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HTC HD2 becomes surprise hit, may have sold 21K in one day

updated 08:20 am EDT, Fri March 26, 2010

T-Mobile HD2 may be runaway success

T-Mobile's version of the HTC HD2 may have been a surprise success if multiple reports prove true. One leaked estimate claims that the carrier sold 21,700 HD2s just on Tuesday, a figure which TmoNews said doesn't include over-the-phone sales and possibly online sales as well. The achievement wouldn't be a record at any carrier but would be unusually strong for early spring.

A corroborating report also suggests that many of those phones may have sold very quickly. A T-Mobile contact told BGR that many stores sold out in as little as four hours and that "almost every" location ran out of stock quickly. Wirefly has already stated on record that it unexpectedly sold out of its launch batch and had to make a quick follow-up order to keep up.

While the absolute sales count isn't known, the feat is an uncommon achievement for Windows Mobile, which has occasionally enjoyed healthy long-term sales but rarely the initial rush that has characterized the launches of the Droid, G1, iPhone or Pre. The HD2 is helped by being the most advanced Windows Mobile phone to date, with a 4.3-inch multi-touch screen and a 1GHz processor, but also by using a version of HTC's Sense UI that eliminates most of the interface flaws seen in the older version of Microsoft's OS.

The HD2's success is nonetheless already considered a swan song as it won't be upgradable to Windows Phone 7 and should be obsolete as soon as the new OS ships late this year.

by MacNN Staff



  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Then again...

    Then again, maybe it didn't and, in terms of the old media-world tradition where today's news is tomorrow's fish and chips, this story will soon smell pretty bad. Rumours, when will everyone stop repeating rumours as news?

  1. dliup

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    The original iPhone sold about 350,000 in opening weekend:


    Joined: Dec 1969


    A Success ? Really?

    21,700 in one day in the entire country, so lets say that we double that to a generous 45,000 units sold from all channels in one day. That is 315,000 in a week. Pretty good. Still below iPhone's one total.

    T-Mobile did a good job s******* a lot of people by selling them an obsolete phone.


  1. Eldernorm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Says it all......

    I just think that this statement says it all: "The HD2's success is nonetheless already considered a swan song as it won't be upgradable to Windows Phone 7 and should be obsolete as soon as the new OS ships late this year."

    Phone makers still do not get it. Everyone is trying to out do with features, features, features yet every phone makes the last one obsolete.

    My oldest iPhone got passed down a generation when I got the new one. Guess what, they run the same software, we share apps, and the both look the same. No planned obsolesence.

    Just a thought here.


  1. WalterC

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Any on how long the average phone-tekki keeps their latest device before getting bored & moving on?
    Versus the 'average' consumer on-a-budget that wants to make calls and maybe send a few texts?

  1. JasmineBaker21

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    You can't really compare the sells to the iPhone because on the release date of the iPhone, there were so many units out in each store plus through AT&T customer service. T-Mobile wasn't expecting to sell that many especially since people were causing such a fuss about HD2 not being upgradeable to Windows Phone7. So they really came unprepared. Even when I called in to customer service on the 25th, they were on back order. I'm sure if they had put out as many units as the iPhone had when it was release, the sells would be similar. I'm sure every single one that they put out would have been sold. Not everyone is concerned with it not being able to have Windows 7! And personally, the iPhone isn't all that. Its an average phone but the apps make it something special!!

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