in waves, or impatient users can manually download the update beginning today. When the installation process is started, the phone's functionality will be temporarily disabled.

Griffin intros DJ Cable for iOS devices running Djay

06/16, 1:45pm

Cable splits output for monitoring

Griffin has introduced its latest accessory for iOS devices, the DJ Cable. The short splitter cable is specifically geared for Algoriddim's Djay apps, which offer a split output mode. One of the output branches connects to a PA system heard by the audience, while the second connector serves as a cue output for the user to monitor.

Microsoft warns of fake Windows phone support scam

06/16, 1:40pm

Fifteen percent of those polled received scam call

Microsoft has published the results of a survey that underlines the prevalence of Internet related scams. The company found that 15 percent of computer users had been called by scammers about a potential security problem with their computer. Of those, 22 percent had actually fallen victim, for an average loss of $875.

Briefly: App Conductor HD, Raskin v1.5 released

06/16, 1:40pm

Raskin update released

A simplified version of m3me's productivity app, Remote Conductor for iPad, has been released. The new software, dubbed App Conductor HD, retains all of the application management functions, but foregoes the trackpad, keyboard, and full application launcher. With the help of a free desktop application, App Conductor HD wirelessly connects to a computer and acts as a control center for managing desktop applications and windows. All of a users dock items are displayed across the bottom of the iPad's screen, while application windows are organized into a scrollable grid. App Conductor HD can be purchased from the App Store for $3.

Tapjoy sets up $5M fund to encourage transitions to Android

06/16, 1:35pm

Reaction to Apple pay-per-install countermeasures

Distributor Tapjoy has established a $5 million fund to transition mobile games over to Android, reports say. Developers chosen for the money also get marketing credits, mobile analytics and help in porting and testing. Tapjoy says it is already funding some developers, such as Inert Soap and Battle Bears creator SkyVu.

Mystery Android 3.0 tablet shows in Verizon video

06/16, 1:15pm

Unknown Android tablet pops up in Verizon promo

Verizon may have given away plans for a new Android 3 tablet through a video (since made private). The clip shows a black tablet clearly unlike either the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other than the Verizon logo, no branding is visible, and the only clearly identifiable hardware features are a roughly screen roughly 9-10 inches across and a rear camera with a flash.

Microsoft posts official Kinect SDK for Windows

06/16, 12:45pm

Microsoft Kinect SDK goes live

Microsoft as promised posted the beta of the Kinect SDK. The kit gives the raw video streams and access to the technology normally used on the Xbox 360, such as detecting body shapes, audio direction, and speech recognition. It includes "hundreds" of pages of help as well as samples of what could be done, such as those it showed at MIX earlier in the year.

Nortel delays patent sale by a week

06/16, 12:30pm

Cites high interest in assets as reason

Bankrupt Nortel Networks has delayed the start of the auction for its 6,000 patents and patent applications from June 20 to June 27. The company gave the significant level of interest in these assets as the reason. The auction has attracted the focus of many technology leaders including Google and Microsoft.

Yahoo rolls out App Search engine, AppSpot iOS app

06/16, 12:25pm

Attempts to simplify browsing for mobile software

Yahoo has launched two new search options aimed at mobile apps. The first is a web engine, App Search, which lets visitors comb through iPhone and Android titles. When not using keyword search, browsing is divided into categories like News, Games and Social Networking, and further highlights free, paid or top-rated apps. Selecting a title displays not only typical information such as pricing, images and user reviews, but recommendations and in some cases Yahoo reviews.

Comcast shows 1.08Gbps Internet grab TV series in 99 seconds

06/16, 12:15pm

Comcast CEO demos 1Gbps Internet at Cable Show

Comcast chief Brian Roberts during his turn on stage at the Cable Show on Thursday showed an example of the practical possibilities of cable modem Internet access in the future. Using a 1.08Gbps testbed, the executive successfully downloaded a 23-episode season of 30 Rock in about 99 seconds. The best current cable Internet access in the US tops out at about 100Mbps.

Sponsored: Bing, Facebook Offer Social Search Results

06/16, 11:55am

Search results show what your friends like, want

Most of us ask family and friends for their advice before we decide what movie to see or new restaurant to try, because getting feedback from others is part of the decision-making process. Bing is a big believer in getting opinions from people you know, too. That's why they've chosen to show what your Facebook friends like in your Bing search results.

