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Samsung sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in one month

updated 11:20 am EST, Mon November 22, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab hits 600K in October

Samsung today said it had sold 600,000 Galaxy Tab devices since it had a wider launch a month ago. The Android tablet's results were spread across 30 countries and in the past two weeks have included US carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile Verizon and most recently AT&T. Demand triggered shortages in some areas, though Samsung didn't say which.

The Korean company did say that about 30,000 tablets had sold through SK Telecom since a release in its home country on November 14. It plans to sell 150,000 tablets in Korea by the end of the year and one million worldwide. NTT DoCoMo is getting the Galaxy Tab in Japan on November 26.

Its sales rate makes it the second most popular tablet in the world but also suggests that Samsung expects a steep drop-off in sales after the initial wave. Apple sold one million iPads in its first month but has seen its sales rate only increase since the release in April. At 4.2 million iPads sold this summer, the company has been selling about 1.4 million iPads a month without access to Korea or a handful of other key countries.

The sales rate should still eat significantly into Apple's 95.5 percent control of tablets for the fall but, without a resurgence, may still leave the iPad with a wide lead. Tablets like the MotoPad as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook should also cut into the lead but won't be ready until early 2011 at the soonest. [via Korea Herald]

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  1. dwoodruff

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I haven't seen one. Perhaps the same people we all bought a Zune

  1. droz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Define "sold"

    I'm betting they are including sales to retailers in this number. They most likely have NOT sold 600k to the end consumer. There's a pretty good chance that a large percentage of these are still sitting on retailers' shelves, hence the reason we've already seen the price on these things dropping in Europe. In reality they are probably having a hard time moving these things. Why else would they announce 600k sales? Why not wait for a million. Weak sauce.

  1. dliup

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Obviously Samsung didn't realize Apple sold 300k iPads on the first day:

  1. Andrew Wray

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not surprised

    I'm not surprised at the number of units sold thus far for the Galaxy Tab -- look at their marketing push. I wouldn't have been surprised if it were 1m units, however these unit sales levels are nowhere near the iPad. This shouldn't offset iPad sales, Apple shouldn't be worried.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Color me surprised...

    I honestly didn't think that many consumers would pay that much or get into a contract for the device. I think it's got potential, but since it doesn't have a true tablet OS on it, I thought that most consumers and even businesses would shy away from it. I hope they tell if there are any returns of the product from dissatisfied customers and why. Is this the amount of pent-up demand or will the Tab have legs to reach the million units? I'd heard that Samsung cut production of the Tab by up to 50% so I wonder what that was all about. Had Samsung expected to sell over a million within the first month? I only hope that Steve Jobs prediction about most consumers not wanting a 7" display on a tablet. If that's true then it should effectively leave the Galaxy Tab sitting on the retailers shelves collecting dust.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Ashame it was that many

    All 4 U.S. carriers - 'coincidentally' - chose to kill its phone functionality, so you couldn't get rid of your cell phone - even if you plan to carry this device everywhere.

    So you have quite the gap in price between the B&N Color Nook at $249, and this tablet at $599.

    I think Samsung, unfortunately has done well - given this isn't a super competitive device, and they don't expect sales to drop off, but ramp up for November and peak in December.

    Of course they will drop off after the holiday season and after other major players join the fray with their own tablets.

    As far as Apple goes, should they worry? Well of course, duh. I mean, it doesn't harm to go ahead and evaluate the competitors, it appears that Android is going to overtake Apple in Tablets, just as they have in Phones.

    And in case anyone missed it, they didn't get any traction against Apple with the first Android phone, the G1 - they got traction when dozens upon dozens of phones from many manufactures, at every price range, on every carrier came to play against Apple's modest selection of phones.

    The same strategy will apply here - the Samsung Tab & B&n Color Nook, by themselves aren't the issue, the issue is the floodgates have opened and by 2011, that will be obvious.

  1. tfmeehan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Seems strange...

    600,000 isn't bad, so why would they be dropping the price in certain areas? Or were the bulk of sales AFTER the price drop? Or, as someone said, is it 600,000 shipped and the number actually sold very different?

    I don't think the proliferation of tablets will necessarily follow phones. Most people with the means have a phone and are always looking for their next new phone. I doubt tablets will follow that path. Although, if Android tablets DO overtake the iPad it will be because of price and carrier options, like the phone market, but the iPad will still sell through the roof and Apple will own the profitability side of the market.

    It may also follow the path of MP3 players. The floodgates opened then too, but had little effect on Apple.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: FAIL

    Obviously Samsung didn't realize Apple sold 300k iPads on the first day:

    And where, exactly, did they say anything along the lines of "Look how good we are compared to that loser of a device, the iPad!".

    Apparently the only ones comparing it are those here (I'm guessing to give themselves a 'warm-fuzzy' or to reassure themselves that Apple is still tops).

    And these numbers are pretty good, considering that Samsung didn't have a foot in the arena at all (compared to Apple, who'd built up a large userbase of similar itemed iPhones and iPods), nor do they have any type of fans that Apple has that would inspire semi-intelligent folks to stand in line for a piece of electronics.

  1. facebook_Sahl

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Nov 2010


    ? apple is much much better

    the galaxy have been sold i think people are gonna regret after buying it
    coz if they use apple s ipad they kno wht da real thing is

    check out my technology blog

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