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Ford 2010 cars to support iTunes Tagging

12/29, 12:00am

Linked with HD Radio receivers

Some Ford cars shipping next year will support iTunes Tagging, the automaker has announced. In vehicles equipped with HD Radio receivers, people will be able to push "Tag" buttons on their displays, automatically saving the track data from on-air music. Once an iPod is docked with a car via Ford Sync, up to 100 tags will be transferable for later display in iTunes.

Swann Security debuts DVR4-2500 security recorder kit

12/28, 10:40pm

Records up to 30 days of continues video

Swann Security has introduced its latest all-in-one security system, the DVR4-2500 recorder kit with support for Internet viewing. The package consists of four indoor/outdoor video cameras, a DVR4-2500 recorder and remote control. Video can be recorded locally, while web-based utilities can be used to access the live feed from an Internet-connected computer or iPhone.

Palm pushes webOS 1.3.5 with app limit lifted

12/28, 10:40pm

WebOS update arrives as promised

Palm as promised rolled out webOS 1.3.5 for the Pre and Pixi. The fix finally removes a 64MB limit on the number of installed apps and also gives downloads a major upgrade as a whole, including background downloads, multiple simultaneous downloads, and resuming downloads that were cut short. Searches at the Palm App Catalog are now more precise.

Tap Tap Revenge 3 free version surpasses 2 million downloads

12/28, 10:05pm

App now relies on revenue from in-app purchases

Tapulous has announced that its recent Tap Tap Revenge 3 update has already surpassed two million downloads in less than two weeks, according to The Business Insider. The game, which now leads the App Store popularity rankings, was initially launched with a 99 cent price tag. The recent update eliminated the up-front free, allowing users to download the game for free.

LinkedIn iPhone app update integrates new interface

12/28, 9:25pm

App enables Bluetooth connection with members

LinkedIn on Monday released an update to its self-titled app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 3.0 features a redesigned interface, with a new main screen displaying several large buttons.The Reconnect feature allows users to quickly find other LinkedIn members, while the In Person selection enables contact information to be swapped via Bluetooth.

Pavtube launches MOD Converter for Mac

12/28, 8:40pm

Converts, edits, watermarks MOD files

Pavtube Studio has launched its self-titled video converter for .MOD movie files recorded with JVC, Sony, Panasonic and Canon devices. The utility can produce MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MPEG-4, FLV, MOV, 3G2 and VOB files from MOD originals. It has only a light effect on video quality and is claimed to properly sync audio. MP4 compatibility allows users to convert MOD files for editing in Final Cut Pro or iMovie. It can compress, trim, crop, watermark or add special effects to the output videos.

Apple drops MacBook educational pricing down to $900

12/28, 8:10pm

Basic White model offered with 2.26GHz CPU

Apple recently dropped the MacBook's educational pricing, bringing the entry-level model down to $899. The additional $50 discount only applies to the 13-inch polycarbonate model which features a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and a seven-hour battery. MacBook Pro educational pricing still starts at $1,099, while the basic MacBook Air is available for $1,399.

Notion Ink tablet gets name, June release

12/28, 7:05pm

Device described as a 'smartpad'

Notion Ink has announced additional details regarding its upcoming tablet device, which is now referenced by the monicker Adam, according to The Hindu. The Android-based device features a three-mode Pixel Qi display filled with 1024x600 pixels and spanning 10.1 inches. The LCD offers the unique ability to run as a standard panel, a low-power trans-reflective display, or a sunlight-readable e-paper mode.

Rumors have ex-Qualcomm chief heading up Verizon

12/28, 6:55pm

Qualcomm's Lauer would mark sea change

Verizon may soon undergo a significant transformation if speculative reports carry weight. Qualcomm Chief Operating Officer Len Lauer left his phone chipset maker late last week to become CEO at "another company" which it declined to name and has led to speculation that he will replace Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg. Lauer had a background in phone carriers before taking on a role at Qualcomm and has been a key supplier of parts for the phones Verizon uses.

DirecTV to launch 3D HDTV channel at CES?

