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Review: Netgear Digital Entertainer Live!

12/24, 5:15pm

Netgear starter network AV hub reviewed

Netgear has made a few forays into the home entertainment market over the past few years with various networked media hubs. The Entertainer Live is Netgear's budget offering , with an asking price of only $150. But unlike other high-end media extenders that include hundreds of gigabytes of storage, the Entertainer Live only streams data from networked sources, the Internet, or your own source. We'll discover in our full DE Live! review if this seemingly simple device hits a budgeting and feature set sweet spot.

Google Voice returning to the iPhone via Safari

12/24, 4:50pm

VoiceCentral steps around App Store rejections

Apple's removal of Google Voice apps from the App Store has not stopped developers from finding a workaround, as VoiceCentral plans to return the service to the iPhone via Safari, according to TechCrunch. The new app, known as the Black Swan edition, is entirely web-based and appears to eliminate the roadblock posed by Apple's review team.

RIAA's three-strikes rule a "scarecrow?"

12/24, 3:55pm

RIAA knows ISP notices ineffective

The Recording Industry Association of America's ISP piracy warning deals are nothing but a public relations front, industry sources claimed yesterday. While the music label group had initially suggested it would have a deal that would disconnect repeat offenders, the purported insiders say labels wanted a "scarecrow" that would spook pirates even though the threat of disconnection couldn't legally be enforced. The aim, according to CNET, was primarily to replace the tactic of suing individual customers with an approach that still implied punishment.

Tablet rumors drive Apple stock to record high

12/24, 3:30pm

Analysts consider stock undervalued

Apple stock (AAPL) on Thursday surged to a new record high amid rampant rumors surrounding the unconfirmed tablet device. Shares reached past $209 in late day trading, up approximately 10 percent in a single week. The stock has more than doubled in value since it bottomed out around $78 in January of this year.

JVC outs upgraded wood grain in-ear headphones

12/24, 2:55pm

JVC outs HP-FX700 wood grain earbuds

Two years after launching its FX-500 wood grain earbuds, JVC today unveiled an upgrade, the HP-FX700 set. The new earbuds have better sound quality thanks to a hybrid dual cone, with a peak output of 104dB at 1mW. Frequency response range is rated at between 6Hz and 26,000Hz at 16Ω.

MSI to show Pine Trail-based Wind Top, Wind Box at CES

12/24, 2:45pm

MSI all-in-ones and nettops to get new Atoms

MSI wrapped up the holiday week with word that it would use CES to launch new versions of its Atom-based desktops that use Intel's Pine Trail platform. The 18.5-inch Wind Top AP1920 (not yet shown) should be the Taiwan designer's thinnest ever all-in-one at just under 1.4 inches deep and will come in versions with the new single-core or dual-core 1.66GHz Atom processors; the change gives it a slight speed boost but should drop power consumption even lower.

Borders has no plans for own e-book reader

12/24, 2:40pm

Borders to sell e-books for third-party e-readers

Book retailer Borders Group will not build and sell its own e-book reader, the company's chief executive said recently. Instead, it will partner with Kobo on an e-book service and make its wares compatible with as many existing e-book readers as possible. The service is due to launch in the spring of 2010. Borders owns 20 percent of Kobo, which is a spin-off of Canadian book chain Indigo Books & Music.

Warner music videos reach Hulu

12/24, 2:25pm

Warner Music adds videos to Hulu service

Warner Music Group announced this past Tuesday that it will provide its music videos, concerts and other related content to Hulu's free online video service. At the same time, Hulu users will now be able to access artist interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of recording labels that include Atlantic Records, Rhino Records and Warner Bros Records. Muse will be the first band to get their music content displayed on Hulu.

Spark, Thoughts notetaking apps debut

12/24, 2:25pm

Thoughts due in January 2010

Two new notetaking programs have been announced. The first, Spark, handles both tasks and notes, grouping the former into projects, also syncing them with iCal. The software can be launched with a single hotkey, and can also sit in the Menu Bar in order to avoid cluttering the Dock. Spark is a free download for Snow Leopard-based Macs.

MetroPCS adds Kyocera Laylo, Domino

12/24, 2:15pm

Kyocera Laylo, Domino arrive at MetroPCS

Handset maker Kyocera on Wednesday added two of its midrange phones, the Laylo and Domino, to the offerings at provider MetroPCS. The Laylo is a slider phone that opens to revel a vanity mirror and features a soft-touch exterior. It has a 2.2-inch display, a 1.3-megapixel camera and supports Bluetooth 2.0. Users can surf the web thanks to a WAP 2.0 browser, and the device runs on BREW 3.1.5.

NVIDIA Fermi performance scaled back?

12/24, 1:50pm

GeForce 300, Tesla may run slower

NVIDIA has quietly scaled back the ambitions of its Fermi-based hardware, a document (PDF) on its own site may have revealed. A specs sheet for the Tesla 20 now shows even the faster hardware using 448 visual processing cores versus the publicly promised 512. It has also ramped down the internal clock for these individual cores to at most 1.4GHz, slightly lower than the current generation.

Google purchase of AdMob being investigated by FTC

12/24, 1:00pm

FTC takes second look at Google and AdMob deal

The Federal Trade Commission is launching a closer investigation at Google's proposed purchase of mobile marketer AdMob for $750 million. The US antitrust regulator has requested more information regarding the deal earlier this week, according to Google. It claims to not have much cause for concern and acknowledges the tighter scrutiny is inevitable as the company grows larger.

