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Nintendo 3DS to hit US on March 27 for $250

updated 10:00 am EST, Wed January 19, 2011

Nintendo commits to US launch of 3DS on March 27

Nintendo at its special event in New York City commited to the US launch details of the 3DS. The glasses-free 3D game console should ship on March 27 and will cost $250, roughly in line with expectations. About 30 games will have shipped between launch and the E3 show in early June, including a 3D Ridge Racer port, Dead or Alive Dimensions, first-party titles like Nintendogs and Ubisoft games in well-known brands such as the Ghost Recon action shooters.

The game system is also now known to have much simpler Wi-Fi setup and a more elaborate passive wireless connection than first thought. Gamers will only need to enter a friend code once to have that friend as an option across all games. Wi-Fi will now not just quietly sip updates and free downloadable content but have access to a Street Pass, which can connect 3DS systems even while sleeping and exchange both their common data as well as friend codes, Wii avatars and other details, even when the core game isn't loaded. Nintendo also promised location-specific content and deals when connecting to a public hotspot.

The 3D features will be broader than just games and should include the known 3D photo capturing and sharing as well as recently leaked augmented reality cards to put 3D characters into the real world. Nintendo will support 3D video playback, but it won't support 3D recording due to the hardware limits.

An "enhanced" web browser is built-in. Earlier DS games should still work in the new system, although only new games will have access to the analog stick and the top screen's larger resolution.

The 3DS is the first significant improvement to Nintendo's handheld hardware since the original DS in 2004 and is considered a possible savior for the company's flagging mobile gaming business. Its December sales plunged sharply versus a year ago and has been blamed both on the lack of new hardware and on the iPod touch. At $250, the 3DS faces uncertain prospects as it will cost more than an 8GB iPod touch, a rarity for the DS line, without having any permanent storage.

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  1. coffeetime

    Joined: Dec 1969


    For $250 ??

    I would rather get iPod Touch for $209 from MacMall. On top of that, it's already a proven fact that this 3DS is health hazard on the eyes if you stare at the 3D screen for so long.

  1. csimon2

    Joined: Dec 1969


    "Proven fact." Really?

    Where does your proof come from? Some Sony-led tech paper? Or from Nintendo, which has tried to espouse the exact opposite? If what you meant to say was a proven fact is that "if you stare at ANY screen for a long enough period of time, your eyes will suffer from some potentially serious side-effects," then yes, there is plenty of "proof" to support this. But come on dude, why don't you adhere to your namesake and grab a cup of coffee and stop sipping the koolaid. At least give the product a chance to reach the store shelves and test it out yourself (if you would be so inclined), or better yet, let the others who you seem to trust so much to test the actual product out as well, before slamming it.

    Now, on the $250 price point... I have to agree that I think that is a bit much for most people to accept. But then again the Wii was $250 when it launched, and look how well it did. That price was even more egregious considering that the Wii was basically two gamecubes with a new controller system. Given that the GC was going for $99 at the time, and the estimated CoG on the GC was only around $50, the Wii hardware-wise couldn't have cost more than $150 at launch to make and ship. While the Wii hasn't been quick to drop its price over the years, I imagine that Nintendo is launching the 3DS at a high price just so they can sell to the fanboys in year one, and then lower the price in year 2 for the general public, once a sizable library has been built up.

  1. aristotles

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Nintendo warns against children using 3DS

    Google the following "nintendo warns on 3-d for children" if you dare.

  1. chefpastry

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Didn't Nintendo themselves say that 3D can be bad for kids 6 and under?

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