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Apple unable to keep up with iPhone 4 demand, say execs

updated 11:30 am EDT, Wed September 1, 2010

Efforts to close gap not having any effect

Apple is still unable to cope with interest in the iPhone 4, two of the company's key executives indicate. A Deutsche Bank analyst, Chris Whitmore, recently met with CFO Peter Oppenheimer and senior VP of retail Ron Johnson to discuss the state of sales. "iPhone 4 demand remains very robust and despite efforts to close the supply-demand imbalance and the continued supply ramp, Apple still cannot meet iPhone demand," Whitmore says of the discussion.

At the online Apple Store, the company continues to list iPhone 4s as shipping in three weeks, even though the device has been available since June. Conversely, even the iPad is now shipping within 24 hours of an order. The iPhone 4 is rolling out to many more countries, however, and is usually cheaper in terms of its upfront pricetag.

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  1. Geoduck

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just imagine what it would be like

    without "Antennagate" suppressing demand.

  1. Constable Odo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Antennagate never had any effect on

    iPhone 4 demand. That was just some FUD pushed out the ruin Apple's reputation. I doubt if most of the world was even aware that Antennagate existed unless users cruised tech sites like Engadget or Gizmodo. I don't know how Apple is going to cope with increased production for the Verizon iPhone. I guess at some point Apple will catch up. They should slowly ramp up production so the quality doesn't suffer. Considering high iPhone and iPad sales, the stock has been downright limp. Some weird stuff going on at Apple.

  1. MyRightEye

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Oh my...

    He was being SARCASTIC...

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  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: Antennagate never had any effect on

    >> That was just some FUD pushed out the ruin Apple's reputation.

    Oh my. The Steve Jobs RDF is strong with you.

    Hey, get your head out of your a$$ and look around you. These problems and oh, how about the proximity sensor fiasco, are real. Is that FUD too? Yeah there is a world-wide conspiracy to take down Apple. Please save me the BS.

    Perhaps Apple messed up? Ever considered that, Fanboi?

    All this proves is that Apple is as fallible as any other company on the planet. And that Apple is not as Magical as Steve Jobs the snake oil salesman likes you to think.

  1. Athens

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I call BS on the Antennagate issue. All phones suffer the exact same problem. There was no issue. The Proximity sensor issue was a problem but is supposed to be fixed in 4.1

  1. rtamesis

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    Still in limited supply

    I couldn't buy any iPhone 4s in my local AT&T stores, all of which informed me that there was at least a 2-3 week wait. I called the nearest major Apple Store 25 miles away, and they said that they had only about 4 iPhones in stock and that they couldn't reserve any for me. I had to drive out there in order to get the very last one, which was a 16 Gb model.

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