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Microsoft refutes "clumsy" claim, points to end results

updated 06:35 pm EST, Thu February 4, 2010

MS PR says effect more important than problems

Microsoft corporate communications head Frank Shaw has quickly rejected former VP Dick Brass' assertions that the company is no longer innovative by citing examples of what Shaw views as success. The PR leader believes Microsoft should be seen by its "broad impact" and notes that, in spite of ClearType's delays, it's now on more than a billion PCs. Scale is more important than speed, he argues.

He sidesteps concerns about Office executives refusing to alter the main interface but does add that the OneNote memo taking app was designed for the Tablet PC platform.

The Xbox 360 is treated as a superior console for its early support of HD and social networking, although Shaw here also avoids touching on the actual point of contention, Microsoft's sales performance. Nintendo's Wii has regularly outsold the Xbox 360 since it launched a year later, in 2006. The Xbox's upcoming Project Natal is considered innovative but is widely regarded as a belated, if potentially superior, response to the Wii's inclusion of motion control from the outset.

No mention was made of plans to address qualms with Windows Mobile or the Zune, although the phone platform should be improved at Mobile World Congress this month.

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  1. flip2428

    Joined: Dec 1969



    who really cares about what Microsoft says or does any more, it seems that Microsoft has slipped into irrelevance and that Google and Apple are now on everyones minds now

    really who actually cares about Microsoft anymore?

  1. LunarMoon

    Joined: Dec 1969


    It seems obvious to me that d*** Brass is right

    Hey Microsoft. It is very clear to me that d*** Brass is right and M$ is dead now. M$ is just surviving by inertia. It is a copycat company who never invented, created any thing that could inspire other companies or shine in the market. WIndows and Office are the only stuff that is keeping the company from vanishing forever.

  1. aristotles

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What is wrong with the stupid censor?

    The executives name is d*** Brass. It is a fairly common short form of Richard.

  1. nowwhatareyoulookingat

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Sure, Microsoft Office wasn't modified to work properly on our Tablet OS, but we make a first class memo application for it! See, we can think outside the box when we need to. I'll bet nobody else would have thought of doing that!

  1. davesmall

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The computer industry is always changing

    At one time the computer industry was dominated by IBM. Major competitors had names like NCR, Burroughs, Honeywell, and Univac.

    Then mini-computers arrived on the scene. The leaders were DEC (Digital Equipment Corp), Data General, Prime, Wang, HP, and Sun Microsystems.

    The Desktop PC took over with Microsoft leading the way. Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Apple, and a host of others were there. Most are still active.

    The Internet, WiFi, and 3G mobility are changing everything once again. Apple has emerged from the personal computer pack to lead the charge. Google has been an overnight sensation.

    Microsoft isn't dead and they're not irrelevant. They remind me of IBM -- still there and still important but no one should consider them an industry leader today.

  1. Fast iBook

    Joined: Dec 1969



    A force quickly turning to molasses for them in this very snowy winter.

    - A

  1. Feathers

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The me too guy!

    I agree with Flip2428. Who would have thought the Microsoft would become the irrelevant "me too" guy behind Apple and Google?

  1. digiprod

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Shaw makes no points

    I read both posts and it seems that Shaw makes little sense and no points at all. Xbox has always been a loss leader for M$ and the entire entertainment division is mostly a failure. M$ spend time and money promoting HD DVD format that failed and the superior HD player is a PS3. The entire world is going HD and M$ is NOT the leader for any of this.

    If Shaw wants to claim One Note is so great, he might want to take a look at Evernote and what they did to want started as an "open version" of One Note!

    The fact remains is the profits M$ makes today is still from the 2 same products Windows and Office and both are quite challenged to be irrelevant in the future. Neither of these products show innovation today (if they ever did). M$ has been a "me too" copy machine company for many years. Few of their "own" technologies have been that profitable. In the past they were able to PUSH their products on users, but that is going away and so will they, if they don't change radically. Start with getting rid of Ballmer!

  1. aardman

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Microsoft doesn't know it yet

    but it is already in its death spiral. The same kind of death spiral that GM entered some 30 years ago.

    It starts with market domination.

    Leading to absence of meaningful competition.

    Which results in self-delusion that your products are world beaters.

    Causing rejection of any proposals to significantly change, improve and update your product.

    Which drives away the most talented and imaginative engineers.

    Who then build products that are better than yours.

    Which you cannot compete against because you've lost all dynamism and competitive skills.

    Which makes your company unattractive to talented, imaginative people you hope to hire.

    And so finally you die when your product gets so far behind the competition and people dump it.

  1. chotty

    Joined: Dec 1969


    great post but,

    Ya sure the UAW had no part in GM's demise?? ;-)

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