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Live coverage of News Corp's The Daily iPad app event [end]

updated 11:50 am EST, Wed February 2, 2011

We cover News Corp's The Daily iPad event app

News Corp held the introduction of its The Daily iPad publication, which brings with it both daily news for the tablet and iTunes in-app subscriptions. Apple's Internet Services VP Eddy Cue guest hosted along with News Corp's Rupert Murdoch. Check after the story break for updates as they happened in reverse chronological order.

11:50AM: Show over. The Daily downloadable at 12PM.

11:49AM: Observations about demographics and targeting? Jesse: first question we asked. Murdoch answered: "everybody."

How big the audience could have been if it had been free with advertising instead of subscriptions? Murdoch: if it was free, it would have just been "scattered out there." Better for advertisers to target it and get a better ad rate.

Balance between ad and subscription revenue? Not sure, but it may get towards 50/50.

11:45AM: Usage time is important: people spend 30, 35, 45 minutes on their iPads.

Murdoch: Jobs called me last week and believed the app was really terrific.

Discoverability outside of the app? Cue: we've seen 10 billion apps, so discoverability isn't really a problem. Jon: look at the store as of noon today, people will discover it. We've focused on this medium, this device. We didn't want to make compromises, and the web requires you to make compromises.

Will any of this news be available on the web the same day? Jon: technically it's mirrored on the web. Jesse: some of it is shareable, and those that can be shared will be. Some won't be. They may be promoted on Twitter or Tumblr. Use it to get a story out there. Millions sharing out there, we want to be a part of that.

Will the Daily be free on the web? No, we don't anticipate that. If someone links, you'll see it for free, but you can't just browse for free.

How many resources devoted to investigative journalism? Read and you'll find out. Haven't said how much of the agency is devoted to given sections.

11:40AM: Political tone of the Daily? Murdoch: the tone's going to be in the hands of the editor. Jesse: new platform, new era. We're patriotic, and we believe in free ideas.

Will there be an Australian version of the Daily? Latter's always a possibility. Jon: Murdoch's been a driving force.

Why launch the Daily instead of an existing brand? What about excitement? The WSJ was the first of its kind on the iPad. Made him excited for the future.

How about the exclusivity of the iPad? Murdoch: quite honest with Apple. As things develop, we plan to be on "all major tablets." We believe that this year and the next belong to the iPad. Jon: We're really concerned with how good a product we can make on this device.

Murdoch, what are your favourite apps? I've tried playing games, but my nephews always beat me at them.

11:35AM: Jon Miller: have to compete with everything now. You're competing with Angry Birds on some level. You have to have the mindset that you're competing very broadly. Murdoch adds: we have multiple TV and radio stations competing with each other.

How do you handle breaking news? Jesse: lot of different ways to handle breaking news. Twitter, tickers, dropping in a new page anytime we want. Can change the front page at 10AM or noon. Though as a user, I don't like changing the constantly changing main page on news sites.

11:32AM: Q&A session starts. Caroline McCarthy: how are back issues handled? Saved articles are the best way to get to previous articles. Working on better internal search and archiving, but not quite there for 1.0.

Jeremy Peters: when does iTunes subscription feature spread to others? Today for the Daily, others in an announcement soon. Great relationship, subscriptions are only going to help more customers.

Tracking subscriptions? Jon Miller says there's technology for that. We're aware of the metrics advertisers require.

How will you determine if it's successful? "If we sell millions," Murdoch says. $30 million written off. Less than half a million to run a week, even without any subscribers. Very confident of finances.

What about app publisher restrictions? Cue says won't want to talk about announcements soon, but wants to help with however people get subscriptions.

11:25AM: Cue: thrilled to be here. Over 9,000 news apps already. iPad users are huge consumers of news. Over 200 million news apps downloaded so far. From the first time we met with Rupert, we knew they were going to redefine the news business. Incredible news team of editors, designers, along with bringing News Corp's resources in TV and elsewhere to bring something new. Cue has been using it for the past two weeks. Hard to believe that something with these production values can be done every day.

Whole new subscription option in iTunes. 99 cents a week or $39.99 a year (?). Quick photo op.

11:23AM: Can open up websites in the article. Twitter can integrate into a story, such as Twitter feeds from celebs. Interactive elements, such as a Super Bowl timeline. Sports is a showstopper: bring up a team's schedule, scores, stories and photos. Choose which teams you like to cover, even their tweets. Publishing every morning. Multiple updates a day, and can include breaking news. Verizon is giving the first two weeks for free. HBO, Pepsi and more are sponsors.

Eddy Cue from Apple now up.

11:18AM: New visual style. Leading off with the Egyptian story. 360 degree photographs, HD video (Angola prison example). Up to 100 pages every day. How do you find news? The carousel: Cover Flow style layout, the option of playing audio and video without leaving the main page. Social: lets you follow links, share them through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Part of the web discourse.

11:14AM: Believe the Daily will be the model for how stories have told. Congratulations to Apple and others who have worked around the clock. Introducing Jon Miller, Jesse Angelo and Greg to intro the first version of the Daily.

11:12AM: Discovery is vital. Team is taking advantage of everything the iPad offers. No printing presses or other multi-million manufacturing costs. Passing the savings on: just 14 cents a day. Print quality layouts and high quality video. Targeting the 50 million of people expected to own tablets this year.

11:10AM: Rupert Murdoch on stage. Welcoming you to the launch of The Daily. Created from scratch. Would like to thank Steve Jobs for single-handedly changing the world of technology and media. Culminated in the tablet, which is an incredible new platform. Steve has been a champion on The Daily from day one. Hearing from Eddy Cue in just a few minutes.

Modern technology has put into our hands technology designed just for them. Combining the best of journalism, like skeptical writing, with technology. 360 degree views. iPad requires that we completely reimagine our craft. Whole section of the market that doesn't watch broadcast news or newspaper. This has restricted to news that has been previously defined. Need the deft touch of a good editor. Must make news media viable again. Digital renaissance.

11:05AM: Still waiting for it to start. As is often the case, these events tend to start late.

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