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Rumor: Microsoft may have sold just 500 Kin phones

updated 11:00 am EDT, Fri June 18, 2010

Microsoft Kin may be in dire straits

One tentative rumor today claimed that Microsoft has only sold about 500 Kin One and Two phones through Verizon since they went on sale in May. The SAI source didn't provide many details but implied that less than one phone had been sold per store. Verizon hasn't commented on the story but typically doesn't give out unit sales counts.

The claims nonetheless follow after talk of possible price cuts, although these have yet to come to pass, and of relative silence on the performance of the Kin line from either Microsoft or Verizon.

Unofficially, it's speculated that the lack of a smartphone OS but the insistence on charging for smartphone-level plans may have muted interest and driven customers to the Motorola Droid and other phones with now-similar prices but more features. Most of Verizon's marketing is also heavily invested in its Android line. In turn, Microsoft is focused primarily on shipping Windows Phone 7 for the end of the year.

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  1. RoosterJuice

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  1. jarod

    Joined: Dec 1969



    You gotta give em credit for entertaining the world with their flops though :D

    EPIC FAIL should be tattooed on that monkey CEO's forehead.

    BALLMER for head baboon!

  1. WiseWeasel

    Joined: Dec 1969



    A flying chair alert is now in effect for the Seattle metropolitan area. We are now on monkeyboy alert level red. Wear protective equipment when entering any executive conference rooms.

    I knew this thing would flop, but man, that is a spectacular flop. It's a good thing Microsoft dumped all that money into buying Danger...

  1. Wingsy

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    MS Shareholder

    If I was a Microsoft shareholder, man would I be pissed that this is all my company can do. But I loaded up on Apple stock a few years ago (before the iPhone) and I'm smiling all the way to the bank and back.

  1. Paul Huang

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    NONE sold

    Each one was sold as a demo unit.

  1. thebiggfrogg

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    Microsoft took...

    'Think Different' a bit too literally.

    I guess if you own a Kin you are 'unique.'

  1. Cbrguy

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    Former Win Mobile Fan

    I used to be a windows mobile fan from the days of the early Ipaq (PDA only) through the ATT Tilt with WM 6.1. I waited forever for an update and apps that made the phone more useful. I finally got tired of waitng and switched to the HTC hero with android. I couldn't be happier, especially seeing what MS has done with the new operating system, it is sooo far behind the iphone, android or even Palm! In the end I do still use my ATT Tile for one app, but with time I'm sure there will be a replacment for Android. That one app is specialized moving map software for Aviation use.

  1. techguy999

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    Yet another Windows Mobile OS....

    This rumor makes Steve Ballmer's rather hurried announcement of Windows Embedded Handheld, which is built on top of the Windows Embedded Compact (formerly known as Windows Embedded CE) core (to quote Mary Jo Foley).

    The Zune-based Windows Mobile 7 is probably not inspiring Enterprise customers, given the flop of the "Kin" phone. Thus, Microsoft's goes to their favorite playbook"


    "Windows Embedded Handheld" is a Plan B in case the WM7 Zune-phone is another Kin-tastrpohe. If the Zune-phone zucks, Microsoft could find themselves completely out of the mobile space by late 2011.

    If I were Google and Apple I would be porting the apps Former Win Mobile Fan pointed out over as fast as possible.

  1. iphonerulez

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    The Kin was a limited market device to begin with

    but I didn't think it would be that limited. Those Kins probably just don't do enough. Most of those features could be put on any smartphone as an app. I really don't quite understand much about that social threading stuff, but that's because I'm not very social. However, from some of the demos I've watched, it did seem to have some nice features for those that do.

    I think that Microsoft is just confusing their whole mobile consumer and corporate base if any is left. Especially if Windows Phone 7 early version has less features than Windows Mobile 6.5 had. Microsoft's mobile effort really seems to be in big trouble and if Ballmer says he isn't concerned, then I'd question his judgment.

  1. byRyan

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    I mean, I can understand why no one would want a phone to take pics of their ex-girlfriend, but you would think more people would be excited about seeing ?uestlove! (referring to their AWEFUL commercials)

    And is the low sales due to a dumb phone with smart phone pricing, or just a half baked, ill conceived interface that targeted towards early teens who don't have any income. Teens are not babies, you don't have to make a device that caters towards their perceived needs. Hey windows, how bout you make a phone for grown-ups!

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