12/28, 6:15pm

DirecTV to give current sat viewers 3D

DirecTV is on the verge of becoming the first US TV provider to roll out an HD resolution, entirely 3D channel, a purported leak argued on Monday. Helped by a new satellite just launching now, the carrier is expected to unveil the channel at CES early next month and carry a variety of movies, sports and general programming whose sole rule is that it comes in 3D. The network would appear in time to accommodate the anticipated deluge of 3D-capable TVs at CES and would support the 3D display methods used by most if not all of these sets.

TV network shifts to selling online ahead of DVDs

12/28, 5:45pm

Showtime, Sony leading experiment

A symbolic change in the video industry is beginning as studios begin shipping videos ahead of their Blu-ray and DVD releases. Lionsgate-owned TV network Showtime has begun selling previously aired episodes of its show Weeds (iTunes) before their release on packaged DVDs, breaking with a tradition of often holding back on Internet releases of whole seasons or movies before physical copies appear. Many TV networks release new episodes through online services the day after airing but seldom release complete packages ahead of time.

HP Envy 14, 17 leaked in Korea

12/28, 4:35pm

HP Envy 14, 17, others, leaked in Korea

A recently spotted Excel document on HP's website reveals the computer maker will soon release two new Envy-series notebooks, the previously leaked Envy 14 and a larger Envy 17. While the leak only shows the model names, HP's traditional naming convention indicates the former will have a 14-inch screen while the latter will sport a 17-inch display. It's also more than likely that the Envy 17 will have a 1920x1080-pixel display, with the Envy 14 using a 1600x900 panel.

RoyalTek outs first of a series of pico projectors

12/28, 4:25pm

RoyalTek outs pico projector, promises more

RoyalTek has introduced what it's saying is the first of a series of pico projectors with its RPJ-2000. It relies on a second-generation 3M LCoS chipset and can throw up images up to 65 inches in size, though only at 640x480 resolution. It is also rated at 14 lumens of brightness, while inputs include VGA and NTSC/PAL TV inputs. There are also two 0.5W stereo speakers for sound reproduction.

Sanyo Eneloop pack provides mobile power for musicians

12/28, 4:20pm

Sanyo Eneloop battery aimed at musicians

Sanyo is catering to musicians with its latest application of its Eneloop batteries, the Eneloop music booster. The device will let musicians power their amps, equalizers and other related equipment that requires an AC adapter or 9 Volt DC battery. The Eneloop music booster has an integrated lithium-ion battery that can power devices when there is no available electrical outlet.

Brando offers USB 3.0 to SATA hard drive adapter

12/28, 4:15pm

Brando offers USB 3.0 HDD connection solution

Brando has released its second USB 3.0 product in as many weeks with the UNITEK USB 3.0 to SATA Adapter, the Y-1034. It allows users to connect SATA or IDE hard drives to computers using a USB port and can support USB 3.0 speeds of up to 5.0Gbps. The adapter simply plugs into the hard drive, turning it into an external drive instantly and without the need for an enclosure.

Lenovo making own e-book reader?

12/28, 4:05pm

Lenovo doesn't deny rumor of own e-book reader

Lenovo is reportedly working on an e-book reader of its own, according to a Monday report from Chinese news site Netease. The device is apparently undergoing internal testing and will be released very soon. Lenovo itself isn't denying the rumors of the device, and seems keen to join the lucrative e-reader market, which was largely pioneered by Amazon and its Kindle e-reader.

Apple plans 2010 Lucky Bag for Japanese shoppers

12/28, 4:05pm

Mixes products for surprise payout

Continuing an annual promotion, Apple has announced its official Lucky Bag plans for 2010. The bag is unique to Japanese Apple Stores, and is this year being sold for 35,000 yen ($382) in limited quantities. Buyers do however get a chance at products worth more than the initial investment; 2009 bags included the likes of iPods and MacBook Pros.

PlayStation 4 may use true multi-core CPU, drop Cell?

12/28, 4:00pm

PS4 may use simpler multi-core setup

Sony may drop the Cell processor entirely in the PlayStation 4 in favor of a multi-core design, a report from Impress says. Having first considered a modified, upgraded version of the Cell processor that powers the PS3, the electronics giant is now believed considering a new processor design that would use a more direct design with multiple true processor cores. The switch if implemented would be a concession to developers, who have regularly complained that writing PS3 games is too difficult.

