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LG says Windows Phone 7 launch disappointing

updated 01:40 pm EST, Fri January 14, 2011

LG feels Windows Phone 7 below expectations

LG in an interview posted Friday revealed that its Windows Phone 7 launch was disappointing. Without disclosing its exact numbers, marketing strategy director James Choi admitted that expectations were high but that sales of phones like the Optimus 7 "wasn't what everyone expected." Choi told Pocket-lint he didn't expect a significant kick until Microsoft's known plans to open support to low- and mid-range WP7 phones came to bear.

He noted that the OS could paradoxically be too easy to use and consequently unappealing to the power users that normally make up early adopters. "For tech guys like us it might be a little bit boring after a week or two, but there are certain segments that it really appeals to," he said.

In spite of the letdown, Choi reiterated LG's commitment to the platform and noted that it was as much a question of having the diversity that carriers wanted. Leaning too heavily on one platform was "not beneficial," he said. He wouldn't say what balance would be struck but implied that the mix before last fall was too focused on Android alone.

Microsoft has been hesitant to say how many WP7 devices have been sold to real customers. CEO Steve Ballmer conspicuously avoided quantifying results at the CES 2011 keynote, despite numbering other sales stats. The company noted that its partners had sold 1.5 million phones at the end of last year but masked the real results by noting that these were only to carriers and resellers, not people. Without a hint of inventory, it's possible many of these could remain in stores.

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  1. cashxx

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Why do you ask?

    People have never had a true smart phone and seems to have finally wised up. People only had a choice of phones called smart phones and the only choices were Windows 6 and Blackberry. If you have used both you learned they were both horrible.

    Then 2007 came along and changed the smart phone industry. Nothing was on the market like the iPhone until Android copies came along.

    Today I wouldn't trust Windows or Blackberry and people seem to be finally getting smarter and not going that route. Go with the iPhone and Android second.....these are the only two players worth getting a phone from.

    I have a personal issue with Android because of them making the phone look and feel like a copy of the iPhone, but its your only choice other than an iPhone.

    The iPhone will be on Verizon and hopefully T-Mobile and other soon so why not get one!

  1. slboett

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You can only be disappointed if you expected something good. If they did, they were dumber than they should be.
    I can't imagine anyone short of MS sheep would think it was going to be successful.
    MS should stick to XBox and Windows. At least they're decent. They have no clue about the rest of the consumer realm.

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  1. Jabberwolf

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Wow did anyone read the link to the article in que

    Talk about cherry picking a comment.

    Most of that interview was positive about WP7 and expected growth
    the last part of that interview:
    "Mobile World Congress in February and a major update from Microsoft (Mango) expected sometime over the summer you can be sure that LG will be at the forefront of any new push that Microsoft has planned "

    As for sheep, it looks like the roaming unintelligent masses that read headlines and not content are the ones that are the real sheep. Sorry but slboett maybe you should stick to angry birds on your iphone living in your moms house. This seems to be the typical crowd of iphone mindeless sheeple that havent even picked up a wp7 phone.

    I swear its like they must be so dumb, insecure, and such a failure, that they must defend the only device that might make them appear somewhat not. Is that the only thing you have to support your ego? There's nothing else?!

  1. Foe Hammer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    "The OS Could Be Too Easy To Use"

    Here's another possibility: the OS could be too fugly to use.

    But I hope MS keeps manufacturing them Windows Phugly Phlop 7's. They've still got a lot of cash to burn through.

  1. nat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    oh jabberwolfe

    really? mom's basement?
    that is SOOOO original! you must be very very proud that you came up with it. seriously. your's is a reasoned mind.

    now, pumpkin, you go back and think about it a little and get back to us when you have some more "original" thoughts. ok?

  1. slboett

    Joined: Dec 1969


    @ jabberwolfe

    Just like we "expect" a MS tablet any day now - oh wait, they had a mockup and previous failures in that arena already. Seriously, quit defending s*** products from a s*** company who's day has passed.
    Of course they say they "expect" good things. They have deals in place and have to say that. Meanwhile, the MS stores are empty, unless they're giving out Justin Bieber tickets.
    You can mock all you like, but little guy, I am quite well off, and I'm afraid the success I have will never be seen by the likes of you.
    Devices have nothing to do with my ego. I simply like using them, and enjoy the AAPL I bought at $34. How's your MS stock doing kid?

  1. Mr. Strat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Truth - Windows Phone 7 SUCKS

    The interface is probably better suited to a kiosk. People who use a phone often will tire of the interface quickly. And like the Windows desktop product (pick any version), it assumes that the user is a r*****.

  1. freddymac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I personally know

    three people that have bought a WP7 phone. One exchanged it after 2 weeks (because it was crashing all the time) and then returned the second two weeks later. he told me they were both POS. He has a android phone now and will get a iphone next year with verizon when his contract is over. The other two have also taken their WP7 phones back and traded for other phones. They too said that the phones had lots of problem. Mostly with app's and crashing. I wonder what the return rate really is on these...................

  1. Foe Hammer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I Do Hope Microsoft Saved ...

    ... those hearses and related accoutrements.

    I'm no psychic, but I foresee another phone phuneral in their not-too-distant phuture. And this one's a member of their family.

  1. lamewing

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Weird. I have had my Windows 7 phone (which replaced my AT&T iPhone 3GS) for several weeks now and it has not crashed on me yet (neither did my iPhone - both are nice phones). The OS GUI is easy to use and is no more "easy" or "difficult" than my previous iPhone.

    I think the naysayers her are not speaking from experience (just spouting vitriol), but are just repeating hearsay or simply venting their opinions which are not based on fact.

    Dudes, I have a Mac Mini, a Macbook unibody Aluminum, a new Apple TV, and our family still owns 2 iPhone 3GS in addition to my wife's iPhone 4. So...I do like Apple products, BUT I can clearly see there are alternatives...many of which have their strengths.

    How about the Apple fanboys get over their hatred and get on with their lives? Hmmm?

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