Missing Sync for Android 1.1 leaves beta

12/24, 12:40pm

Adds support for Droid, other Android 2.0 phones

In the wake of a brief beta period, Mark/Space has posted the finished v1.1 release of Missing Sync for Android. The app is used to sync content from a Mac or Windows system with phones based on Google's Android platform. Owners can sync music, photos and video, as well as contacts, documents and ringtones.

Ustream's iPhone app to get higher quality streaming video

12/24, 12:25pm

Upcoming app currently in beta

Ustream has announced that its video streaming app for the iPhone 3GS will soon support higher resolutions and frame rates. The company is currently testing new encoding processes claimed to be faster than the current system. The improvements will bring picture quality comparable to basic web streaming, with potential resolutions above 640x480 pixels at up to 30 frames per second.

Japanese camera shows all visible colors

12/24, 12:20pm

PaPaLab camera has human eye-like sensitivity

Japan-based PaPaLaB Co Ltd, a venture firm that specializes in image processing and optical measurement technologies, has shown off a unique industrial digital camera. The 10.5-megapixel YC-3300 is unique in that it can see all visible color gamuts, matching the sensitivity of the human eye. Called a full-visible-color-gamut camera, uses for the camera will include digital archiving and medical shots, where even slight variations from the original shot can pose trouble.

Syncopy for iPhone, Mac syncs clipboard contents, histories

12/24, 12:05pm

Sync uses 256-bit encryption

Syncode has launched a new platform for Macs and iPhones, Syncopy. The pair of programs syncs a user's clipboard contents, regardless of location. Syncopy for Mac runs in the background, requiring no extra action beyond copying text to the clipboard. Users can sync with other Macs as well as iPhones and iPods, protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Windows 7 having no effect on Macs in workplace

12/24, 12:05pm

Both Apple, Windows PCs to get business lift

A new ChangeWave study suggests that the release of Windows 7 and a slightly recovered economy are helping regular PC sales at work but aren't slowing down an increase in adoption of Macs at the workplace. Dell and HP should benefit from a slight increase in corporate sales with a respective 33 percent and 18 percent companies planning to buy both desktops and notebooks from the two. Apple, however, is expected to grow at the same time: while the number of companies buying Mac desktops is remaining flat at about 7 percent, the number of those buying MacBooks has grown to 10 percent.

Apple explores tactile feedback for multi-touch keyboard

12/24, 11:15am

Could be applied to forthcoming tablet

Apple has filed for a patent on a touch-surface keyboard with tactile feedback, US Patent and Trademark Office documents show. A problem with typing on touchscreens is that users must typically look at the keys to know what is being pressed; by contrast, most physical keyboards allow people to gauge where their fingers are through bumps and ridges. Apple's solution would pop up an "articulating frame" whenever typing is engaged, and move it out of the way when it is not.

Yamaha intros two-piece home theater sound system

12/24, 10:50am

Yamaha sound system gets unique sub in receiver

Yamaha Electronics earlier this week launched its latest home theater audio system, the YHT-S400, meant for small living rooms. The two-piece system consists of a slim sound-bar speaker and a unique subwoofer integrated into the receiver. The HD Audio compatible system has three HDMI inputs and one output and uses Yamaha's own Air Surround Xtreme techonology for a simulated 7-channel surround sound environment.

Ex-exec: Microsoft now "like IBM was in 1985"

12/24, 10:25am

MS seen slow, outpaced by Apple and Google

Microsoft has reversed positions with IBM and is no longer fast or innovative, former executive and now Google employee Don Dodge says. He views the company as "like IBM was in 1985" and ready to be passed by a nimbler company such as Apple, Facebook or Google. It still has an advantage in some areas, particularly development and software, but it now has major competitors in most areas and in some cases has been eclipsed.

Qik debuts live streaming iPhone app

12/24, 9:35am

Includes location info, social networking

Having been submitted over two weeks ago, Qik's live streaming app has finally appeared at the App Store. In contrast with the earlier Qik for 3GS, which can only record and upload, Qik Live is designed for real-time broadcasting to a web audience. The app supports both 3G and Wi-Fi connections, and any model of iPhone, though the original is effectively tied to Wi-Fi hotspots.

ASUS 10-inch, multi-touch Eee PC tablet hits FCC

12/24, 9:35am

ASUS T101MT tablet may pack Pine Trail

The FCC through a new filing has spoiled ASUS' plans to launch a larger version of its T91MT convertible tablet. The T101MT will logically have a larger 10-inch display and, as its name implies, multi-touch input. Little else is shown of the hardware besides 802.11n Wi-Fi, but the timing would dictate that the tablet uses Intel's Pine Trail platform and likely a 1.66GHz Atom N450.

China Unicom orders favor Win Mo, Symbian over iPhone

12/24, 8:50am

China iPhone carrier still prefers others

China Unicom in its next wave of phone orders will still prefer older smartphone platforms over Apple's, company general manager Zhang Zhijiang said this week. Of the carrier's mix, only 4 percent will be iPhones while 8 percent will use some variant of Windows Mobile. About 16 percent will use some variant of Symbian.

San Francisco may require phone radiation warnings

12/24, 7:50am

SF wants phone radiation notice at retail

San Francisco could soon require that all cellphones sold in local stores include an easily visible warning of their radiation levels. Mayor Gavin Newsom says he hopes to pass an ordinance in January that would demand the public display of the possible effects and has backed a city commission that would call on the US government to require such labels on the packaging. The non-binding request would also ask for warnings that phones may cause brain cancer and demand that companies offer headsets to distance the phone from its owner's head.


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