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Lawsuit quickly targets iPhone 4 over reception issues

updated 06:50 pm EDT, Mon June 28, 2010

Same firm also sued Facebook over game ads

Law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff has already targeted the iPhone 4 in a potential class-action lawsuit against Apple. The firm is currently seeking out iPhone owners who have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls, and weak signals.

Early reviews and customer reports quickly focused on reception issues that have been blamed on the iPhone's new antenna design. Holding the phone in certain ways is said to cause a significant drop in signal strength, forcing many users to change their habitual grip or place the device in a case to avoid placing fingers across the black bands at the bottom of the metal frame.

Apple released a statement defending the iPhone design and pointing out that antenna attenuation is common to any wireless phone, depending on hand placement. The issue is also said to be exaggerated by misrepresentation of signal strength on the interface bars, which will be addressed in a firmware fix. Some users claim that the connection is completely dropped when the phone is gripped improperly, however, which may indicate the problem is more than a software glitch.

Although the class-action suit centers around the antenna issues, customers have also complained of several other problems. Some of the devices reportedly show yellow tint on the new LCD panel, while others are said to have faulty proximity sensors. [via Valleywag]

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  1. NeXTLoop

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Gotta love this country...

    Where every blood-sucking idiot with a pea-sized brain can sue. Who ever heard of giving a company the chance to fix things on their own?

  1. _Rick_V_

    Joined: Dec 1969


    @#$% Lawyers

    Like blood in the water; it sure don't take long for the Lawyers to come spilling out of the woodwork. Sheesh.

  1. SoCal Mac Guy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Ambulance Chasing Scumbags

    My title says it all. . . .

  1. sribe

    Joined: Dec 1969


    @SoCal Mac Guy

    No, your title does NOT say it all. Your title merely scratches the surface ;-)

  1. Zanziboy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not even contractually bound....

    How can you sue when the 14-day "cooling off" period of the contract has not expired? Apple can now counter sue. Not one purchase has been completed. In fact, those who bought off-contract may have longer to return their phones for cash.

    The law is for criminals.

  1. lkrupp

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Love it...

    The scumbag lawyers will make millions. The customer will get a coupon for the rubber band which costs $.25 to manufacture. And the lawyers and Apple will be on their merry way. Mark my word on this one.

  1. sailin74

    Joined: Dec 1969


    OMG I hate my phone

    You know, you could always just return it. We're still within the 30 day return policy. Take it back, stop complaining. If it's that bad, take it back and get something else.

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  1. DeadBeat

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Do you own an iPhone 4?
    The issue is real!

    In most cases these lawyers are scumbags, but this is a REAL issue.

  1. facebook_Kevin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jun 2010


    This will get tossed instantly.

    O...M....G........a class action suite already for bad reception iPhones? WHAT THE &^%#!. This needs to be tossed instantly. Gimme a &$^%#! BREAK!!!

    Sure, lets also class action Logitech cause their new remotes don't work off axis as well as the old...or Tmob for dropped 3G coverages. Or Mcdonalds for halving the size of the cheese that comes with the fillet-o-fish and charging the same.

  1. VinitaBoy

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "The issue is real!"

    SO WHAT?! Again, and at the risk of repeating myself, S-O W-H-A-T?!

    The product you purchased is now four days old as it rests in your hands. Four whole days. If you currently have a problem with it--and do not believe that the problem will be addressed and repaired--TAKE IT BACK! RETRIEVE YOUR MONEY, BUY A ROID/RIMBERRY, and fuhgettabouddit!

    The universal whining, bitching, grousing, crying, caterwauling, and breast-beating about this "flaw" is puerile and more than a little embarrassing. (Are you aware of the very same reception difficulties with Nokia phones, to mention only one competitor?) Permit me to recommend that you either wait for the 4.0.1 fix, or vote with your wallet and return the product!

    (Gawd, but how I do long for the good old days when Apple was a distant #2, and we were all grateful for their innovation and boldness of design. Such is no longer the case, and I yearn for that happy past.)

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