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Study: 40% of iPad owners have Kindles too

updated 05:40 pm EST, Mon January 3, 2011

JPMorgan says iPad owners also getting Kindles

Despite stereotypes, almost half of iPad owners also have a Kindle at the same time, JPMorgan found in a new study. About 40 percent have Amazon's e-reader, and another 23 percent still plan to buy one in the next year. Only 23 percent have no plans, and 14 percent didn't know what a Kindle was.

Those involved in the survey, regardless of platform, were spread in a way that helped confirm the distribution. About 49 percent read fewer than 10 books every year, but 32 percent read at least 16 books a year and were likely part of the same group that had both iPads and Kindles.

Some of Amazons' sustained success was credited to its heavy marketing attention to reading. Although it didn't have any retail stores like Apple or Barnes & Noble, 76 percent of those asked knew of the Kindle brand, nearly drawing even with Apple's 84 percent recognition for the iPad. Barnes & Noble's Nook only had 45 percent awareness.

About 28 percent of the study group had or planned to get a Kindle where just seven percent could say the same in July 2009.

JPMorgan explained the apparent harmony as a virtue of cost and mutual happiness. At $139, the base Kindle was almost $400 less expensive and thus cheap enough to to be a secondary purchase for some. Heavy readers could enjoy reading on the Kindle but switch back to the iPad as necessary. [via TechCrunch]

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  1. Sabon

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Have iPad, I know what a Kindle is. I have no plan

    I have a wifi + 3G iPad. I have about 150 books downloaded onto my iPad using "Classics" and "iBooks" and a couple other readers on my iPad (and my 3G iPhone). So far I've not seen a reason to buy a Kindle. Yes they are lighter and easier than the iPad but I guess I sit in such a way with it on my leg that it isn't a problem.

    Going further, between the Kindle and the Nook, I would actually be more interested in the Nook than the Kindle but I'm not interested in either for the visible future.

    I have friends that have iPads. I have friends that have Kindles and Nooks. I've obviously tried my iPad and different iOS programs and my friends have let me use their Kindle or their Nook.

    Each person is different. I don't need yet another device to carry around. It doesn't add anything over the iPad except for weight and I'm not having a problem with that.

  1. cmoney

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iBooks as a store

    is a pretty mediocre experience. I've not seen a reason to buy a single book through iBooks. In fact, more often than not, Amazon has the book I'm looking for and Apple does not. And when Apple does have it, it's invariably a few $ more. On top of that, Amazon supports more devices and now allows book lending so it's a no brainer.

    Still the introduction of the iBooks app made Kindle add a 2 column landscape view so that's a good thing. I do see Apple trying to make rich imagery a differentiating factor which is a plus. Competition will hopefully be a good thing for consumers.

  1. pottymouth

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Huh. I, and several others I know, have both a Kindle and an iPad, but that's got nothing at all to do with whether or not the iPad is a Kindle killer. In each case, the Kindle was a gift that probably should have been returned. The Kindle is a neat gizmo, but I read _books_ so it's of little use to me. The iPad, on the other hand, is useful in thousands of ways.

    So it's not that the kindle was killed, so much as never really mattered in the first place.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Pottymouth

    but that's got nothing at all to do with whether or not the iPad is a Kindle killer.

    Of course it doesn't. Ask anyone of any intelligence and they'll say that neither is a killer of the other since their markets are completely different. It's like saying the iPad is an iPod Nano killer.

    The Kindle is a neat gizmo, but I read _books_ so it's of little use to me. The iPad, on the other hand, is useful in thousands of ways.

    Is that like saying "I listen to _CDs_ so the iPod is of no use to me." Or "I watch _TV_ so the iPad is of no use to me"? You can read books on a kindle. You may desire not to do that. You can read books any way you like. But that doesn't, by default, make the kindle just a 'gizmo' of no use.

    Have you thought of giving your gizmo kindle to someone who doesn't have either, and see if they might be interested in using it?

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