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Ambrosia launches Soundboard v2, adds audio routing

updated 06:50 pm EDT, Fri November 5, 2010

One-window interface, ducking and more as well

Soundboard, the live sound-effect playing software from Ambrosia, got a major overhaul in its 2.0 update, incorporating a new one-window interface and audio-routing technology called Soundpipe that allows the output of Soundboard to be directed to any other program (such as Logic or Garageband) without additional hardware or software. The new version also sports an internal sound cache to provide very low latency and minimal CPU impact.

Soundboard is modelled on the concept of a "cart machine" as was often found in radio stations before the digital era. Users can assign sound effects, audio clips or backing tracks to keys on the Mac keyboard, which are instantly triggered when pressed. Trigger keys can be assigned to a group or color-coded on screen to help operators be sure they are pressing the right key at the right time, making the software ideal for theatrical presentations, musical concerts, podcasts and even mashup creation. All imported audio in Soundboard is converted to Apple Lossless format so there will be no degradation or hesitation in playback.

The program incorporates the editing and filtering capabilities of Ambrosia's own WireTap Studio, so users can create fades, crops and apply filters to any audio without altering original files, and the program accepts input from all standard audio formats, meaning users are free to use any editor or other sound program alongside Soundboard. The program can be controlled via any MIDI device as well, and MIDI effects such as panning are automatically applied. Triggers can be set to playback only while pressed down or play fully with a single tap.

Other changes in v2 include per-volume sliders for sound effect control, and customizable ducking. There is also a new Pause All controls for your sound effects.

Soundboard 1.x users can upgrade to the new version for $19, while new copies sell for $49. Owners of WireTap Anywhere or WireTap Studio can get $10 off the retail price, as can users of the competing Sound Byte cart software from Black Cat Systems.

Soundboard v2 requires a minimum 1.25GHz G4 (or any Intel Mac) with 1GB of RAM or better, and Mac OS X 10.5.

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