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Toshiba: Android 3 tablet beats iPad 2, still isn't shipping

updated 04:40 pm EST, Thu March 10, 2011

Toshiba claims Android 3 tablet hits iPad 2 prices

Toshiba Australia's Information Systems GM Rob Wilkinson claimed that his company's upcoming Android 3.0 tablet would trump the iPad 2. He expected that Toshiba could equal Apple's pricing but with a device that would be "richer in features." The Tegra 2-based tablet had its drawbacks, he told Smarthouse, but it would overall do well, especially as Toshiba would sell it through traditional PC shops rather than try to push it through carrier stores.

"We believe that our device is superior to the Apple device, it may be a little heavier... but it does have a lot of features that the iPad 2 does not have," he said.

Aside from a more flexible operating system, most of Toshiba's advantages are now limited to cameras and expansion. It has a five-megapixel rear camera, a two-megapixel front camera, as well as a removable battery, native HDMI, a true USB port and an SD card slot. Its 10-inch, 1280x800 display and other traits are virtually identical to the Xoom, however, and Toshiba hasn't said whether it's using a high-quality display like the iPad's or a middling display such as that on its Motorola rival.

Wilkinson also acknowledged that the tablet wasn't shipping. He hinted that it might arrive in May, a month earlier than the previously mentioned June target, but still left it shipping about two months later. Most of the companies that announced tablets weeks or even months before Apple have also so far failed to ship, or in the cases of RIM and Samsung haven't given release schedules beyond wide seasonal targets.

The new tablet is expected to be a major improvement over Toshiba's past efforts, but the claims have been hurt by the firm's past track record. Its first attempt at a Tegra 2-based Android tablet, the Folio 100, was pulled from British stores after a rash of complaints about both the buggy software and poor build quality. A large fix cured most of the software issues, although it was still using Android 2.2 with customizations and has never sold in large numbers.

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  1. jonbwfc1

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Right now, you have no features at all BECAUSE YOU AREN'T SHIPPING ANYTHING.

  1. facebook_Donald

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Mar 2011



    What Wilkinson doesn't get is that to most consumers, features are meaningless. Nobody cares if you have more framistats or finklecarbs or if your limnalbus goes at 5 tera-gigawatt-hertz. Features don't sell. Benefits do. Until Wikinson understands that it's not the features, it's what can be done with the features, the sales of his new vaporhardware will continue to be nil. Sell the benefits, not the features. Sell the sizzle, not the steak.


    Joined: Dec 1969



    Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

    Did you not know that when you comment on a non-shipping product, claim it is going to be better than something but maybe heavier and has unknown features and is 2-3 months late - it is called VAPORWARE?

    Please speak to Mr. Steve Balmer who happens to hold a Ph.D and a J.D. in that particular subject. Or all your buddies at several other technology (sic) companies.

    Thank you


  1. chas_m



    Me too!

    I, too, have invented a tablet that is far superior to the iPad -- even the iPad 2! First of all, it has a tiny nuclear reactor that runs on air, so it will never ever run out of power. Next it automatically blocks all advertisements, right-wing talk show hosts, and spam. BUT it can show the adult material in 3D.

    Further, it has 16 20-gigapixel cameras so it can take 4D HD video and pics from any angle, and it includes a Blu-Ray drive, six USB2 ports, a Thunderbolt port, and eSATA port, an optional RAID array and a pony.

    It also costs a mere $9.95.

    When will it ship? Um, er, ah ... not sure. Some holiday someday, probably.

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Friends with benefits are more enticing than

    Friends with 'features'.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How does a vaporware product beat a

    shipping product? My futuristic laser ray-gun that is being built is more powerful than the Glock you are holding in your hand and pointing at me. I think these companies are just catering to deluded Android fanboi dreams. Maybe Toshiba should be matching this tablet with Apple's vaporware iPad 3. Then it can be an ugly battle of the vaporwares. Meanwhile, Apple is going to be selling the S*** out of iPad 2s to consumers and businesses at a furious rate. The tech-heads hate the weak cameras and missing USB and SD card ports, but consumers are going to go nuts using the iPad 2. Thank heavens that Apple doesn't listen to jackass tech-heads about adding this and that. Apple just builds the products, ships them and sells them without a whole lot of hot-air BS.

    Richer in features? So what? If the build quality is bad and it's crashing every few minutes and using some antiquated OS, who really needs it besides some card-carrying root-head Android fanboi that likes to tinker with sub-par devices. Every time I hear about some Android fanboi rooting a Nook Color and claiming they turned it into some fantastic tablet, I get the urge to puke. If the Nook Color was that great a tablet, B&N might as well just go one-on-one with Apple in the tablet business.

  1. Jeronimo2000

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    More features, you say? So you mean... a huge, well-stocked app store with more and better apps to choose from? Can't wait!!

  1. global.philosopher

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Cost + battery life + weight + size + performance

    at the end of the day that is all people care about. the rest is just fluff and of little value.

  1. anonspec

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    Just stop flapping your mouth and ship the product. Let the market decide.

    If it's better, than sure, I might consider buying one. But until then - it's empty promises. I don't buy into vaporware.

  1. jfgilbert

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Be kind

    Be considerate to the man who has to put up a brave front when his company in nowhere near delivering a competitive product. He has to say things like that, it's his job.
    He would much prefer to work at Apple, but they did not return his calls.

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