FCP Versioner backs up to XML, tracks changes

12/28, 3:25pm

Autosaves files, manages disk space

Digital Rebellion has launched FCP Versioner, used to backup Final Cut Pro projects in XML format. Changelogs are produced to show modifications from one revision to the next. The software also has several options for managing disk space, including ones for purging older backups.

GSM phone security cracked, published

12/28, 2:55pm

Cellphone protocol deemed vulnerable

German software engineer Karsten Nohl said at the Chaos Communication Congress hacker expo today that he and a group have cracked and published the primary encryption code for GSM, the protocol that handles most non-3G cellphone calls. The team says it has used legal methods to break the A5/1 standard, which prevents easy snooping, and has made available a 'code book' of binary data that could theoretically be used to decipher the content of a call within hours or even minutes rather than weeks.

Chronicle 3.0 adds new interface

12/28, 2:40pm

Software now Snow Leopard-ready

LittleFin has released Chronicle 3.0, a major rebuild of its bill management software. The application tracks outstanding bills, averages past payments, and alerts users to upcoming payments via iCal. Goals can be set for paying off debt.

LG Android-based phone coming to Sprint?

12/28, 2:05pm

LG LS680 may be Eve for CDMA

Sprint could soon get its third Android phone if a leak from the carrier's internal systems bears fruit. The LS680 has no other details from the BGR source other than that it will run Google's operating system but so far would only be the second Android-based LG phone after the Eve. It's not known if this would be a genuinely new device or just a CDMA version of the older phone.

Lenovo slips out media remote with keyboard

12/28, 1:25pm

Lenovo outs Windows-compatible QWERTY remote

PLenovo has quietly released a handheld remote with a full QWERTY keyboard meant for use with a PC-based home theater setup. The Multimedia Remote is built for true hands-free use and has a built-in trackball to replace a mouse. The controller uses the 2.4GHz radio frequency to talk to its host and has a range of about 33 feet.

SyncMate 2.5 adds automatic and real-time sync options

12/28, 1:15pm

Windows Mobile phones gain Bluetooth sync

Eltima has released SyncMate 2.5, a major update of the company's Mac software. Users can sync Mac data to various cellphones, as well as Windows machines, other Macs, Google websites and the Sony PSP. Backups can be saved online as an extra precaution. New to v2.5 is autosync, which allows syncing based on criteria such as a device connection or a given time delay.

Pedal Brain gives iPhone, iPod wireless fitness gear

12/28, 1:00pm

Pedal Brain uses ANT+ for fitness info on iPods

Start-up company Pedal Brain has released a new iPhone/iPod touch app along with a piece of hardware that gives athletes use of accessories beyond just the Nike+ system. The self-titled device lets heart monitors, pedometers and others peripherals that use the ANT+ wireless protocol send information to the Apple device. Aimed at cyclists, the Pedal Brain Synapse hardware plugs into the Apple device and displays real-time data along with GPS to show the position of other cyclists. The app will also upload a log file onto Pedal Brain's website, letting users view a more detailed analysis of their ride afterwards.

NVIDIA Fermi pushed to March?

12/28, 12:25pm

Flaws push NVIDIA Fermi past CES

NVIDIA's delay for Fermi will put it in March, video card makers said Monday. The company had acknowledged a push back to the first quarter of the year, but tips to DigiTimes now have the launch of cards based on the new chipsets moved to the very end of that period. The first part would be a mid-range chipset known for now as the GF!00 while a true high-end part, the GF104, wouldn't arrive until the spring.

Analysts raise Apple stock targets based on iPhone

12/28, 12:10pm

Stock value nears $220

Two major analysts have raised their price targets for Apple stock, largely based on the iPhone. Brian Marshall of Broadpoint.AmTech has pushed his target from $235 to $260, citing a forecast of 11.3 million iPhones, versus Street consensus of 8.8 million. While US sales are forecast to fall 20 percent sequentially to 2.5 million, international sales are predicted to more than double, rising to 8.8 million in the same timeframe.

