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iPod classic stock dwindling at Apple, other retailers

updated 10:50 am EST, Tue February 8, 2011

Could signal update or death of core iPod design

Stock of the iPod classic is on the decline at several retailers, a report observes. At Apple's online store, for instance, the silver Classic is now shipping in one to three days, as compared to 24 hours last week. Best Buy's website notes that the same color has gone from one-day shipping last week to being backordered by one to to two weeks. At Target, shipping times are now listed as two to four weeks.

The black-tinted Classic appears to be unaffected by shortages. Apple allowing silver stock to fall low could nevertheless signal plans to kill off one or both models, or else finally release an update. The Classic has not been updated in any form for over a year; it still uses a 160GB hard drive, a clickwheel, and a version of the original iPod firmware.

Apple could potentially upgrade the Classic to use a recent 220GB Toshiba drive, sized at the 1.8 inches the player would need. The company has however thrown most of its efforts behind flash memory in recent years, as well as touchscreen interfaces, preferring to ditch the sort of buttons used by the Classic whenever possible. Apple might therefore prefer to provide high-capacity storage through a 128GB iPod touch, although unlike its predecessor, the Touch can't be used as a "dumb" storage device for backing up music and other files.

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  1. jaskets

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Say it isn't so!

    I hope they don't do away with the click wheel completely. The touch-screen interface is horrible for a music player. I cringe at the thought of the day my 1st generation iPod Nano dies. Listening to music at the gym with become much more difficult. The click wheel is so much easier to use when working out or driving in the car. If I need to pause or change tracks all it takes it one touch with a gloved finger on the click wheel. If I am using my iPhone to listen to music I have to take off my gloves (if driving in the winter) touch the screen to wake it up, physically look at the screen to see where I am supposed to touch just to pause or jump to the next track. I don't even have room to type how difficult it is to flip through playlists or albums to find the track I want.

    In my opinion a click wheel offers a much better music listening experience than a touch screen interface. Don't even get me started on the risks of a big glass screen when working out, running, etc.

  1. bfalchuk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No, no!

    I totally agree with jaskets. Using my iPhone for music in the car is terrible. You have to look down at the screen (at least) if not take action to wake it...not safe. The iPod classic is the ideal car iPod because you can use it blindly, and it holds every song you could possibly want.

    I have a 160gb model that clearly has a dying drive, so I was going to upgrade. I'm going to wait a little to see what happens, but I can't have a touch screen for this purpose.

  1. HappySlug

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Can't believe they would kill the Classic iPod

    Though I could be wrong, I don't see any reason to kill the Classic iPod. It's got by far the largest capacity at a price only a little over the 8GB Touch. A move to flash memory on the Classic would launch it's price into the iPad range where I can't see it selling well. I think there is still demand for a device that's just a good, basic music player with huge capacity. I still have an old 60GB iPod Photo that just barely holds my entire music collection and I sure don't want a low capacity Touch to replace it when the time comes. I have an iPhone, so I have no need for another 'touch' device, especially when all I want my music player to do is hold all my music and be simple to control. I would much prefer they stick with the basic form factor and price it towards the low end for people who just need a solid music player.

  1. bobolicious

    Joined: Dec 1969


    a high capacity touch/phone

    would be welcome in my universe - lossless music & video to go...

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I'm sure Apple would make an announcement

    that it was discontinuing its Classic line. Currently, I'm looking to replace my older 30GB 5G model with a larger capacity Classic, so maybe I'll just wait a bit longer to see if Apple is coming out with a newer model. I like the click wheel for ease of use and I hope Apple doesn't discontinue them, but if they're not selling well, then I guess there's not much point in Apple keeping them in production for only a few users.

    I see a commenter says he has a dying drive. That's not good. I've had my iPod for four years, I use it for running on occasion and at night I keep it in an iHome Radio dock next to the bed and it plays music all night long. I've been doing this every night for years and the drive hasn't given me a bit of trouble. I'd already opened it to replace the battery, so if the drive ever fails, I'll probably just replace the drive on my own. This particular iPod is one of the best devices I've ever owned. It works as well now as it did when brand new.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: I'm sure Apple would make an announcement

    I'm sure Apple would make an announcement that it was discontinuing its Classic line.

    No, I'm sure they wouldn't. When was the last time Apple made any announcement that they've discontinued a product? Usually you hear about it when someone says "Hey, look, you can't find the xRaid on the apple store any more".

  1. art seeker

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Dreadful News

    I agree with testudo Apple will make no announcement.

    It takes two of the 160 GB units for my music collection as well as some Teaching Company lectures. They add immense pleasure to dead time while traveling as well as sticking into a boom box device for general listening while hands are busy.

    Occasionally I see them for sale at retailers. Should I pick one up to store in case one of my units fails? If not used, do they have a shelf life making this idea useless?

  1. danviento

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Can't be used for Storage? Ha!

    Unless you mean officially, there are a number of free applications/programs that let you see *ALL* of the files on your iPhone/iTouch and make new folders where you will.

  1. facebook_Jimi

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Feb 2011


    It's my car ipod

    I love my iPod touch but my iPod classic is the one I can leave in the car and the extreme temps don't bother it! Please don't kill off the workhorse of the iPods!

  1. lamewing

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iPod Video

    I will stick with my iPod Video ver. 5.5 because I don't like how the hard drive on the classic spins up every time it has to load the thumbnails ... and there is no way to turn them off. If I am wrong, someone give me a pointer on how to turn off the thumbnails in the menu. I don't mean just in cover view (or whatever it is called).

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