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Microsoft moves 240 million Windows 7 copies in one year

updated 10:35 am EDT, Thu October 21, 2010

Microsoft at 240m Windows 7 licenses sold in year

Microsoft preceded the one-year anniversary of Windows 7 by noting that it had sold 240 million licenses of the OS over that timeframe. The OS is both Microsoft's and by nature the industry's fastest-selling OS. It was helped by overcoming much of the negative reputation earned by Vista, as every Windows PC builder was using 7 within half a year where 30 percent had avoided Vista in its first six months.

The company still sells the vast majority of licenses attached to new computers and has still faced a level of opposition from corporate buyers and the developing world. Both are often dependent on computers too slow to run the more demanding OS or on software that still needs XP or earlier to run. About two thirds are still using XP, according to Net Applications' web traffic. Roughly 17 percent of Windows owners are using Windows 7, however, putting it ahead of Vista.

A key to its rapid spread has been its improved performance on netbooks and low-end systems, where Vista rarely ran well. Much broader backwards compatibility also proved an edge by dodging the lack of support that plagued Vista for much of its life.

With about 13.8 million Macs sold worldwide, Apple isn't large enough to compete in sheer new OS installs but has had much faster adoption of its latest OS version. According to the same data, about 63 percent of Mac owners are using Snow Leopard where almost all others are just one version back, with Leopard. A decision to price the upgrade at $29 has been a major factor.

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  1. MacnnReader

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    They fail to mention that when you buy an XP downgrade, because you don't want Windows 7, you are technically buying Windows 7, and not XP.

  1. Nigel2112

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    And... related news, c*** car maker Chrysler outsells BMW and Mercedes combined...

  1. Flying Meat

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    And machines built

    and sold with Windows installed already should not count toward their sales numbers. They might not have been included in the sales figure, but it is unclear, given the lack of a statement to that effect, and a mention of the preinstalled info in the same article.

    It's not like you can have Linux preinstalled on that HP you buy from Office Depot, is it?

  1. woodsmanlw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Pent up demand

    Its likely MS is correct. However many many people refused to go to Vista due to its problems and decided to wait it out. Now that MS released something people aren't afraid to use those people are finally buying. I sat in the halls of mighty MS during Vista (company policy required Vista) and people bitched and moaned daily about it. Yes, the employees of MS itself. We jumped on the earliest Win7 beta we could and never looked back.

  1. coffeetime

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    Windows XP

    Windows XP is like CDMA. It's here to stay until the end of time.

  1. xmlaroux

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    You compare CDMA, the most superior phone network on the network to XP, which was the most superior OS until a few years ago? Really? You love GSM and ATT's implimentation that much to go that far with the analogy? Like Dropped calls do you? Go read the specs on CDMA.. maybe you'll understand the technology then.... but then again fanbois will ever get it...

  1. slapppy

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    Automatic sale

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

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