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Peel 520 maker looks to legitimize case with Apple seal

updated 10:50 am EST, Tue December 7, 2010

Gear allows for voice calls, texting

The maker of the Peel 520, GoSolarUSA, has announced that it is now looking for Apple's approval. The case lets iPod touch owners make voice calls and send text messages, mimicking some of the functionality of the iPhone, although Internet access is still limited to Wi-Fi. GoSolarUSA says that after "being contacted by representatives of Apple," it is now pursuing Made for iPod certification, something the accessory previously lacked. The company could potentially have faced legal action.

Although already available elsewhere, the 520 is not yet shipping to the US. GoSolarUSA is currently taking reservations for Americans wanting to find out when the case will arrive. The company says it is also working on a version of the 520 for tablets, including the iPad, Kindle and Archos 7.

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  1. MyRightEye

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Told you all...

    That this was in Apple's favor. Why most of you thought Apple would want to shut these guys down is beyond me. So many Apple noobs thinking they know how Apple reacts.

  1. macco

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The Peel 520 is not only badly made, its also pote

    MyRightEye have you used a Peel 520? Do you own one, did you buy one from Yosion? I have. Its total rubbish. Its not only really poorly made, it also doesnt function properly. You have to answer calls on speakerphone only (the bit you put to your ear is actually a cheap speaker, not an earpiece) so everyone can hear your call when you answer it.

    Also jailbreaking and installing Cydia opens up potential malicious code that can steal your passwords from the iTunes app on your iPod Touch. Nice.

    And lastly, the biggy of them all - think on this. The Peel 520 has not been approved by any regulating body such as the FCC, anywhere in the world. Seeing as there is no official data about its radiation levels, without any of this do you really think apple will approve it. LOL I think not.

    It's cheap junk, pushed by a cheap company (check out Go Solars stock prices, lol - GSLO on the indexes)

    Save your money and buy an android phone if you cant afford an iPhone...

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