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New MacBook Pro's miniDP carries audio out

updated 05:10 pm EDT, Tue April 13, 2010

Apple MBP first notebook to push audio out

The Mini DisplayPort jack on the new MacBook Pro can relay audio out, Apple said today. While all previous MacBooks have so far put out video only, the new version as part of the official DisplayPort spec also carries sound. Ars Technica was told it should work with third-party miniDP to HDMI adapters, although it's not known how many of these recognize audio through the single connector.

The Cupertino-based firm was quick to add that it didn't publicly have any plans to make an adapter of its own despite earlier allusions to the possibility. It's unknown if Apple will update the LED Cinema Display to allow audio without depending on the USB cable, but this would be doubtful as the USB cable is needed for expansion.

Adding audio greatly simplifies the use of the MacBook Pro and future Macs as ad hoc home theater computers, since it not only eliminates the need for a second cable but eases putting out surround sound.

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  1. facebook_Jonathan

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    To USB or Not to USB

    From what I've read the benefit to DisplayPort is so that it can push larger amounts of data through the port, over the cable and to grandmother's house. In fact I believe I've read about its use to take the place of USB (don't quote me on that) functions. This would mean you could use it as an all-purpose docking cable and have it essentially hook up a USB hub in the monitor through it. Obviously Apple doesn't exactly seem to be embracing this even though they are pushing DisplayPort for God only knows what reason. I mean seriously without audio data how is Apple's DisplayPort an better than DVI. This super-DisplayPort I'm describing may actually be more about the next version but I don't know. Why listen to me, I'm just some guy adding a comment to a blog. Stupid commenters. All they do is comment.

  1. snork

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    Why DisplayPort?

    The simple reason DisplayPort is becoming a standard (for both Apple and PC markets) is that the port & plug are royalty free and VESA compliant. Every manufacturer that uses HDMI must pay a $10,000 annual fee plus a 1-15 cent fee PER UNIT sold to the HDMI Licensing. See That's not much money in the grand scheme of consumer electronics, but I think it's the principle that Apple doesn't like to pay others for royalties for electronics formats. For example see their late adoption of DVD playback software and still current lack of blu-ray support.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Why Displayport

    The simple reason DisplayPort is becoming a standard (for both Apple and PC markets) is that the port & plug are royalty free and VESA compliant.

    Wooo. Well, it's VESA compliant! That answers everything.

    And it is CURRENTLY royalty free. There is nothing that prevents royalties from being requested in the future.

    Oh, and just so you know, Dell was pushing DisplayPort before Apple picked up on it. I just like pointing that out.

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