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Microsoft confirms Courier through job blog

updated 06:05 pm EDT, Tue March 23, 2010

MS job hints Courier leak may have been plant

Microsoft may have inadvertently confirmed the existence of the Courier dual-screen tablet through a post (since edited) at its JobsBlog. In the same breath as it mentioned Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7, a recruiting pitch from the company mentioned a "Courier digital journal" and linked to a leak on the subject, referring to the supposedly unofficial shots as "exclusive." Others at the company quickly acted on the slip and pulled the segment, declining to comment on the reference.

The mention while accidental supports much of what's known about the device, which so far could be the closest competitor to the iPad in scale, if not necessarily functionality. Leaked documents from Engadget have previously portrayed it as a collaboration tool that would help home users and workers share media, websites and projects between each other through an "infinite journal." It would have a heavy e-reading focus, including its own e-book store, and would use the same basic foundations as Windows Phone 7 to potentially ease multi-platform app development.

The slip also raises questions about the leaks themselves. The wording surrounding the post implied that Microsoft may have knowingly seeded information to preview the Courier early or to gauge interest before it went too far into development. Such leaks aren't unheard of, as many now suspect that Apple has used key newspapers to follow a similar approach, but they would be a rarity for the traditionally very public Microsoft. [via AllThingsD]

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  1. slapppy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Right on schedule

    Just like Death and Taxes. Microsoft pulls out the "me too" new product coming soon. LOL

  1. RoosterJuice

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Right on schedule

    they should rename this site to

  1. brainworks

    Joined: Dec 1969


    At least it's different

    I'm not a fan of Microsoft but at least it's not a blatant copy of something successful

    I am an apple but I would try this, it's like digital moleskin. Ui looks a little clunky though

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  1. wrenchy

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Right on schedule

    Ahhh slappy, had to open that silly cake hole of your huh?

    Microsoft has had this in the works for a long time. It looks promising and like everything, we'll have to wait to see how this thing performs.

    Sorry. Video in link requires Flash so iTwat's need not view.

    slappy is just upset that Microsoft came up with something innovative in a good form factor that potentially looks and performs better than that newly announced fruity iProduct.

    Typical arrogant Apple user.

    What the H3LL website am I on anyways???? How come there are so many arrogant iLosers here??

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    my opinion

    I'm not a big fan of this 'leak' style of product promotion, even if Apple does it too. And it's clear they haven't fully developed the Courier yet, and as long as I waited for the iPad, I sure am not waiting on this Courier...I'm done with multiyear waits, thank you.

    Still, the Courier is a rarity for Microsoft, it's a well thought out product, it hasn't been done before, oh yes, there is the Franklin Covey organizer, and yes, other tablets exist...what I mean is, this niche of personal tablet organizer, has really never come together, and if Microsoft pulls this off - it is definately worth considering.

    Someday they'll finish this Courier and I'll give it another look. I haven't been a fan of Microsoft, but it they have the goods, I can still change my mind.

  1. Durandalus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    @ wrenchy

    Nice manners. Where where you raised? They should put up signs around your neighborhood.

  1. spyintheskyuk

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The stench of hypocrisy

    Wrenchy if you are going to slag off others for their childish nature it is generally preferable to behave like an adult yourself. Infantile playground insults like yours are hardly likely to impress or remotely suggest that you are capable of claiming the moral high ground.

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