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ASUS Eee Pad due July, being girded against iPad

updated 07:55 am EDT, Fri April 23, 2010

ASUS now targeting Eee Pad at Apple

ASUS on Friday confirmed the existence of the Eee Pad and set itself up for a battle against Apple in the tablet space. Chief executive Jerry Shen said the Eee Pad would reach shops in the summer (likely late July) after an unveiling in early June and that it was being tweaked to compete against the iPad. The tablet has had its industrial design upgraded and is being developed with some cooperation from Google on the Android platform it uses, Shen said.

The CEO took a further jab at Apple by claiming that the Eee Pad will have an edge over the iPad through support for Adobe Flash, a built-in front camera and standard USB. He didn't clarify whether this would involve the eventual release of Flash 10.1 or if will use the more limited Flash Lite as a placeholder.

Previous leaks have already hinted that the Eee Pad will be smaller than Apple's, at no more than seven inches, but that it will have an NVIDIA Tegra chip and may support 1080p video.

ASUS' design may be more expensive and still struggle to get any ground, however. Contacts for DigiTimes claimed the Eee Pad would cost roughly $479 to $510, but only after being bundled (and possibly subsidized) with 3G service. Internal estimates may also have only 300,000 Eee Pads shipping in 2010; Apple sold 300,000 iPads just on launch day and may have already passed one million.

Taiwanese firms are all thought interested in jumping into the tablet arena to prevent Apple from cornering the business, but some may be cautious before they commit. A rumored MSI tablet is now also said to be reaching stores in the summer as the M Pad but may get low initial shipments as MSI takes a "wait and see" approach on ramping up both its advertising and production.

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  1. JeffHarris

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Specs are Easy

    Hardware specs? So?
    For some, the spec sheet trumps everything, whether those specs add anything or not.

    Do they seriously think that a desktop OS like Windows 7 or some variant of Linux or even Android (or whatever) will deliver ease of use, a satisfying user experience, reasonable speed and good battery life?

    This will be yet another failure if it's just another keyboard-free netbook.

    Apple rethought everything in terms of user experience when developing the iPad. Few, if any, other tech companies have the will, creativity or resources to do the same, which is really too bad. Everyone benefits from competition.

  1. DanielSw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Competition is overrated

    As if a company like Apple "needs" competition to stay true to its own self-assigned goals. Ridiculous.

    They're on a roll now, and it certainly wasn't "competition" that got them there. I seriously doubt if any planning or design was done on the basis of: "How can we improve upon Windoze?"

    It was based on clear vision and original thought.

    If any other company is up to that sort of endeavor, well more power to them, as THAT would be competition--NOT the lazy, parasitic, borderline criminal, COPYING which has passed for "competition" so far.

  1. Durandalus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No match

    Android is ok, but still no match for iPhone OS. Scrolling isn't as nice, zooming isn't as nice, some places still feel like a mess. On a tablet it will be even less of a match for the upgraded (Apple-)apps on the iPad.

    The hardware of the latest Android devices is cool though. I wonder if Apple will keep up it's "One iPhone Model for All"-policy. The HTC Legend e.g is really nice. Sturdy, good looking and smaller than the iPhone.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The competitors continue to use the same

    strategy time and time again. More hardware = better product. Putting out a tablet merely because Apple has one is just a knee-jerk reaction for a company. Supposedly, Steve Jobs and Apple had spent years trying to refine a tablet for consumer use and I'm sure that it was a painstaking process to get everything to work right. Now these companies come along and try to slap a product together in a few months and dump it on consumers without an ecosystem, decent customer support or retail strategy. Apple had built up a loyal fanbase over these last few years and that's probably 50% of why Apple can sell the iPad in the numbers . Some other company will not get those same results even with products equal to the iPad. More hardware for a cheaper price is not going to get anywhere near the sales results that Apple is getting.

    I think many of these companies would be better off just staying away from producing tablets and find some other less competitive space to sell products.

  1. charlituna

    Joined: Dec 1969


    i don't see the plan working

    for one major reason. Timing. by even early july, the ipad will have been out for weeks worldwide. Saturation and name power will be high.

    A few technogeeks and serious Apple Haters will have waited for something, anything that isn't an ipad but for Joe Q, they have been seeing the ipad, seeing numbers sold get higher and higher. it's turning up in the their coffee shops and sandwich bars, on the subway, train, plain etc. they will give in to the temptation in huge numbers and there just won't be that many folks that need a tablet left.

    then there's the pricing, the implication of required 3g contracts, the possible overkill of 1080p on a 7 inch screen etc.


    Joined: Dec 1969


    Overstock Here it comes.

    Another product headed to

    So folks if you want to buy this doorstop please wait until they send their stock to Overstock and then you can save 10-40%.

    When will all these morons realize that they have to actually create products that are compelling on their own instead of taking pot shots at Apple.

    Whenever I hear the words "...."killer I cringe because I know that someone very stupid is going to loose a lot of money.

    Oh well they deserver to.

  1. Grendelmon

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Umm, what?

    You guys don't know what the heck you are talking about. Asus helped start the entire netbook market and the EEE sold like hotcakes.

    Their goal is to sell 8 million netbooks in 2010 alone. If you read up on what they are doing, you'd understand that they DO sell what they make, and lots of them.

    I think their tablet will be successful. are you serious? Read about their products and sales before you make embarrasing comments.

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