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Pedal Brain gives iPhone, iPod wireless fitness gear

updated 01:00 pm EST, Mon December 28, 2009

Pedal Brain uses ANT+ for fitness info on iPods

Start-up company Pedal Brain has released a new iPhone/iPod touch app along with a piece of hardware that gives athletes use of accessories beyond just the Nike+ system. The self-titled device lets heart monitors, pedometers and others peripherals that use the ANT+ wireless protocol send information to the Apple device. Aimed at cyclists, the Pedal Brain Synapse hardware plugs into the Apple device and displays real-time data along with GPS to show the position of other cyclists. The app will also upload a log file onto Pedal Brain's website, letting users view a more detailed analysis of their ride afterwards.

Another unique feature allows coaches to view the logs, letting riders get advice from a real trainer who helps them plan future rides and track their progress. Unlike other cycling apps available, Pedal Brain founder Matt Bauer maintains his product provides information the others do not, such as power used. Others rely only on GPS data for distance covered and speed, making a guess at best as to how much energy was exerted.

The Pedal Brain accessory and app, which was approved by Apple, will be available at local bike shops in the spring. While a final price hasn't been set, the add-on is expected to fall between $130 and $190. The online service will have a subscription fee associated with it, though a time-limited trial will be available at first. [via TechCrunch]

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  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    That is one sweet iPod Touch bike computer...

    All I have is some cheap Bell F20 bike computer sitting on my handlebar. Of course, I don't have to worry about getting it stolen if I forget it or flying off if I hit a serious pothole. That Touch system looks awesome with GPS capabilities. That sweet setup alone should sell a mess of iPods.

  1. Zigster

    Joined: Dec 1969


    kinda wish the ipod was 25% smaller for this

    it's kinda bulky for a cyclometer

  1. Woode

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Vendor lock-in

    Sounds neat, but I have an app that I'm already using that syncs to a fitness website (DailyBurn). Too bad this is locked in to the Pedal Brain site and app. I so wish people would develop open stuff so I can buy their hardware and use it with whatever software I want. Of course, that kills their "recurring revenue stream." Grrr.

    I've been looking for something with basic heart rate, and the only other thing I've found is the clunky-looking SMHeart system. And why does Nike not have heart rate in their Nike+ stuff? WTF? And my gym just got new Nike+ cardio machines. Hello, who gives a c*** about fake "distance" on an elliptical, when I'm targeting for sustained heart rate?

    It's such a shame that the iPhone is capable of so much, but these companies keep making stuff that not flexible enough to really take advantage of the platform.

    Anybody want to start an iPhone Open Fitness Doohickey company with me? LOL.

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