Apple may sell 700K MacBook Airs per quarter, spur copycats

06/16, 11:40am

JPMorgan sees MacBook Air as key device

Apple may be selling enough MacBook Airs to make it a cornerstone of its computer business, JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz said in a research note Thursday. Based on an understanding that first quarter sales of the ultraportable were sequentially up 2.9 percent to 432,000 where Macs as a whole were down 10.5 percent, he expected Apple to move as many as 700,000 of the notebooks each quarter in the near future. He had already seen it making $2.2 billion in revenue for Apple but now saw it topping $3 billion or more.

Apple files patents on 'proactive' security, friend matching

06/16, 11:25am

Security tech would allow selective control

Two newly-published Apple patent applications may point at the future of iOS. The most important of these is titled Proactive Security for Mobile Devices, and suggests an enhanced level of security for iOS devices. While Apple's Find My iPhone technology currently allows users to do remote locks or wipes, these take a sledgehammer approach, blocking or deleting all data without necessarily providing comprehensive protection. Under a proposed scheme, users would have greater options in case a phone becomes lost or stolen.

UK judge says Nokia violates phone patent

06/16, 10:55am

Nokia found in violation of UK phone patent

Nokia was found to have violated a phone patent in a UK court related to technology for connecting a handset to a network, BusinessWeek reported on Thursday. Germany's IPCom claims two of Nokia's phones violate a European patent it holds. The Judge in charge of the case, Christopher Floyd, didn't identify the offending devices in his ruling of the High Court in London.

Nuance buys SVOX to boost voice commands ahead of iOS 5

06/16, 10:50am

Nuance takes over SVOX for natural mobile voice

Nuance gave a clue as to its future mobile plans with Apple and others on Thursday with the acquisition of SVOX. The takeover target, best known for voice commands in cars and home electronics, would spur on the effort of natural-language voice control on not just cars but smartphones and other devices.

IBM marks 100th anniversary

06/16, 10:40am

Computer pioneer IBM turns 100 years old

International Business Machines, better known by its IBM acronym, has turned 100 years old on Thursday. Back on June 16, 1911, the company was called Computing Tabulating Recording Co. and was a result of the merger of three companies that built scales, punch clocks for work and other machines. The original Endicott, New York-based plant made cheese slicers and machines that read data stored on punch cards. The current name came to be in 1924.

HP Pre3 tips up in UK pre-order with July 8 release

06/16, 10:00am

HP Pre3 gets Play UK page with July 8 date

Hints of a mid-July Pre3 release grew louder Thursday as the UK's put up a pre-order for the webOS smartphone. The HP slider is shown as shipping in unlocked form on July 8, less than two weeks before it might show in Canada. The device also received a tentative £350 ($565) contract-free price.

Apple to remove, replace iconic glass cube at Fifth Avenue

06/16, 9:35am

Effort will cost over $6.6 million

Apple has begun the process of dismantling and replacing the glass cube over top its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City. The first construction crews reportedly appeared on Wednesday evening, setting up plywood walls around the structure. The next step is expected to be scaffolding; building permits also indicate that crews will have to do work on the plaza itself, removing bollards, installing new pavers and removing and reinstalling nearby water drains.

Acer Ethos notebooks confirmed for US

06/16, 9:25am

Acer confirms two new Ethos notebooks for the US

The recently introduced Acer Ethos notebooks have now been confirmed for the US market. The pair is unique as the multi-touch pad is removable and doubles as a multimedia remote, complete with LED-backlit controls. Users can thus use the notebook as a source for a high-definition movie or home video plugged into their HDTV and control it like a Blu-ray player with the touchpad.

HTC to cut apps to make Desire's Android 2.3 upgrade fit

06/16, 9:20am

HTC says compromise needed for Desire Android 2.3

HTC in a fresh statement said that it would have to make compromises to fit the Desire's upgrade to Android 2.3. Memory was still a problem and would push the company to "cut select apps" to make it fit. The phone builder didn't say which but implied it would be pruning some of the less vital HTC Sense apps rather than anything from Google.

Everything Everywhere, O2, Vodafone team on UK NFC payments

06/16, 8:45am

Three large Euro carriers team up on NFC payments

The three largest UK wireless providers that include O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere have announced they will join forces to offer mobile wallet services to customers. According to MocoNews, the three will offer a cross-platform solution to banks, merchants, advertisers and other marketing partners to get the technology and its widespread use off the ground. The cooperation seems to be just what NFC needs, as the hardware is becoming increasingly available, with many of the Android-powered handsets getting it and the OS itself coming with the needed software hooks.

