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Apple planning to drop Xsan, Final Cut Server?

updated 01:35 pm EST, Mon January 17, 2011

Lion could hold last Server release for Mac OS X

Apple may be ready to discontinue both Xsan and Final Cut Server, "reliable" sources are quoted as saying. Although the company has, allegedly, yet to make a final decision, Hardmac also suggests that based on its information, there is little chance of Apple changing its mind. It may in fact be preparing to drop Mac OS X Server, though this would only be after a release for Mac OS X Lion, according to claims.

Such a course would represent an almost total abandonment of the enterprise market, if not an unprecedented one. Apple is discontinuing the Xserve as of January 31st, pushing corporations to switch to Mac Pros or Mac minis if they want new Mac server hardware. The vast majority of Apple product sales come from the consumer market, and so the company may want to cut losses by axing enterprise products.

In recent years it has, conversely, been bent on increasing enterprise support for iOS devices. IT staff have access to official administrative tools, and the platform has gradually gained features like Exchange support and increased security options like remote wipes. Adoption of the iPad has been particularly rapid, with as many as half or more of the Fortune 100 testing or actively using the tablet.

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  1. Marook

    Joined: Dec 1969


    So long...

    Guess a lot of people need to re-school soon - or look for another job..
    How sad.. if XSan and FCS goes, so does Final Cut Pro, Logic Studio, Aperture..(no that's aprosumer app..)

    Fantastic Apple! Go dig yourself a grave!

  1. facebook_Francis

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jan 2011


    And just when I thought...

    ...Apple couldn't get any stupider (because I support the Xserve), they go ahead and think about this.

  1. mkex

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I never thought I'd say this But Apple is really starting to suck - Dropping all the power user stuff because they sell more toys... We don't want to use linux or windows, APPLE!! There are many of us who've convinced or based our companies to buy xserves and use an all apple system and now you make us look stupid when other said go windows. Plus now that you have the iPad this is the perfect time to make all of those thing really work together. People who have xserves and macs are bigger apple fans than those who only have iPods and iPhones, I have all of this stuff and now Apple is destroying the master plan to make it all work together. That Sucks....Why have the most advanced OS to only play games?

  1. rbodgers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Xsan is long in the tooth

    If you guys are sorry to see Xsan go, then you haven't actually administered an Xsan environment. It would be little loss to see Xsan go away. It certainly served its purpose. Back when SAN's where nightmarish concoctions that were complicated to configure and shockingly difficult to troubleshoot and tune, Apple offered an elegant approach at an unbelievably inexpensive price. That was many many years ago, however. Things have changed. Network attached storage is very competitive, especially iSCSI. And Xsan environments are notoriously difficult to run in a high-availability environment, not to mention expensive.

    Xsan has definitely seen its brighter days already. It's a niche market with several large, very competitive companies offering a variety of far more robust, scalable solutions with better support. The Mac market would do fine without Xsan.

  1. rbodgers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    One more thing....

    This is a rumor. Don't pretend otherwise. Want to speculate? By all means. We all enjoy that. But what is this:

    "I never thought I'd say this But Apple is really starting to suck"
    "Fantastic Apple! Go dig yourself a grave!"
    "And just when I thought Apple couldn't get any stupider..."

    We don't know this is true, and even if it is, there is almost certainly more to the story.

    Relax. Historically, if there's one thing Apple's management team HASN'T been, it's "stupid." With a market cap. of over $320b, and record-breaking revenue and profits during the most profound recession in generations, it's pretty hard to argue otherwise.

  1. rbodgers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    This rumors says NOTHING about Apple dropping Serv

    Read the original article. The author is speculating, only. Their sources said nothing about server being on the block. Think about it.

  1. Ratdude

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Fold server functionality into the mainline...

    Just make "server" a choice when doing the install, or through the system preferences. That would be cool.

    I think the only issues are some small number of third party bits of software Apple licensed in the dark ages that have open source replacements now.

    xSan matched xServer Raid nicely, but Promise has their own suite and it would be better to just concentrate on Apple stocking the Promise solution since they ship the Promise hardware for SAN and RAID.

    Final Cut Server could just bundle in xGrid support that is on every Mac now and distribute the load that way. Everyone doing work that has a license to Final Cut that is on your network then becomes a resource for your compute bound tasks ... Or include a freely redistributable final cut engine with only the xGrid front end.

    Personally I think if Apple were making money from the server side of the world they'd expand not contract the server product lines. They do have a fiduciary responsibility to the share-holders after all.

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