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Apple may have sold 700,000 iPads in one day

updated 12:10 am EDT, Sun April 4, 2010

Estimate has iPad breaking record

An early estimate on Saturday reveals that Apple may have sold between 600,000 and 700,000 iPads on just its first day. He had originally predicted no more than 300,000 shipped but more than doubled his predictions based on long queues at the 5th Avenue Apple store, where about 730 people lined up before the 9:00AM launch. By comparison, the iPhone 3G lineup peaked at 540 in line, indicating a record turnout.

The queue at the store won't be wholly representative of all locations, as smaller stores have historically attracted less attention. Unlike past iPhone releases, though, Apple was accepting pre-orders for over three weeks before the ship date and may have generated far more sales than would be visible at retail. Before Apple cut off further advance sales for launch day, another estimate 240,000 pre-orders through the mail.

If accurate, Munster's estimated sell-through could make the iPad not only Apple's most successful launch of a first-generation device but also make it the most successful e-reader and tablet launch ever. Amazon has never provided concrete numbers, but it may have only sold 500,000 Kindles in all of 2008 and just a fraction of that in the e-paper device's first few weeks on the market. Barnes & Noble has had the luxury of a larger audience for the Nook, but even its dual-screen device might have reached the 500,000 mark only half a year after its debut.

Windows-based tablet PCs have similarly gone without concrete sales data but have usually been considered niche products that have never sold as well as conventional notebooks.

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  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Is this being considered a success by the pundits.

    or should Apple have been able to sell more than this amount in one day if the iPad supported Flash and multitasking? For one day right before Easter even a half a million units wouldn't seem too bad at all. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple ran out of stock and I'll bet there are a fair number of consumers waiting for the 3G version. I definitely want a 3G version because it will have GPS in it.

    I just hope it helps boost Apple's share price a little bit by the next quarter. Even if the people that go to the retail stores don't buy an iPad, at least they may come out with some other product. The iPad should help keep the stores packed with consumers coming to test the iPad.

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  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What recession?

    Whilst it is undeniably good for Apple, who are these people that can still plunk down $500 or more on a niche leisure device? It would be undesirable for a product from any company to become a singular symbol of the difference between the haves and the have-nots. Imagine getting punched just because you own an iPad. It is equally disturbing, given the pro and anti feeing towards the device that a consumer product should have such a polarizing influence. Is this the iPad or the iPalin?

  1. CmdrGampu

    Joined: Dec 1969


    One question:

    Munster is basing this on observations of long lines. But did all of those people receive iPads or did a lot of them have to go home empty-handed after stock was depleted?

    BTW, I know it was posted very late at night, but do try to include necessary information. Munster. Who or what is Munster? Herman? Eddie? It's not hard to say Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.

  1. msuper69

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Please hire a decent proofreader!

    "An early estimate on Saturday reveals that Apple may have sold between 600,000 and 700,000 iPads on just its first day. He had originally predicted..."

    Who the h*** is "He"? Might be helpful to have mentioned who "He" refers to beforehand.

  1. Foe Hammer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Imagine getting punched just because you own an iPad.

    Here's a few tips to help prevent that, Feathers:

    1. Do not use iPad while walking down the street.
    2. Do not use iPad while walking down a poorly-lit alley at night.
    3. Do not use iPad to fan yourself with a smug look on your face (in public.)
    4. Do not wear iPad around your neck as a fashion accessory.
    5. Do not use iPad as a first-strike weapon.
    6. Do not wear or display any "I own at least one iPad and you don't" buttons, t-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers, etc.
    7. Do not use iPad on concrete.
    8. Do not taunt Happy iPad.

  1. tsmelker

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Maybe you're not paying attention, naysayers...

    ...but your comments are made up of the same ignorant stance that people before you took against the iPhone, the iPod, and even the Mac. In fact, people have been making the same derogatory comments about Apple for pretty much since they came out with their first computer offering. And yet, despite the naysayers, Apple has not only continued to exist, They have huge cash reserves to work with, they are stronger than ever, and they continue to turn out 'niche' products simply because they want to. And guess what? People are clamoring to buy them, because Apple knows how to make quality products. Period.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I have one, unimpressed

    I bought one, because its my business to stay current.

    Apple got some things right, others wrong. It's 1/2" thick and 1.5 lbs heavy. That may be ultralight for a netbook, but remember, you still set the netbook down on the table or your lap to use it. This is meant to be held in one hand. It's quite the brick.

    Will I get used to it? Possibly, but more likely they'll get it down to Kindle like sizes in the next revision...that second incarnation is likely to be the breakout version, not this hoss.

    It's not simple styling, the fact that they rounded the back, giving the edge, ultimately a sleeker look, than had the entire 1/2" bulk made it to the edge - its important that you fingers can curl around the slimmer edge - but ultimately it's still a 1/2" slab with all the weight and bulk that implies. Very tiring to use this as a a book reader.

    Yes, books do look better on this device - I don't buy the idea that a e-ink is easier on the eyes, for me personally anyway, the iPad is easy on the eyes, and I love the fact that its backlit so I can use it in low-light, far more useful, than the e-inks ability to be used in direct sunlight. I am far more likely to be reading at bedtime than at high-noon.

    But, did I mention heavy? While Apple's multitouch is clearly cool - and I believe pundits who say it may replace mouse-input may be right - the fact is, to make multitouch work, to make it work the best, you need to one hand the device, and have the other hand free for gestures...and that means you need a light device that can easily be one handed, and the iPad is not that - its just too heavy, sorry Apple.

    They said Apple had originally also tested a 7" device....7" would have been lighter, and you could easily still get the same resolution on a 7" device - more compact of course, but I wish we had that choice today.

  1. facebook_Kevin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Apr 2010


    Sherman Oaks (ca.) Best Buy had plenty even at 6pm

    I walked in intentionally after 6pm to avoid temptation assuming all would be sold. There were no lines, and just a couple people standing around the display.

    When one customer asked if they had any, to my surprise the BB associate said "yes". Six or so 64GB, one 16GB. To my horror I found myself uttering the words quite uncontrollably, "I'll take a 64." Even before I could finish saying, "64", the others standing there all chimed in rather humorously, "I'll take a 64 too!"

    I witnessed and maybe even spawned the Sherman Oaks Best Buy of California selling out right then and there. ;)

  1. lolcat789

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I do'nt really care.

  1. dimmer

    Joined: Dec 1969



    "I do'nt really care."

    about punctuation I guess?

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