New TSA rules ban notebooks, Wi-Fi in late flight

12/28, 11:50am

International flights get reactionary security

The US Transport Security Administration late Sunday implemented new rules that are likely to have far-reaching implications for technology on planes. The security measures will ban those on international flights entering the US from having any "personal belongings" on their laps for the final hour of the flight, restricting notebooks and most other non-handheld devices. Access to carry-on bags is similarly restricted for the same period.

Chrome OS netbook spec leaks hint at ARM, NVIDIA Tegra

12/28, 11:05am

Chrome OS netbook to sport ARM CPU, Tegra chip?

Some recent web rumors show that Google's Chrome OS netbooks, whether branded with its own name or third-party computer makers, will use an NVIDIA Tegra chipset for graphics processing and rely on the Tegra's ARM CPU for general computing. The ARM chips are said to offer greater performance while being more energy efficient than Intel's Atom offerings. While not official, the netbook should also get a 10.1-inch display with a multi-touch capability and relatively high resolution.

iPod touch app downloads rise 1,000 percent on Christmas

12/28, 11:05am

App Store, Android Market see growth since Nov.

iPod touch app downloads rose almost 1,000 percent on Christmas Day, says analytics firm Flurry. The figure is notably far in excess of downloads from the iPhone, and still more unusual given the standard dominance of the latter device. Overall App Store downloads grew 51 percent between November and December, as compared to a 15 percent rise between October and November.

Sources: Apple tablet a "Kindle killer," multi-year project

12/28, 10:45am

Two tips say tablet is real, discuss Jobs' role

Talk of an Apple tablet gained some anecdotal support today through tandem rumors in the latest episode of This Week in Tech. Digg founder and show guest Kevin Rose claims to know a source that describes the mystery device as a "Kindle killer" due to an emphasis on e-books. He himself doesn't list features but hears that the device is enough to disrupt the e-book reader category.

AT&T halts online iPhone sales to New York City [u]

12/28, 9:50am

Cause remains uncertain

(Updated with policy reversal) AT&T has temporarily put a stop on online iPhone sales to New York City, multiple reports say. While residents can still buy the device from AT&T retail outlets, as well as Apple Stores, representatives from AT&T are said to be refusing to sell anything more than a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G, even over the phone. "We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels," says AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook.

Bluetooth dock for Nexus One spotted at FCC

12/28, 9:35am

HTC making Bluetooth dock for Nexus One handset

A recently spotted FCC filing reveals that HTC will soon release a dock for the upcoming Nexus One handset. While little is known about the device, called CR B410, the filing does reveal the dock has a Bluetooth connection. While its purpose is unknown, as the handset itself has a Bluetooth connection, some believe it could be used to control a home theater system component, such as an AV receiver, via the handset.

Palm webOS 1.3.5 update arriving today

12/28, 9:30am

WebOS fix today improves battery, more

Sprint through release notes appears to have inadvertently confirmed that a promised webOS update will launch today. The webOS 1.3.5 update is scheduled for the 28th and will give the Pre improved battery life, particularly when it's on the edge of coverage. It additionally launches either Google Maps or Sprint Navigation when tapping an address in contacts, fixes playing media sent through MMS, and shrinks the size of updates to where they can be downloaded over a 2G data connection if needed.

LG dips into e-book reader display tech

12/28, 9:00am

LG lands deals with E Ink, more

LG Display today landed deals that will give it the ability to produce e-paper screens. The company now has a display supply deal with E Ink and has an agreement with Hydis Technology both to develop e-paper modules as well as to cross-purchase technology between the two. LG is also investing about $30.5 million into Hydis and already has a half-percent, $10.5 million stake in Prime View International, the parent company of both E Ink and Hydis.

Apple tablet pushed to winter due to glass issue?

12/28, 8:15am

Innolux said toughening 10-inch Apple tablet

At least one heavily rumored Apple tablet was moved to early 2010 to accommodate a glass panel issue, industry tipsters claimed Monday. Parts suppliers now say Taiwan's Innolux is providing 10-inch panels to Apple but that the release was moved to its supposed early 2010 release date to toughen the glass. Foxconn division G-Tech Optoelectronics, as well as Wah Hong Industrial, are said by DigiTimes to have been contracted to provide toughening material and film to protect the larger screen.


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