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RIM ordering 8.9-inch screens for BlackBerry tablet?

updated 12:55 pm EDT, Fri April 9, 2010

Research firm claims RIM wants large screens

RIM may be developing a tablet of its own, based on claims by an industry research firm. Checks in the supply chain have led the analysts to believe that RIM is ordering an 8.9-inch tablet from Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn) that would be ready to ship by the summer or fall of this year. Whether it would use the BlackBerry OS itself isn't known, but it may have ad-supported content playback and use both 3G and Wi-Fi to sync with a BlackBerry smartphone.

The note given to CrackBerry doesn't say much more, and the device may be a companion product rather than a full-fledged tablet. However, it does come just as RIM has bought out QNX, a veteran of embedded OS development that will help make a mystery set of "intelligent peripherals" in the future.

RIM has had a difficult time gaining traction with touchscreen BlackBerry devices so far; it has so far launched just the Storm and Storm2, and both enjoyed early sales rushes only to quickly cool down as newer rivals and traditional BlackBerry models regained favor. Some of the struggle has come from the relative age of the OS compared to Android and iPhone, but issues have also been raised about the intuitiveness of the click-down SurePress screen and the minor updates for the Storm2 versus its 1.5-year-old predecessor.

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  1. WiseWeasel

    Joined: Dec 1969



    If this story pans out, this is going to fail in an epic fashion for RIM. Blackberry OS is a sad kludge of a mobile operating system, and I have zero faith in their ability to market directly to consumers rather than corporate IT departments. Maybe they'll sell a few to some of their BIS clients.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Now I'm starting to get annoyed with copycats...

    I swear that before the iPad came out it was claimed that absolutely nobody wanted a tablet. Netbooks were everything. There was no market for a tablet, Microsoft had already failed a dozen times to sell a tablet to consumers. Apple was being called a foolish toy company for even thinking about selling a tablet to consumers. Too much risk and no demand. Apple would be lucky to sell a half a dozen iPads.

    Now these companies are really changing their tune and I'll bet they'll never admit that Apple's iPad made them change course. They're going to say that they always intended to put out their own tablets in good time. They're nothing but chickensh!t liars that didn't want to take the risk of failure. All these companies suddenly offering tablets has to be some indicator that the iPad is a success instead of a failure that some claim it to be.

    RIM does not need to produce a tablet. It should stick with its core business of corporate texting. Yes, maybe it will be fine as a purely secure corporate tablet device, but trying to sell it to consumers will be a disaster. If they're going to try to put a chicklet keyboard on a tablet for texting they might as well give it up now.

  1. Tofino

    Joined: Dec 1969


    risky business

    the blackberry is a one-trick pony, but it has been doing that trick really well for a long time. i think turning the blackberry into another me-too device is a risky move for RIM.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Now I'm starting ...

    I swear that before the iPad came out it was claimed that absolutely nobody wanted a tablet.

    The only people I ever heard this from was Apple/Mac people whenever anyone said "We want an Apple tablet!". All over these boards people were told tablets were no good and niche products, so there was no reason for Apple to get into the market.

    Oh, but this was before rumors surfaced that they were making one, so at that point, it was OK to say that no one wanted tablets. Which always sounded like an odd argument, since they were telling people who wanted tablets that no one did.

    Microsoft had already failed a dozen times to sell a tablet to consumers.

    Wow! That is news. I think someone probably even needs to tell MS, since they might be surprised this happened. Mostly because MS has never made computers, so they never made a single tablet, let alone 'a dozen'.

    Apple would be lucky to sell a half a dozen iPads.

    Now you're just making stuff up. Any idiot can tell you that Apple could take a Zune, call it an iGizmo, and get people to stand in line for it.

    And you do realize that you're getting upset over some rumor from some analyst, which has about as much credibility as, say, I do.

  1. nat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    oh testudo

    uh... what? the first part, about wanting/not wanting tablets is a jumble of nonsensical blabber. if you have a point do try to make it again.
    so, those "microsoft tablets" back in 2001 were not microsoft tablets at all? even though that's what they were called? yes, hardware by someone else, but microsoft tablet by any other name.
    half a dozen... to make a point, not literal.

  1. slapppy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just like the storm

    In order to enable a selection on the screen you have to sit on it with your fat a** to enable the mechanical click action. Gotta have a fat a** to push that darn screen down.

  1. eldarkus

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "...Mostly because MS has never made computers,"

    while TECHNICALLY correct, quit being such as a**. You know exactly what he meant.

    "Bill Gates of Microsoft demonstrates the first public prototype of a Tablet PC (defined by Microsoft as a pen-enabled computer conforming to hardware specifications devised by Microsoft and running a licensed copy of the "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition" operating system) at Comdex."

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