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iPad 2 benchmarks trounce Xoom

updated 10:25 pm EST, Sat March 12, 2011

iPad 2 benched against Xoom

Early, detailed benchmarks of the iPad 2's performance have provided a surprise win by Apple over the Motorola Xoom. Despite NVIDIA's reputation for fast graphics, AnandTech found the PowerVR SGX543MP2 in the iPad 2 was in some cases several times faster in Imagination Technologies' GLBenchmark 2.0 than the Xoom's Tegra 2 chip. While the Xoom has to drive a higher 1280x800 resolution, the difference wouldn't have been enough to claim the edge.

Web tests, which leaned more heavily on the processor, also favored Apple. Both Apple's A5 and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 are ARM Cortex-A9 processors, but the iPad 2 loaded pages significantly faster. The benchmark was both a demonstration of whatever optimizations were made to the A5 as well as to the Nitro JavaScript engine. For Google, the loss might be felt deeper as it has built the reputation of its Chrome desktop browser, which Android 3.0 shares, on speed.

The performance increase may have been more impressive given Apple's hardware performance. Its A5 is clocked at about 900MHz, lower than the 1GHz on the Tegra 2 in the Xoom. Mobile Geekbench 2 tests comparing the iPad 2 to the original supported Apple's claims that the new model's A5 was about twice as quick in raw math.

The tests don't necessarily reflect performance in every condition and could see Motorola's tablet run faster if an app were properly optimized. However, at least in raw performance, the benchmarking would give Apple a performance lead not just over the Xoom but over every Android 3.0 tablet using the same 1GHz Tegra 2, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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  1. Hash

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    comment title

    Everybody knows that Android is a freeware trojan from Google with S***** performance so it is not a surprise. Motorola better license WebOS

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  1. chippie

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    If People Thought The ipad Was Fast, Then

    The Xoom and ipad 2 are even faster. Not objective to show only two test when four or five would give so much more information. Come on get off the bias!

  1. JuanGuapo

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    My money is on WebOS, iOS, and Windows 8.. Android is going to be a has-been in 2012.

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  1. facebook_Kevin

    Via Facebook

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    That improved frame rate will make Flash websites, games, and movies run really fast! Wait, it can't use 1/3 of the Internet, that's right. Get off your but Apple and allow the thing to use the Internet if you want it to survive in the long run.

  1. SockRolid

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    Flash Websites?

    There's a museum for that.

  1. SockRolid

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    By 2012 Oracle will make money off Android

    Droid doomed. The Oracle lawsuit has merit, it's a cut-an-dried violation, and there is legal precedent against Java license violators like Google. Microsoft paid Sun $20 million back in the day. But that was then and this is now. Oracle owns Java now, and Larry Ellison wants to get paid.

    And Larry *will* get paid. The language of the lawsuit requires that all copies of Android software be "impounded and destroyed." But a more plausible scenario is a judgement requiring Google to pay Oracle for each and every Android phone, tablet, or TV set-top sold.

    Boom. Android won't be free any more. Its only advantage will be gone. The fragdroid freetards of the world will finally give up on the Google copy machine and buy webOS devices. Because Palm, alone among the iPhone wannabes, has implemented some original ideas.

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  1. Integr8d

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    Frothy-mouthed fanboys attack!!!

    Anand's review of the iPad/iPad2/Xoom has MANY more benchmarks. The only two shown are cherry picked.

    Personally, I don't care, either way. But if any of you monkeys want to read the review for yourselves, you'll clearly see the bias in this article.

    And the corporate printing press keeps spinning... and spinning.

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  1. chippie

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    If People Thought The ipad Was fast, Then

    The Xoom and ipad 2 are even faster. Not objective to show only two test when four or five would give so much more information. Come on get off the bias!

  1. machobbes

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    Well, I di read the review ...

    and there definitely is no cherry picking.

  1. ricardogf

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    But WHO cares about the Xoomed or the Galaxy? I tested one of these a few weeks ago and couldn't be more underwhelmed by the crappy design and the sluggish UI...

    Android IS DEAD - not even a YEAR after the original iPad's release are people able to come up with some true competition - this is incompetence at its best!

    Testudo, when are you putting your more expensive Xoomed on eBay? f*** all the fandroids!

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