O2 UK skips BlackBerry PlayBook due to poor 'experience'

06/16, 8:20am

O2 UK passes on BlackBerry PlayBook

O2 UK dealt a symbolic hit to RIM on Thursday after it shot down any plans to carry the current BlackBerry PlayBook. Customers who had shown interest in the tablet have been told that the British carrier "will not be selling the device" for what it implied was the rushed state of the software. There were "some issues with the end to end customer experience," it said.

Mystery LG dual-screen Android phone shows up

06/16, 8:10am

Tuchscreen slider from LG and T-Mobile appears

A new LG smartphone fell briefly into the hands of Pocket-Lint this week. Not much is known about the QWERTY slide-out device though it does sport a unique and dedicated touchscreen in between the hardware keys that acts as a shortcut app launcher. There are eight shortcut keys on the screen, with two that can be assigned. The Android-powered device is said to be large, and thicker than the Milestone 2 from LG.

Intel SSD 710 and SSD 720 benchmarks leak out

06/16, 8:00am

Intelís new 700 series SSDís prove fast

Intel's forthcoming 700-series SSD benchmarks have been leaked ahead of the formal unveiling of the drives. The 720 Ramsdale SSD is the performance leader demonstrating sequential read performance at 200MB/s and up to 1800MB/s when writing, which is exceptional. Their endurance is also impressive and can sustain up to 32PB of 8K random writes before performance begins to degrade, in the best performing model. The 720-series will be available in 200GB and 400GB versions.

Apple back-to-school promo live with $100 App Store card

06/16, 7:35am

Apple kicks off back-to-school deal

Apple as expected has launched its back-to-school promo on the Apple Store. Students who buy a Mac from Thursday through September 20 get a $100 Back to School Card; Apple intends it for use on the Mac App Store but notes it will also work for the iOS App Store, iBookstore, and regular iTunes music. Buyers who shop directly from Apple get the code added directly to the order, though those who shop at a campus store can submit a claim for the card online instead of having to wait weeks for a rebate.

HTC Evo 4G patch to restore Netflix, visual voicemail

06/16, 7:10am

HTC Evo 4G patch coming soon

The HTC Evo 4G is to receive an over the air update to patch the device within the next few days. The patch restores Netflix and visual voicemail to device after the most recent update resulted in killing the features on install for many users. The bug crept in for users who upgraded the phone from Android 2.2 (Froyo) to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Sprint ID code leaks LG Q, Motorola Sunfire, more

06/16, 6:45am

Sprint ID app leaks upcoming Android devices

The Sprint's own Sprint ID app has leaked four upcoming Android phones for the network. Android power users are familiar with a menu tucked deep within the app that allows users to download the Sprint Employee Pack. Before the download proceeds, users are asked which phone they have. On this occasion, several unreleased phones make an appearance including the LG Optimus B, LG Q, Samsung Chief and Motorola Sunshine.

SyncMate 3.1 adds sync support for iOS devices, Dropbox

06/16, 2:00am

App syncs images, music, contacts, SMS, more

Eltima has launched an update of its sync tool, SyncMate 3.1. The software syncs data from Macs to other Macs, PCs and a wide variety of mobile and external storage devices. Version 3.1 adds syncing of images, videos, contacts, calendars, Entourage and Mail notes, folders and Stickies to iOS devices -- any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 3 or iOS 4 -- and can mount iPhones as a Mac disk for access to the call history and SMS messages on the phone. Dropbox sync has also been added.

JVC updates iconic Kaboom boombox for iPhone

06/16, 1:45am

Adds guitar/mic input, USB input, more

JVC has re-introduced its barrel-shaped Kaboom boombox, originally launched in 1998, with a new version adding features for both iPhone and iPod Touch use as well as a guitar/mic input with mixing capabilities, turning the unit into a play-along or amp for intimate performances. The iPod/iPhone dock is protected by a sealing door, and an included USB Host feature allows playback of MP3 and WMA files from other USB-connectable devices.

New York publisher sues Apple over 'iBooks' trademark

06/16, 12:30am

Formerly the name of line of traditional books

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple in U.S. District Court in the southern district of New York state charging infringement over the trademark for "iBooks," which publisher John T. Colby says was purchased by him from another publisher in 2006 and 2007, Bloomberg is reporting. The previous publisher, Byron Preiss, had put out more than 1,000 hardcover and paperback books under the "ibooks" name starting in late 1999.


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