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iLife '11 Up-to-Date gets details; iDVD, iWeb stay static

updated 03:50 pm EDT, Wed October 20, 2010

Some apps getting phased out of iLife?

To support the launch of iLife '11, Apple has implemented what it calls the iLife '11 Hardware Up-to-Date Program. Instead of having to pay the usual $49 for an iLife '11 upgrade, people can potentially get the software for just $7. Those who bought a Mac with an earlier version of iLife between October 1st and the 19th must submit an order form by November 19th. For people buying a Mac with an outdated iLife on or after the 20th, a 30-day post-purchase window exists.

In the case of multi-system purchases, people can opt either to get one upgrade kit per computer, or buy a smaller number of licenses and request "right to copy" permissions. Qualifying Macs must come from the online Apple Store, one of the company's retail locations, or an authorized reseller.

Reports are meanwhile observing that neither iWeb nor iDVD have been updated. Some rumors had suggested that iDVD might be merged or eliminated, and that iWeb would be given a significant overhaul. Apple may on a path to eventually phasing out the utilities, particularly as the company generally shuns optical media. No Mac comes with a Blu-ray drive, and movies and TV shows can be bought through the iTunes Store.

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  1. manolosf

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iweb/idvd updates

    this is really disappointing, especially since I rely on iWeb so heavily to quickly create web pages. It would have been nice to be rewarded with some new features. I'm still holding out hope that they will update these separately and release them when they release 10.7 with the MacStore. Then they can update them independently and not have to sell them only in a package format. That way too, I can update iWeb which I use heavily and not have to pay for a GarageBand update that I'll never use.

  1. iFrankie

    Joined: Dec 1969


    iDVD Being Eliminated?

    Can someone explain why eliminating iDVD would make sense? Merging I can understand, but eliminating it doesn't make sense. How would we get our iMovie projects and photo slideshows to a DVD without iDVD?

    Is it simply the argument that the web and AppleTV have replaced the need to create physical DVDs?

  1. manolosf

    Joined: Dec 1969


    clue in the logo?

    Anyone else notice that the new iLife logo ONLY contains images pertaining to the updated apps? There's a camera, piano & film strip correlating to the updated iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie. I can't believe that iWeb & iDVD are represented by the purple square. This is truly indicative of their absence in the upgrade thought process -- they didn't even warrant the logo! I'm still holding out hope for my previous idea that they'll garner an update independent of this iLife release and it will come with the AppStore.

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