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Samsung texting record already trumped by iPhone 4 user

updated 07:35 am EDT, Wed August 25, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S beaten by iPhone 4 in text speed

Samsung was dealt a blow today as it lost a text messaging record that had been set just hours earlier to an iPhone 4 user. Salford, UK-based Melissa Thompson had beaten a previous texting record by typing two sentences in 25.94 seconds on a Galaxy S, but El Paso, Texas-based Brian Sweet proved that he had already beaten the record and posted a video (below) as evidence. He typed the message in 21.8 seconds using the stock iPhone 4 keyboard, even after having to start the timer himself and with virtually no use of auto-correction.

Samsung has been a long time holder of the record as it has often preloaded Swype, which lets users draw paths between keys and speeds up typing in some cases. Apple has been helped by having a multi-touch keyboard that can transition quickly between keys, but it relies only on auto-correction to assist typing. The win suggests that the layout and responsiveness of the iPhone 4 keyboard is enough to trump Swype on Android, even with the Galaxy S' four-inch screen and 1GHz processor as help.

Sweet's record hasn't been officially measured, but with video proof could likely be repeated for a formal claim. [via BGR]

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  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    These records have little to do with

    average users. It would be better to just grab a couple of dozen texters off the street, let them practice for a while and then have a go at some test for speed and accuracy. I'm willing to bet that most virtual keyboards are about the same and most likely the touch sensitivity of the display will be more important than the keyboard layout. I'm sure Swype is nice for casual users, but direct tap will certainly be faster, in theory.

    Those guys that set records could easily have some natural ability to type ultrafast or they've just practiced until their finger's muscle memory became hardwired. Either way, they don't reflect the average user.

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: These records have little to do with

    What this has to do with is that Samsung embarrassed itself by publicizing its texting speed record.

    How did they embarrass themselves? Because there was a competition in which a Samsung phone user won? Yeah, what an embarrassment.

    There is no evidence to suggest that Brian Sweet is anything other that a typical young man.

    And nothing to suggest he isn't, or didn't doctor his video, or isn't some Apple fanboy who can't imagine someone might be able to do something better or faster on any device that didn't get made by Apple, Inc.

    But, I know, no one would ever fake a video and post it on YouTube. YouTube is the core of the internet, along with wikipedia! If it is on there, it must be true!

    Because he so easily smashed Melissa Thompson's record on the Samsung Galaxy S, it is suggested that a little practice by a skilled texter on the iPhone will dramatically reduce Sweet's record time.

    Except how come a skilled texter on an iPhone didn't smash that record?

    BTW, he didn't do this under pressure in a competition. He did it in his basement in his mom's house. And how many times did he practice that sentence before getting it 'right'? You don't get to practice in competition. They give you a sentence, you type it in. No do-overs. No practice sessions.

    The iPhone wiped the floor with Swype.

    In an on-line video. h***, you should see my video. I beat the 100 m dash record by a whole 2 seconds. Yep, 7.57 was my time. It was easy too. I pulled up half way and ended up crawling the last 10 meters, it was so easy. And then, right after I won, you can see this UFO in the sky behind me. Aliens were watching the entire race. And then they just disappeared. From what I determined, they were going to invade the earth, but, after seeing my extraordinary accomplishment, figured they wouldn't have a chance....

  1. davidlfoster

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mutants need not apply

    iphonerulez makes a legitimate point: it isn't reasonable to assess the operability of a touch keyboard by entries made in record time by singularly fast users (i.e., mutants). Who amongst us haven't seen a touch typist who can enter text so quickly that their fingers seem to blur? So what can be done to properly assess the suitability of any given system or the advantages or disadvantages of one system versus others? I think this would make a cool project or lab topic for a university or academic institution to tackle. I doubt you could come up with a single measure that could say iPhone rulez (sic), but it would be interesting to evaluate different keyboards and auto-correction systems. How hard are they to learn? Do learning rates differ? Are some more prone to generating typos and mis-keys than others. Are some auto-correction systems more effective than others (I have come to love Apple's and miss it on every other keyboard that I use)? This is really a very interesting topic and one that is increasingly relevant as iPads and smart phones with touch keyboards are poised to soon become the most used computers worldwide. Personally I wish all manufacturers would enable the substitution of a Dvorak keyboard; it's easy to do and might encourage the elimination of what must be regarded as the ultimate anachronism in the touch pad universe - the QWERTY keyboard itself.

  1. Peter Bonte

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: You don't get to practice in competition.

    Testudo, it is the same message as the record a year earlier, she had a year to practice it. Could well be a propaganda stunt by Samsung.

  1. Raman

    Joined: Dec 1969



    @testudo - it's nice to play devil's advocate but geez - every time you post? maybe you should seek an anti-apple site seeing as you might be happier there...

  1. Flying Meat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    On the other hand...

    (No pun intended) I can't even type that fast on a regular keyboard.

  1. facebook_Duane

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Aug 2010


    2 Create A Text

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