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iPhone, iPad still lording over Android in big business

updated 08:15 am EDT, Fri May 13, 2011

iPhone over 3X more popular in work than Android

Apple is still far ahead in corporate adoption compared to Google, Intermedia found in a study late Thursday. Despite Android's inroads at home, iPhones made up 61 percent of those using Exchange on Intermedia's global hosting service. Only 17 percent of devices were Android, making the group smaller than the 22 percent "other" category including minority platforms like Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, HP's webOS, and Symbian.

Of those activated in April, Android was much higher, at 33 percent, but was only cutting into share of those who would have gone to Microsoft, Nokia, or HP in the past. The iPhone had a larger slice of the most recent activations at 64 percent.

Tablets were still a smaller piece of Intermedia's business, but were growing rapidly and gave Apple a near monopoly. About 99.8 of total activations were iPads, where Samsung's Galaxy Tab was just a tenth of a percent, and the Motorola Xoom at 0.03 percent was only as popular as the Huawei S7.

April activations only had a slight impact on the iPad, which still had 99.68 percent of the space. The Galaxy Tab and Xoom were tied for 0.16 percent.

The Intermedia split didn't reflect absolute market share. Although the hosting company does support RIM, those using BlackBerry devices often have their own BlackBerry Enterprise Server hosting. As the self-proclaimed largest hosting provider of its kind, however, the company may help support notions that iOS is still dominating among those either adding mobile devices for the first time or switching away from the BlackBerry.

Apple during its most recent results call noted that 80 percent of the Fortune 500 was either testing or using iPhones, and 75 percent were doing the same.

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  1. kerryb

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Google the other fruit company

    If I was responsible for a large corporate purchase of tablets there is no way I would go the Android - Google route. The wacky mixed up landscape of Droid devices all running a different OS version doesn't give me the impression that there is an adult in charge.

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  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    didn't change since last month then?

    Honeycomb - the first Android tablet OS was released in March 2011.
    Not only that, they didn't even give developers much of a preview, about 30 days.

    In the corporate world, things don't move that fast - you have to have a product out, then submit it for approval, then get it budgeted. You wouldn't have seen mass adoption since March 2011 - even if it's coming.

    Galaxy Tab - heck that still doesn't run the tablet OS, its running the phone OS - the only Android tablet OS device mentioned here is the Xoom.

    Rest assured that Android adoption is going to be on an upswing this year - apps are coming out, Google's support is tremendous, Google has a big presence in business - and eventually we will get something better than the expensive Xoom.

    Amazon, Sony, B&N, and Google releasing their own Nexus Tablet - means you will see an upswing in adoption in late 2011.

    But it won't be until late 2012, until you see Android surpassing iOS in the tablet sphere.

  1. ljmac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Wanna Bet?

    "But it won't be until late 2012, until you see Android surpassing iOS in the tablet sphere."

    What a laughable statement! I will bet any amount of money you care to nominate that Android will never pass the iPad in the tablet sphere. I'm serious.

  1. George3

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Google virus and trojan prone

    My guess is that IT folks even though they personally love the "freedom" of Android it has the high probability to wreak havoc in their IT world. All it would take would be one person to have an infected Android application installed from the wild and that would be all she wrote. Talk about the ultimate security problem. Android is it.

  1. aardman

    Joined: Dec 1969


    comment title

    Used to be in the corporate IT world "no one got fired for recommending IBM [PCs]". Today it's probably "no one got fired for recommending iPads." Frankly it would just plain stupid to risk your job and recommend Android when the iPad is the older, more established, and frankly, better product. I wonder if a lot of those IT managers who recommend Android over iPad are letting their personal enmity towards all things Apple cloud their judgement.

  1. Foe Hammer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    But Where's the Stink Take?

    Apple ruling the corporate tablet world? Yes, it is TRUE. Of course it's also anti-Apple troll bait of the highest order.

    So come on! We need some clearance from Clarence! We need some stench, man, from the wrenchman! And hopefully this 2-in-1 troll will post it from his clearly-in-the-corporate-minority unknown Android tablet! Don't let us down - let's see that (fake) signature again!!!

  1. facebook_Clarence

    Via Facebook

    Joined: May 2011



    Actually, tablets are for the most part useless in big business. They are toys made for consumers, not business professionals. If I want my employees to be unproductive, I'll gladly purchase them iPads or any other brand of tablet.

  1. Foe Hammer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just Speak of the Devil ...

    But we didn't get the phony signature! He's got to be a big disappointment to mommy and daddy.

    Special note to Clarence: Technically the french fries are not "your employees."

  1. jbelkin

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Android Room for growth

    Well, when your market share is .01 or lower, clearly you have to have an "upswing" or you go belly up when you are that close to ZERO. But overall, it's not surprising. Android is not a professional OS though for specialized companies, they can strip it all away and write their own Android OS and private apps - certainly appealing but for specialized niche markets where they can then turn around and sell it for $10k or more (like to the military or medical) but for mainstream companies wanting to reach the broadest, the ipad is one OS unlike android where every OS and app is screen sized dependent, running a different OS version, a different telco OS & skin version and a different chip.

    And only MS employees would dismiss the growth of the ipad tablet market - maybe $8 BILLION in sales this year - that's $8 BILLION of non MS revenue and growth. Though MS did spend $9 BILLION on a free phone call software thinger.

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