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White iPhone camera flaw blamed on bad knock-off parts

updated 06:10 pm EST, Wed February 2, 2011

Poor clones blamed for white iPhone 4 parts

Beliefs that the as yet unlaunched white iPhone 4's problems were triggered by camera problems were potentially debunked on Wednesday in a look at the bootleg part industry. The blown out and otherwise flawed photos allegedly caused by the white design itself are now thought to have been caused by cheaply made clone parts. Engadget found that the majority of the front and back glass in the gray market, even when claimed to be real, was often fake.

Among the clues were the lack of a proper lens cover to shield outside light and a silver foil over the proximity sensor. Both would explain symptoms seen by Steve Wozniak on his own example. He noted that photos taken with the white parts looked as though they were shot through "cellophane," characteristic of the light bleed, and that his proximity sensor appeared to be working improperly.

Some evidence is more obvious, such as the main color, the quality of the lettering and the brush pattern on the lens cover. Buyers could also check by seeing how well the surface maintains water tension. An authentic piece will perfectly maintain a water droplet, while fakes are more likely to see the water spread.

The cause is now thought to have reverted back to the one floated at the start, the consistency of the paint from Apple's original supplier. A new Japanese technique is supposed to be the solution. Apple has never gone on record as to the problem or its cure, but it promised a white model by the spring and could be ready by late March or earlier.

Photo with an authentic white part (left), Keepin' It Real Fake clone part (right)

by MacNN Staff



  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Are they saying that Apple was using crappy parts for it's white iPhone during initial testing/production?

    Or that people took their black iphones, bought white iphone parts from online, and then claimed the problem was the white iphone parts (because we all know that, even though Apple couldn't get the white iPhone released, they were just developing all these white iphone parts that were going to be used and ended up on various web sites)?

    Or are they saying that the White iphone people were using (such as the Woz) was actually a clone? (You would think Woz would have a real one, wouldn't you?)

    Actually, from looking at the article, it says that Woz got his white iphone (but not from where). And only later does it say "As we all know, woz got his white iphone parts from...." Who exactly are these people who seem to think we 'all know' where woz got his parts from?

  1. droz

    Joined: Dec 1969



    First thing first... Woz is not someone you should listen to. I think the guy is "on the happy stuff" if you know what I mean. He can't keep his trap shut about anything, and when he does talk it's almost always proven later to be inaccurate or incomplete information. He likes to still think that he knows what's going on in Cupe-town, but let's face it, his glory days are long behind him.

    Ok, now to your question. I believe what happened here is that Woz got his hand on some knock-off white iPhone parts and modified his own iPhone4. I believe he even said as much in a talk show interview at one point. Then he jumped to the conclusion (because he's an idiot) that the parts he got his hands on would be equivalent to whatever Apple was actually testing. Then he started blabbing to the media about his findings, as if anyone gave a ****.

  1. herojig

    Joined: Dec 1969


    both droz and testudo r right...

    this is another electronista non-article. the only news was the recycled last para from another recent article. the photo is indecipherable. please don't waste our time with tripe like this.

  1. Herod

    Joined: Dec 1969


    i cant seem to get enough white iPhone dirt..

    keep the stories coming please.

  1. slboett

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Woz ADMITTED he bought the cheap-a** parts from an Asian kid in NY.
    Learn to research before posting.

  1. droz

    Joined: Dec 1969



    as I said, Woz is an idiot.

  1. facebook_Clarence

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Feb 2011


    White iphone

    Who cares about a white iphone? LOOK AT ME MY IPHONE IS WHITE, I'M DIFFERENT.

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