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iPad simulator shows new wallpaper options

updated 11:50 am EST, Wed February 24, 2010

Separate lock- and homescreen images

The new iPhone SDK beta, meant to support iPad development, has revealed another small but noticeable interface change. In the current iPad simulator, users can now set separate lock- and homescreen wallpapers, reflecting the iPad's ability to keep wallpaper active while navigating icons. In case the difference doesn't matter, another button applies the same wallpaper to both screens.

Buried in the SDK are said to be references to camera technologies such as flash, zoom, video conferencing and even a front-facing model. None of these are present on current Apple hardware, and unless a sudden production switch is made, they should be absent from the first-generation iPad. They may be integrated into 2010 iPhone models, which have been widely rumored to be gaining a more advanced camera.

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  1. Fretboard

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Next gen iPad for camera?

    Then the question becomes, how long will it take for the next gen iPad to come out once the initial product is launched next month? I know, I'm getting way ahead of myself.

  1. c4rlob

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The iPad is wrong

    Why doesn't this simulator show an actual iPad?
    The dimensions and bezel are definitely not the iPad.

  1. DanielSw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    comment title

    @c4rlob That IS the iPad simulator image. I just haven't found how to get to those particular settings, though.

  1. JimiMac

    Joined: Dec 1969


    First iPhone, then iPad

    I think they'll try out the front facing camera for iChat and video calls on the iPhone first, to see how bandwidth and ATT handle it first...might be able to keep the video smoother on a small iPhone screen than on the large iPad screen, until ATT gets their faster network up more widespread, then add it to the next iPad update. I'm actually hoping for a dual sided camera, and I'd love an LED flash.

    I think Steve can and should realize that this now is finally the right time for video phone calling and chat, especially now in a portable form like the iPhone. I think video calls and chat of Apple's quality could be the next evolution in communication (sounded like something Steve would say...LOL!)

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