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Woz: iPad is what Steve Jobs would have made from the start

updated 01:40 pm EDT, Tue April 5, 2011

Wozniak says iPad Jobs' vision of PCs for normal

Steve Wozniak at a speech late Monday at Storage Networking World saw the iPad as the culmination of Steve Jobs' goals for design. The Apple co-founder told those gathered in Santa Clara that Jobs likely wanted an ultra-simple computer "from the day we started Apple" but that technical reality had meant it was impractical until now. Technology had to catch up to create the ease of use he wanted, IDG heard Wozniak say.

"We had to go through a lot of steps where you connected to things, and (eventually) computers grew up to where they could do... normal consumer appliance things," he explained.

He went on to stress that the design was not for many of the computer-savvy guests at the show but "normal people" who didn't necessarily understand or care about the same features they did.

Wozniak also showed his devotion to Apple from a sincere perspective as he looked at analyst predictions of Android tablets overtaking the iPad with skepticism. "I hope that never happens," he said.

The computing pioneer has made it a point to use Android but has regularly been loyal to Apple, for which he still works part-time. He stressed that his exit from the upper ranks of Apple was amicable and that he was always an engineer where Jobs was a consummate businessman.

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  1. hayesk

    Joined: Dec 1969



    His statement is not about things like access to the file system, or limited capabilities of a tablet vs. a desktop OS, which I'm sure people will post here.

    His statement is about the fact that someone from any walk of life can pick up an iPad and learn to use it with little or no help right away.

  1. freddymac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Long live

    Woz...................... You da man...............

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    what hayesk (and Woz) said

    too many tech heads/engineer/left-brain types get all caught up in their intellectual arrogance and forget that the vast majority of people are not computer nerds and don't want to be. They just want their sh*t to work.

    Doesn't mean they are stupid... I know a very talented engineer who loves his Macs. He is perfectly capable of troubleshooting a Windows PC but he values his time sufficiently and has enough self-esteem that he doesn't feel the need to spend his time tinkering with his PC, he has more important things to do like work or creating music.

    It's really very simple, should one have to be a mechanic in order to drive one's car to work?

  1. AngryFanBoy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Computer professionals

    Lots of MS certified IT pros are closet Mac users and/or fans. I think the ones who don't own Macs view them as BMWs, with a gleam in their eye and mild envy. Seen it time and time again.

  1. Arne_Saknussemm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    REPENT! Te End is near...

    Does this means the end of full OS X, ie: Desktop & Laptop Macs is near?

  1. netrapt

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I thought that was obvious

    Maybe engineers are out of touch with the world, maybe they are too close to the action to have a vision of what is possible, maybe they are constructed in their thinking to what is technically possible.

    From my first CPM machine which was no bigger than a quattro size folder but rather thicker, I have always wanted a computer that you simply could draw on and type on. Science fiction movies and shows have had this vision for as long as I could remember. Those shows even invented the mobile phone concept.

    As time went by and I ditched my CPM machine which did a lot of useful stuff, I forgot about that simplicity being blinded by the capabilities of large brick like machines. These were great in a server room and are very useful for storing large amounts of information through enterprise computer software solutions. In fact I even supported these systems. Wrote code for maintenance of these systems. My CPM machine was but a memory.

    Then a more elegant small and lightweight computer appeared in the form of the iPad. Limited functionality, not all the things that you would expect a computer to be able to do, yet so attractive, because it is so wonderfully useful. Just like my very limited CPM machine but was very handy and useful - I used to take it to work everyday and keep work info on it in the form of spreadsheets (totally new concept then - well at least electronically - my father worked on large manual spreadsheets which were hand written and calculated manually - in fact he longed for a computer to be able to do this when large IBM computers in large computer rooms were being deployed).

    Now we have the iPad capable of controlling the world back in the 60's, available to citizens and a fraction of the cost of my first IBM desktop running MS-DOS (CPM OS was better). This is the computer I have always wanted and just so damn useful as was my first CPM laptop, which was in fact my first computer.

    The iPad is here to stay as it fits a unique roll. Today as cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular (also spurred on by iPhone, iPad functionality) the iPad with it's functional form factor is an extension of your computer sitting on your desk where you do all that serious stuff, and the iPad is where you can take notes wherever you are or view information online or look at your diary. It is just so useful.

    I see a number of Windows tablets now coming out (again!) and a splurge of Android tablets. Apple with Steve Jobs in control does one thing well, provides for people that simply want to be able to do stuff on their computer. Android is the closest to this thinking, Microsoft who I have supported OSes for 28 years I think, just don't get this concept. They think they do, but don't. Apple does get it, or should I say Jobs. I predict that Windows tablets will be a big loser, Android tablets will maybe challenge the iPad, but the iPad is with the wonderful software that is coming out every day, looks just a whole lot better overall on iOS. So much is built in to iOS. Can Android really challenge it? Maybe. But for my money I rather buy the iPad, as I am confident of continued support.

    To sum up. I am fully qualified to sort out any Microsoft Windows problem and write code in various languages. My computer of choice - the Mac with OSX Snow leopard. My portable computer of choice the Macbook Air (2nd generation), my fun computer of choice the iPad 2 (wife uses it more than I). If I didn't need a powerful computer with me to do real computer work, I would use a iPad 2 by choice for looking up stuff and enter small amounts of information.

  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    We love you Woz!

    Steve Jobs might be the brains of Apple but you are the Soul.

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