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iPhone 5 design shots reportedly up, back edge-to-edge LCD

updated 07:30 am EST, Fri March 11, 2011

iPhone 5 engineering shots said appearing

Talk of the iPhone 5 getting an edge-to-edge display was reinforced Friday with a second sighting. Purported engineering drawings show a design very similar to the iPhone 4 but with a considerably larger (widely presumed to be four-inch) LCD. iDealsChina's images still show the controversial steel antenna band, but no gaps.

The sample would be used by case makers as a template for the dimensions they need.

Its accuracy isn't completely known. The earlier part photo if accurate would support it, but it also comes from the same source. A separate part leak doubted the authenticity. One more has also suggested the iPhone would go back to aluminum, although this wouldn't completely rule out the current design if the back switched away from glass.

Apple is likely to want a redesign to avoid the tarnished public image from the iPhone 4. A larger screen would be more a competitive point as it would give the iPhone 5 a screen more comparable to a Galaxy S without having to increase the size, as with Samsung.

by MacNN Staff



  1. bobolicious

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Rumour: total face display...?

    Sounds great to me. In this case the circular home button in particular seems spatially inefficient & might be combined with cam, speaker & sensor in any flush rounded ss end edge band?

    I also keep hoping induction charge/sync tech might surface, along with a 'sport' model that is waterproof - such a great potential use of touch tech...?

  1. davidlfoster

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Using these images, I estimate...

    that the new screen is almost exactly 20% larger with a diagonal dimension of 4 inches. The only assumption I made is that the phone's total length remains unchanged. Assuming that the size of the home-button remains the same, this assumption looks valid to at least within a small fraction of an inch.

    If the screen density remains roughly ~320 ppi (iPhone 4), the new screen would easily accommodate a display of 1024 x 720. This would s**** up the 'doubling' ratio for the iPhone 4 versus previous iPhone iterations, but really any enlargement of the current screen carries that disadvantage unless the pixel density (resolution) is revised. Revising it downwards would seem unlikely (going backwards is just not Apple's MO), and revising it up enough to make a difference seems technologically unrealistic. To get a 3x screen they would need to reach 1260 x 960. Perhaps iOS 5 will introduce resolution independence.

  1. Ppietra

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Different aspect ratio

    Analyzing the last picture we can clearly see that the screen aspect ratio is different from all the iPhones coming from Apple (1.57 vs 1.5). It might seem a small difference but it is still bigger than any possible error in image analysis, and would imply something like 1000-by-640 resolution vs the current 960-by-640. Considering Appleā€™s history it is highly unlikely that they would change the aspect ratio of the iPhone screen, so it seems to me that this is probably a fake!

  1. qazwart

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Could it be that the screen isn't changing?

    I suspect that IF these are true mockups, that it isn't the screen size that's changing, but the size of the phone itself. If the screen goes edge to edge, they could be cutting down the width of the phone by about 1/2 an inch. Similar to what they did with the iPad.

  1. t_c

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Agree, screen size probably not changing?

    I agree with 'qazwart' that it's most likely the screen size isn't changing.

    It's too bad, I used my friends Galaxy tab, and I really don't care ( and don't think the majority of people ) that much about DPI as it's space for my fat fingers, the ability to see more info without having to zoom in as much (Web or apps like FileMaker GO). Watching a video on an iPad without retina display is MORE than acceptable so am personally not swayed by it.

    The other thing that worries me when they decrease size, is the actual performance. My currrent 2G absolutely sucks using it as a phone without a headset as the volume is terrible. My kids iPhone4 showed me that they skimpt on the vibrator as mine is seemingly twice as powerful and he almost never feels it in his pocket. I wonder if they really work on this aspect as I just read an article where a lot of people carry two phones. One iPhone for the apps, etc. and another one for actually talking. That in someway didn't really surprise me.

    They'll obviously sell a lot of them as once you buy into it and purchase apps, etc., you're more likely to upgrade than switch to Android, etc, but I can understand the allure of some of the devices out there.

    Most likely I'll upgrade my 2G. It's showing it's age.

  1. Gazoobee

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You don't have to look further than "engineering drawings" to realise this is a fake. Apple sends out specifications for *parts* to the manufacturers along with assembly instructions, they don't send out complete design drawings of the new finished product. These would have to be leaked from inside Jonny Ive's inner sanctum and how likely is that?

    Also, they look like a beginners Autocad drawing. Anyone with five bucks and a half hours time can produce these "engineering drawings" and for that reason alone they should be suspect.

    Occam's Razor folks. If the drawings *could* be fake, they probably are.

  1. bleee

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I hope they don't

    You end up covering part of the screen with your fingers while you're using the phone. I always thought it was good design not to have edge to edge also cases covering the edge of the screen.

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