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Google buys Widevine to prep for full YouTube movie service

updated 05:55 pm EST, Fri December 3, 2010

Google acquires Widevine for movie service DRM

Google on Friday virtually confirmed plans for its larger YouTube movie service through word it had bought out Widevine. Its second buyout of the day will provide copy protection and security for streaming movies as well as optimization. No specific plans were given, but Google made clear that Widevine was key to getting major studio movies and TV shows.

"Streaming is rapidly becoming the standard way for you to find the content you want to watch now," Google Product Management VP Mario Queiroz said. "We've seen this on YouTube -- where we get over 2 billion views every day -- but it's much bigger than that, as proven by the increasing popularity of movie subscription services and tablets... many [services] require high-quality video and audio, secure delivery, and other content protection and video optimization technologies. With these tools in place they can easily and effectively give you access to the rich library of content you want to watch, with the immediacy you've come to expect."

Widevine wouldn't drop any of its existing relationships and would also take on newer clients as well.

Google is already running a fledgling movie rental service but has so far been limited to independent movies and shorts that don't object to lighter copy protection schemes. In trying to monetize YouTube, however, it has been pressing for more popular titles and has hired a Netflix executive to help negotiate contracts. Miramax is an early target and could provide movies like the Kill Bill range.

A formal launch is still distant but could help Google make up for a deficit both on the desktop and in mobile. Apple has had the advantages of iTunes music and videos both in its desktop apps and iOS devices where Android has to turn to third-party alternatives. It may also be vital for the upcoming Chrome OS unveiling with full-length movie access on the cloud-based platform dependent entirely on streaming.

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  1. facebook_Justin

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    comment title

    Google's just gotta be part of every industry, don't they. I mean, if they actually could get something right, it would be different, but the only good product I have seen to this day that was made by Google is the Google search engine, which remains the number 1 search engine. Other then that Google is as bad as Microsoft.

  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    @ fb_Justin

    What do you care what industries they venture to?

    Don't like Google or their services, don't use them.

  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Morons like Google?

    Industry takeover? It's called the world of business my ignorant iFanboi.

    Need I remind you of the lawsuit settlement from 1981 Apple Corps vs Apple Computers barring Apple Computers to never enter the music business.... Well, iTunes appears to be violating a court settlement.

    Apple's Ping
    Apple TV
    The list keeps growing.

    Who is the company that's got to be a part of "every business" now?

    Apple try's to take over the mp3 industry and I don't hear you crying... They continue to put their greasy fingers in other industries and I don't hear you cry.

    Whether or not Android is better than the iPhone is none of your concern. You vote with your wallet and companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, IBM, HP.... will continue to slit each others' throat to capture market share and ultimately to make more money than the other guy. That's the world of business.

    Suck it up buttercup. Oh and ease up on the Cupertino Kool-Aid. You exude Fanboi.

    Just Saying.

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